Monster Hunter World Iceborne Top 5 Amazing Mods You Should Check Out

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“Hey. What s going on guys eric sterile come back to a no video forum forum on standard world. I sport and today. We re diving back in to the that keeps on giving.

And that is of course. The pot of pc mots. The pc. Mod community.

You guys are crazy. I swear every single day. There is something brand new sometimes it s badass sometimes it s just damn crazy sometimes i m like what the hell are you doing. But you know what it s awesome so today much like we did before we re gonna round up some of the coolest mods that we ve been checking out and taking a look at recently of course all credits are linked down below and given in the videos world.

But uh yeah. There s some really cool ones that you guys definitely wanna check out so we re gonna take a look at some of my favorite ones this week. Again if you guys have got ones that you think we should check out or this and ones that you know you definitely want to see us talk about then by all means let us know in the comments down below. And we ll be doing these videos.

Stemming regularly to you know try and take a look at what you guys are up to what people are modding and whatnot..

But when i start at the top with one for the nier automata fans of course. There s the gyro number two type be mod by uber gravy. This in itself is a standalone mod. However there are a couple of things which we mention in a second which when combined will kind of give you the complete nier automata experience.

The first mod the one i just listed the one this by uber grainy is a mod that replaces the serie armor set or the handler with to be near automata and it also includes pod. 0. For two for your palico. Replacing either the shara or the moogle armor moogle.

Obviously works quite well because mobile kind of floats as does the pot so if you have these ones together then of course you can have your floating pod 0. For 2 and you can either run around as to b or set the handlers to be depending on whatever you want to do. However. If you want to get the fully immersive experience you can also install a mod from its burpee.

Which is 2 b. s voice mod. Which will again replace series sounds with 2 b. s so of course you have that and if you want the weapons you can then install nsa cloud twos virtuous contracts and crew loath dual blades mod and then these will basically give you the complete to be look you ll have the weapons.

You ll have the voice and you will of course have the skin along with the pots..

So yeah if you want the complete package then this is what you want to do moved on from there another one from uber grainy. This time the xenomorph queen maat. This one turns the no diva into the xenomorph queen from the alien franchise. I mean i don t really think i need to say much more but its horrifying and you can do it yourself so check it out next up this one this is this one.

I m a super big fan of right. I m a huge fan. Most kind of stories and obviously with the recent kind of look at most of my writers yes and miss lee it might not be the most exciting game. But either way capcom just give us more summer stories.

But anyway this mod comes from honduras. And it s a mod that actually implements a completely custom monster pet system monsters will actually fight alongside you and they can be mounted and it does have a decent selection monsters to choose from including things like so no ger marry off rafa los tigres and deviljho so it s really really cool. I mean i would still very much rather a ton of stories that would be fantastic capcom please. I will throw all my money at the screen.

Honestly give it to me on switch. I will be a very very happy guy. However if you want to do some monster hunter. Stories.


Pokemon maneuvers in world in ice born. Then check. This one out applause. The next mod comes from asterisk ampersand and this one is a visitor from cocoon this one replaces.

The megaman paliku armor with lightning ferrum from final fantasy. 13 and specifically in her lilyc indesign. Which is like the sort of tv appearance. So if you want that running around with you then you can do so.

And then finally the last one is a code vein mod from static somebody very pronounced it or zed statics and this is io. So this replaces a serie armor again people like to replace the serie opposite. I don t know what you ve got to get siri but either way place the serie alma set with a fully animated model of io your companion in code vein it comes with a custom slinger fully diable clothing animated face custom physics moisture placement a custom weapon and custom mantle s they ve gone all out on this this is like full on like super detail mods. The voice replacement can also be upgraded with another lot from its burpee in order to create the fully immersive package.

If you really want to have like the perfect voice. So uh yeah if you guys like co vain. I really enjoyed that game. I didn t quite get around to finishing it.

But i did sink a fair amount of time into that and genuinely i mean those kind of games..

I love them anyway so yeah. If your code main fans and you want to have io and game then this is how you do it so for the time being that s look at some of the mods. We ve picked up this week. Again if you guys have others that you want us to check out by all users know in the comments down below.

And we ll definitely be follow up because uh. I mean the mod part is pretty damn big right there s so many there we had a very long list and aside the short list into these this time so rest assured. There s a lot more funny ones. We re gonna talk about in the future.

But the time being that s it thanks for watching catch you guys in the next. One. I really hope you guys enjoyed that video remember to hit that subscribe button and also click on the little bell icon to turn on notifications so you don t miss my next. Upload also don t forget you can check out 269 and paradise central streaming over on twitch 6.

Days a week. You find a link to the multi stream in the description box down below be sure to play and get involved thanks kept watching take it easy catch you next time peace out. ” ..


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Here s a look at some more amazing PC mods for Monster Hunter World Iceborne that you should check out.

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