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“Completing mario odyssey. There was only one thing i wanted the skeleton mario costume. But but it was 9999 coins it took days of playing directing coin after coin but finally did it yes yes nine thousand eight hundred and seventy seven mario odyssey coins and it took. So long as you ve seen.

But while i was exploring and to try and find other ways to get coins right at the end of this journey. I found this room right here oh and forgive the outfit. I think he looks up pretty good but i walked in here and i was greeted by this literally a bank worth of coins. Let s see what s inside here first there s a moon i ll take it bowser castles treasure vault.

I mean look at this floor what is browser to get all this money from. But i m hoping that all of these coins will tip us over to 90999 the magic number that we need for that all important skeleton suit here. We go i m going for it oh my goodness it does it s so close. I m gonna leave some in here you kidding me slowly does it slowly does it is this it.

So close. Yes. Nein nein nein nein nein. We did it yeah buddy so now we need to visit the shop.

Another thing. I want to do today is to unlock a brand new world so i m only like 20 moons away let s go back to the odyssey. I need 24 more so after these i literally need just 20 more moons and then i don t know what happens i m on 230. So when i get to 250.

I have no idea what happens and apparently there is also a secret ending when you hit 500 which is mad. I ve also got myself a lot more stickers. What do you think i think it looks pretty cool. Where is the shop on this level.

I feel like it s actually oh it s right there we can go here and see if we can grab the scalloped own. I am so excited to see what this looks like sir has he got it has he got it has he got it has he scarlet yes. Yeah. All this skeleton costume.

Look. We re not sure how this works. But it s cool right it definitely is and his theme expensive item in the game which is mad i m gonna spend 9999 mario coins you ready done and there they go ah pains me let s change into it and i ll look great in the skeleton suit. Thank you sir let s see what it looks like i m actually really looking forward to it.

Oh. My goodness whoa that looks insane are you kidding me. And what can i pry it from here. I need stickers that s a cool set of stickers.

I m gonna take those i can t believe how amazing that looks with the hat as well what other hats..

Do we have that could look better on him look at him. Oh. My goodness i am actually amazed at this and look you can have copies eyes on the scalloped own we could have skeleton on skeleton captain s hat mario hat. What should i choose i quite like the chef s and i think that looks pretty good and there you go the most expensive item in the game purchased and it looks absolutely incredible.

I did not know the skull. Did that that s cool. Oh hey peach. What are you doing i forgot you re around.

Here. What is on your face are you okay. Bowser s castle. I think it s the first time.

I ve been here on my own two feet. Oh yes you usually get kidnaps. But basically in the previous episode. If you guys haven t seen it the ending peach just goes off and explores all the worlds.

You have to kind of find her in each world. And this is bowser s one and she gives you a power moon so give me the moon please. She didn t even comment on my new look so i do look a little bit different right. I am going to head back to the odyssey.

Because we need to collect now 19. More moons and see what happens so let s do the world. Where should we go to i think we should go to metro kingdom. It has 66 moons available.

And we ve already got like ten of them so we re going we re back. And we ve lost all of our skins. Since last time okay so we need to i was gonna say we need to find this. But it s literally right here you need to explode these.

And then launch into the sky explodes and loads more moons are available. And it tells you where they are so hopefully. We ll be able to find 19 moons pretty quickly there it goes and then they literally are shown on the map. Which is perfect oh guys i completely forgot give me two seconds.

I ll be right back. This isn t completely random by the way is completely to do with mario. Honestly nananana this is amazing so if you didn t know nintendo have these things called amiibos which are little figures which i think we used in one of episodes of mary odyssey cuz. I literally only own one but now i own three more we ve got bowser.

We ve got a peach and we ve also got mario as well and these allow you to have secret abilities and costumes inside the game..

Which is awesome and they re actually pretty hard to get hold on so i m glad i got all three this is bowser. This is mario. This is peach with a very weird facial expression. But anyway though i grab those so i can potentially do another video on this because i m pretty sure you can put mario in peaches wedding dress.

So if you want to see that leave a thumbs up because i definitely do but enough of that let s head into new dong city and grab ourselves amused looks so weird was so amazing right there s a lot of moons around here. But we need ourselves how many 19 also i learned this really cool new move check this out you can do like a diving cap. Thing. Then you can do it again.

So you can really like do some crazy parkour nonsense or in the seconds. No way you can become the letters that s crazy these are all out of our you can spell. Mario haha there we go that s one let s do this i did not realize you could become letters. That s cool it looks so weird.

How are these humans not freaked out like see how much this game can just expand. We ve completed the story already. But there s so much more to explore come on that s got to be a moon is that a moon it s a moon yeah. It s no good a few to go.

Though. Oh wait a second if we go into the hat store. We can buy moons can t we like ten at a time maybe not here. But you definitely can in mushroom kingdom.

We need any more coins. I need to go back to bowser s kingdom actually let s do this first. I just found another one let s grab all the moons that we can get his bold skeleton mario. Oh my gos watch this i could i don t know no i haven t i haven t got my hat on so um yeah.

I didn t work. I was gonna show off then. And i completely did the opposite come on come on come on come on come on come on don t disappear. Yes.

So close okay. Change your plan. I m going back to bowser s so that i can get myself some coins. I ll show you the best way to do it because we only needs 1700 coins to be able to buy enough moon to be able to get to the next world.

I m guessing. It s the next world. I m not too sure it s just telling me that i need more moons. I can t actually remember where this bank is though give me these give me these oh actually it might be over these slingshots.


The slingshots are definitely new yeah. It s definitely up here see you needed the birds. How many coins the left. Though i hope there s the whole loads or there s not that would be that would be pretty insane.

But how many do we get we get ourselves 149 that will get us one one moon is also the space rock. Which is just down here and look out far you can travel using this hat method. It s crazy and you can do it again. It s mad guys.

Just flew across the whole lands give me this well there are so many moons here on such a small platform. Okay. So the best way to get coins is actually this way so you go down here. Where you went earlier then down.

Here you need to grab this seed run. It all the way down to here and then you can throw it onto this mound and just climb the beanstalk as soon as you climb up the beanstalk. There s like a special kind of level that gives you loads of coins. Just need to do that over and over again and then you ll get many coins.

We need seventeen. Hundred s there we go so this minigame will give you so many coins look how many we re gonna have after this it s mad and all you need to do is throw your hat. Once and then just just jump. I guess and if you hit all oftly reload your auto rifles and machine guns.

Now. This actually became a lot more powerful when shadow keep was introduced and infinite reloading went away. So now when you re dpsing with any weapon out there. Except for the whisper.

You re going to have to reload and every time. You do your dps is going to tank that s why having really high reloading mods and you know luna faction boots and all of that stuff is super super. Important to keep your damage up as high as possible now acting war rigs basically makes your machine guns and auto rifles act like they did when infinite reloading was a thing that s why i mentioned the zeno phage in passing. But the genophage right now specifically combined with a bunch of titans and acting war rigs is capable of one phasing.

Some of the raid bosses in garden like it s really powerful that combo. And although again this is not outputting the same damage as zeniff age. It s coming closer than any other machine gun out there and being able to completely eliminate reloads within a damage phase is kind of nutty. Now you may be wondering what kind of perks should i be looking for well.

I think firing line is absolutely key. Now this can actually get vorpal weapon instead of firing line but very importantly vorpal provides a 15 damage bonus against bosses and firing line is 20 across the board. So i think firing line is clearly the better option. It literally just does more damage now.

I did get zen moment..

But this is definitely not what you want you can actually get firstly filled prep for more reserves faster reloading when you re crouched or i think in that first slot. You re definitely looking for clown cartridge. Which is going to randomly overfill the magazine from reserves. So normally it has forty three rounds of magazine.

If you reload with clown cartridge. It s gonna have like 50 or 60. Sometimes i don t know eighty like clown encourages or really really powerful perk and it just basically means you always have a pretty cracked extended magazine. That is sometimes more extended than normal.

Which is going to pair. Very well with firing line and mean that if you re not on a titan rocking. The acting war rig. You can still have a massive amount of ammo to draw from in a damage phase without reloading so at the end of the day.

This is a pretty potent weapon. I don t think it s going to be replacing any of the current meta choices for boss dps in pve. However. It s the best in slot for legendary machine guns.

And that is a big deal if there s ever a patch note that comes out later that says machine guns. Now do plus 15 damage to pve combatants. Well. This is the best thing to use if that ever happens.

And that is always a very powerful thing you want in your back pocket when it comes to weaponry in destiny. Also i mentioned before that this is a seraph weapon. It works with those new mods and can create war mine cells. But it s bigger than that this is the only heavy seraph weapon in the game.

And because they re just seasonal mods. It only exists within a short period of time it looks like this will it be the only seraph weapon in the entire game in the heavy slot. So if you ever do want to make a war munsell build is this as video isn t sound this informative and if you did please remember to help me out by simply rating and especially sharing this video. If you guys want to see more destiny.

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I hope you enjoyed the video and as always have a good day ” ..

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Showcasing the new Seventh Seraph SAW! The first and ONLY Machine gun capable of getting the incredibly powerful Firing Line perk, that makes it the highest damaging Legendary Machine Gun in Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy!




New #Destiny2 video, going over the new Seventh Seraph SAW Legendary Machine Gun in Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy (New Season 10). After upgrading your Bunker with warmind bits, encrypted warmind bits, and chipsets, as well as if you level up fast to Season Pass Rank 92, you ll be able to get this new seraph weapon early! It turns out it has an incredibly powerful god roll! Making it one of the best Machine Guns in Destiny 2! #SeasonOfTheWorthy

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