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“Journey has not been easy from the get go i knew i had a daunting daunting task ahead of me. But i never thought it was going to be this match after match day after day week after week. I was sat there completing camo challenge after camo challenge. I ve been mounted on walls for so long algie began to grow around me i ve crouched so much my knees are battered and bruised.

I ve shot down so many enemy kill streaks that my neck is permanently stuck in an upwards position all of this for one single camo damascus. The end all be all in modern warfare. This brined has been longer this grind has been harder than any other camo challenge. I ve ever attempted and today that grind comes to an end music well.

Well well ladies and gentlemen hey hi. How you doing welcome back to the channel. Today. My friends were jumping back into the world of modern warfare.

And we re doing something pretty cool. If i do say so myself today is the day my friends. We are unlocking damascus camo and honestly compared to the other completionist camos like dark matter chrome. You know black sky.

This one took a lot longer. There was so much to do this time around and today it all comes to an end as you guys can see here. We re on the combat knife. And i ve got the majority of these challenges completed.

But we need to get 11 kills well injured. And i believe we also need to get seven crouching kills. And other than that all of this stuff. Is done.

We have been grind in day in and day out and trying to knock out these camo challenges of course. I do have everything else gold by now except for the knife. So after we finish this we are going to unlock damascus and honestly i i cannot wait to be able to use weapons that i want to use again. It s been so long.

I ve been shooting down streaks. I ve been running around with these weird weapons these weird setups trying to complete all these challenges and it all comes down to this so if you guys enjoy. The video drop a like on it give it a big ol thumbs up and of course. If you re new here.

Feel free to subscribe with your notifications turned on that way you ll always know when i post. A new video also right now all the way until tuesday morning code immortal will get you 30 off on g fuel. So if you want to grab a new tub shakers starter pack anything like that be sure to use code. Immortal add checkouts now without further ado.

Let s unlock damascus camo. Here in modern warfare. All right so my priority here is gonna be to crouch. I m injured and that was a crouching let s go don t notice me here we go that s a crouching hello.


Sir don t turn around whatever you do nope oh oh give that man the sauce joop them out a little bit. You love to see it throw that out a couple guys on the tractor here nope dang. It no sir not like this there. We go that s a crouching in and injured wait.

Sir please not like there was a lunge and a half yo. I got commando pro on don t notice me nope. What what if i would have died. There.

I would have been so upset there we go that s knight frost s unlocked. I think that was the crouching one and now it s just injured kills. I need y all to hit me i get hit there i honestly couldn t tell don t turn around sir here. We go we got a uav.

Let s go there we go. I m hurt yes. You love to see it nice nice. None of that really matters.

But i ll still take the points. Why not yeah there we go. There s one. There that s another nope nope nope nope.

Stunned yes. Lets go is that it we got to be so. Close. Let s let s calm down.

Here. Let s chill. A shell show you stunned see reloading. Oh.

I actually did that i didn t think i was gonna work. I don t know how far away i am i wish you could check progress in game. Because i feel like i ve got an 11 this game. I ve gotten quite a few was that another one there s red on my screen.

I feel like that should be an injured kill 12 seconds late dale how close are we we ve got to be right there alright crouching is done. I only got for that game good grief. I thought i got like eight nine ten maybe. I was way off day to know what does a guy.

Oh maybe. I was injured there i think i was injured on that one that might have been two right there. Yeah. I am like i was sent earlier.


I really wish you could i wish you could check your challenges in game. That make life so much easier. We ve got to be like one or two off right watch. I knowing knowing what that tracking s like i haven t even gotten one yet this game alright was i hurt there i feel like i was ice cream looks like i m hurt woo.

I don t know how i got that that guy absolutely should have taken me out ten times over again don t turn around sir there we go we re gonna seven streak right now what you serious all right how many did we get this match they flee all right is this gonna be the match. I said that the first match and then i said it again the second match is the third match. The charm. How that should be one that should be one right there my hurt.

I think i should count that should be two at least. What were you guys doing in here. Ow. Oh oh that a hundred percent counted.

I was i was very injured there that should be one for sure i m so sorry sir hello. Everybody we just uh you know look at that split quad. I ll take it with a knife. It was a very split quad.

But a quad nonetheless. Oh here catch that nice ok well that backfired. You know i m not gonna lie. I i really thought we were gonna get these done a lot quicker than we actually are i sue.

That might have counted why sir ah oh that see like i m so injured there where are we at we re still too off. I dropped 38 that match. And i got two of them while injured why is this so hard they thought all right enemies please shooting. Me not that much though oh was that it tell me that s it tell me.

That s it i had to be injured for at least one of those i m injured. I m injured come on let that be it let that be it how do i get that kill what oh i was injured there come on show me damascus. How that hurt oh. Please you couldn t be more injured than this.

There s another my screen as gray as can be how on earth do i not have this yet nope nope. What happened let it happen. I was so hurt there too please we got it is that it gold unlocked show. Me damascus ok platinum and platinum and damascus let s go baby.

We got it this has been weeks and weeks and weeks of struggling to shoot stuff down with rpgs and struggling to get three kill streaks at the riot shield and apparently get killed so i ll injure with the knife. But it happens i m pretty sure if the game would not have ended there i would have decided damascus unlocks like another 30 sometimes. But we did it look at that we actually did it i can finally play the game. Now.

I can use regular weapons again. We got a drop a like for the damascus camel boys. Why did that take so long. I didn t even see how many kills.


I actually got that game. But i feel like there was there was quite a bit there there probably should have counted. But hey at the end of the day we got it that s all the matters. I don t have to shoot another rpg at any kind of uav ever again.

I don t have to use the riot shield. This is this is fantastic news for me now like i was saying earlier as far as the grind goes for this camo. Honestly for starters. I guess i m not entirely sure if it s worth i mean this is the camo don t get me wrong.

I think it looks really cool. I love the i love the color scheme. We got going on here. But also at the same time this is it s not a reactive camo.

You know it doesn t move it doesn t change at all as you get kills. What was what was that so in that sense. It s a little bit lackluster compared to some of the others how i also don t know if it s just me but in terms of difficulty this year for completing this challenge. I feel like it was way harder than it was in the past the sheer amount of challenges like with the assault rifles particularly have to do so many mounted kills and so many crouch kills and whatnot that it just takes forever.

It s very very tedious. But if we re talking ones that were hard to complete the riot shield was the bane of my existence. Getting three kill streaks at the riot shield was one of the hardest things i ve ever had to do in call duty. I don t have the patience for that i m so glad i don t have to do it again that was up excuse me yeah.

Getting killstreaks at the riot shield that was not enjoyable whatsoever. And also shooting stuff down with the strela and the rpg that was another set of challenges that i did not like doing because they don t walk on so hitting uavs is pretty much impossible apparently hitting that guy is also pretty much impossible. But outside of like the launchers. The melees and i guess the ar is just because of how many challenges.

There are this grind wasn t too too bad. But the time it took to complete was just absolutely the most tedious part of it all also the fact that you have to level up every single weapon to its max to get the to get the actual camo challenges unlocked that also took quite a bit of time as well fine scare to your claymore. He s got to be so confused. But i don t know drop me a comment down below do you guys think that damascus is is worth it this year.

Would you rather it be like a reactive camo like dark matter back in black ops. 4. Or is it just not something that you find to be really all that worth it just because it s a really really long grind. I don t know personally for me.

I just wanted to do it because it gives me something to do in this game. Without prestiging. I feel like there s not necessarily a ton you can grind for especially since you re only going up like a hundred additional levels each season. So this definitely gave me something to do and that s really why i went for it in the first place.

I don t know if i want to push this guy. He s got personal. Oh. Where d he go right up side here.


Yeah. Okay music. I don t know if he had a shotgun. Know he had a carbine all right that s the vtol.

How did i get that kill what how did i get that kill oh. That was lucky give me back inside. Oh let me get this here. We go.

That s the advance. Now. I can play a little bit faster catch that nice. Oh i uh.

I should have died there i gotta go they re all gonna be hunting me back. Here. Now yeah. Like that yeah i mean now that i ve got to mascis.

I m not really sure what to do next. I mean i hit max rank. I do all the officer challenges every single season. As is damascus was kind of like the only big challenge that actually like spanned across multiple seasons.

But apparently diamonds might be coming to the game. I know a little while back. Joel emsley. Said that they might consider adding diamondden so if that ends up actually being added into the game.

I ll definitely grind that out but other than that i mean. I ve kind of beat modern warfare at this point. I ve done all the officer challenges. I hate max rank.

I ve got damascus. There s really not much else to do. But regardless we got damascus that s the important part the grind is finally over so hopefully you guys enjoyed the video. If you did drop a like on it give it a big old thumbs up and of course.

If you re new here feel free to subscribe with your notifications turned on that way you ll always know when i upload a new video once again thanks. So much for tuning in and until next time take it easy have an awesome rise to your day. I ll catch you guys later peace out music. ” .


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Today we re unlocking the DAMASCUS CAMO in Call of Duty Modern Warfare!
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In this video, we re finally unlocking the ultra rare DAMASCUS Camo in Call of Duty Modern Warfare! The Damascus camo in Modern Warfare is one of the rarest, most difficult camos to unlock as you need to complete every camo challenge on every weapon in the game in order to unlock it. Out of all of the secret camos, Damascus is definitely the longest grind, and in comparison to Dark Matter, Black Sky, and even Chrome, it s definitely in a league of its own in terms of difficulty. But nonetheless, the secret camo in COD MW is one of the rarest camos in Call of Duty history, and I finally have it!

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