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“You re in camp uncle came up to you and asked for five items. Those those items being whiskey milkweed peppermint hair pomade and a skunk listen. I m gonna you guys where to find these things anyways let s go so the bourbon in the hair pomade those are easy you can buy those at any general store across the map. Next item is peppermint now listen you can purchase this at any stable across the map.

And it cost a dollar fifty cents or something yeah milkweed now this is located just up and down zhu berry creek. Near emerald ranch. You see where i met i m right above one more quiz..


So just go ahead and just pick it you just need one. But i m a little greedy. So i took the two anyways here. We go so that s the fourth item next item as a skunk.

Let s go here. We are i ll tell you the location in a minute. But first of all the skunk so you have to shoot..


It doesn t have to be pretty. It doesn t have to be perfect a perfect pout just need a coat of thing anyways. Yeah. And the thing is you have to actually pick it up not just gonna.

But actually pick it up if you guys just leave listen the thing went up they seat you see look at this you actually have to pick it up put on your horse. Whatever and take it back to uncle back to camp yeah. So here s the location as you can see i m near arras field right there and like i said come at nighttime..


When the skunk s are out that s for this one that s when i found it anyways. If this video is helpful you know what to do share the love. Let s go and one more time for the people that haven t even got this mission yet. This is how it starts john why are you looking at me.

What well this is kind of embarrassing. But i need a few things for a home remedy. A few things like what oh just whiskey and peppermint milkweed..


Some hair grease and some skunk meat. What what have you been up to oh. It s a long story my body really hurts yeah. If you re out in the ballot and come across in these things well i had appreciate it i ll see what i can do thanks.

John jesus uncle did you just fart don t you think that s clever huh. ” ..

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