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“And welcome to oscars modernwarfare split screen review this video will help you be a a meaner split screener. How funny is that it s actually not that funny coupe. Modern warfare has got some good and bad stuff with its split screen edition. This is important one of the bad things is huge like majorly huge like purchase decision inning inning inning nearly huge so watch the video you ll find out more about it now with split screen and couch co op and the modern warfare games.

All the call of duty games. They always come through with a guaranteed split screen mode recently. We ve seen a change and the for split screen modes have been removed. This is still the case unfortunately and we re looking at three standard chunks of game here.

The single player campaign. Which can not be played in split screen. The multiplayer. Which has a wealth of modes in it and this very interesting co.

Op section. Which is the modern warfare. Zombie. Equivalent.

This touch for the good stuff first. And what i wanted to point out. Straight away is the performance of the game. We ve had borderlands 3s.

You guys are worth them. And we ve had some issues with split screen. And what i did was i thought i d get the same map. And actually run full screen gameplay along the split screen gameplay.

So you can see that there is no real major differences as a slight framerate drop. But there s no real native graphical distances. So we re not looking at bad detail on draw distance or low textures or just a laggy performance. The damn game works spectacularly well on split screen is absolutely flawless at to be quite truthful and i think that s are probably a product of the developers really utilizing the system cpu to the maximum it s just a really slick job.

I cannot fault how well this game performs when the screen is split music funny..

How maps have changed over the years isn t it now the war zones are in our capital cities as opposed to the deserts. Imagine. That s a bit of a metaphor. What the recent events.

What s happening to the world. You know. It s interesting that now leicester square is a call of duty map. It s a bit of a worry to tell you the truth so i m gonna let you down gently.

I m gonna show you the first area that i always explore when it comes to a split screen call of duty game. And it will be a private game. It will normally be a free for all game. I may add bots what i m basically we re looking to do is get my head round a the maps be the ballistic.

See the kill streaks all of the different bells and whistles are come within the new call of duty game. The private options with a mate is a perfect way to feel around and get to grips with the game itself. And this was stunning. There s loads of really small intimate maps and the designs and the looks of them is some next level shit actually with the gameplay.

We haven t seen any dramatic changes from call of duty for the black ops. Fought to be honest. They sort of sobered up a little bit with the jumping mechanics and flying around wall running mechanics. And this is welcome let s come through it s nice and cool.

It s grounded people aren t flying around with jetpacks and we ve also had some very cool new killstreak of distance. Some of which are freaking awesome. There s a goddamn tank. You can drop in a goddamn tank in this game.

Okay let s get to the bad news. Now do you remember the call of duty black ops. 4. Had a zombie mode on it and it was a phenomenal zombie mode.

And it was split screen and was probably the reason i bought the damn game..

This is also got a co op mode on it which is under the name of spec. Ops or you know the operations mode. Where you have a co op mission set up that allows you and a mate to take down a big base go and infiltrate a huge house take down an estate. I remember some of them were awesome in the previous modern warfare games.

None of this content. None of this content is available for the split screen er. None of it so don t even bother with the third co op section. It won t let me win so what that means is if you ve got black ops.

4. You ve got access to all of the online sort of multiplayer game modes etc with the split screen. But you ve also got access to the entire zombie game. With your mate split screen.

And that s huge as a huge section with this you don t have the latter so forget about it all you ve got are your game. Modes that you can play online. Ok. With your buddy and offline like in the private match.

We just saw. But the caveat is these game modes are reduced. As well you don t have access to the massive ground war you don t have access to half of the cool shit. I m going to list what you do have access to one of them is the gun game we all know this it s not the greatest mode.

But it s i suppose it s quite fun you d also have access to a mode. Which is called gunfight that s a two on two so there s only ever four players in the entire map. It s very intimate you re basically one on one with two other people online. It s okay.

It s a bit you know who tactic or it s not exactly white knuckle. It s tense. But it s you re not utilizing the call of duty s franchises strengths with a two on two small maps vehicle this game. Then you ve got co confirm things start getting a little bit better here kill confirm this of course.

The classic running gap get the old medals from the person that you ve killed and dropped slightly more players in the map here so it s a six on six..

So things are getting a bit better where things are busier. The maps are bigger the activity is more frequent. I m still thinking where s the rest of my call of duty. Where is all these amazingly.

Huge maps. Where are all the vehicles where s all this stuff that they ve been advertising. You know for ages that they re bolting on to the game to make it a standout time off from their previous games. Especially this co op stuff especially all these cool operations spec ops missions etc.

I have not got access to any of it at the moment. I do like the weapon mapping and design. In and the fact that you can have a proper perv over your weapon. You can even hold down square and go to like a gun porn mode.

Where it does these tiny little shots of you know little side profile shots of your gun. I m not too sure i ll indulge in that too much but i can certainly see what sort of individual that would appeal to my goodness. We need a submachine gun immediately. It also has an incredible amount of bolt on bow off stuff call of duty s always do i m not gonna sing and dance about that too much but i like the ui system.

It s called its liquor. You just obviously had a really close look at making everything user friendly and just putting everything in the right place. And intuitive leveling up systems with each gun. Also alongside leveling up your actual character with perks and killstreaks.

The depth is huge. I loved that it was refreshing to see something like that it s been a while since i ve actually had the chance to play a modern warfare game. Because i have normally am a zombies man. So when normally would only stick with treyarch stuff.

But so it s been a while since i ve dipped into the modern warfare. Series. And this was a really pleasant surprise to see this huge amount of customization and just amazing rendering on every single gun is extremely well looked after so then we got to hard point. This is where things thankfully redeemed themselves slightly capture and defend the hardpoint when he moves you forward.

It s finally 12 on 12..

It s finally a huge map. We finally got some objectives. Me and one mate can actually concentrate on getting something. Done you know we re not just wandering around in a random team deathmatch.

So then it was split screen. Obviously it doesn t let you access the free for all mode. Because you could cheat and look. At your mate or just you join forces.

But it forgets that in the gunslinger mode. Which is actually a free for all mode. And then also to play and splits plan. This game split screen and been able to have a buddy who you will screen you can see it s almost like having a pair of eyes.

It is somewhere else on the battlefield. It was mental. We were looking at each other s screens and working out how to support each other judging on where the enemies were coming in from it was like being in two places at once you know you had a central terminal or a singular tv to view the battlefield from from different perspectives. It was it was quite cool.

This is pretty cool as you may have guessed. I m the top screen ended up having a really good time. But it was at our detriment because we had to go through all of the game modes and work out what we did and didn t have access to as split screeners and that s awful that shouldn t be the case. I shouldn t be the one that has a practically searched through every single goddamn game mode to find out which one memo may complain.

This is a sign of the times. This is basically the start of the end of split screen in triple a games. I think and it s so great that we haven t finished your distill looking afterwards fair enough not on full player. But this is a blind in split screen game my god if they can add that damned co.

Op spec hot stuff for a split screen is on an update. I will be the happiest man on earth. I shit you not ladies and gentlemen applause like ” ..


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