NEW MANTLE – Assasin's Creed Collab & New Layered Armor!! Monster Hunter World

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“Everyone and welcome to another monster hunter world video today. We re gonna be taking taking a look at the new event quest that is going to give you guys assassin s creed cloak and the assassin s creed layered armor. What does it call is called deadly fierce and silent. I believe let s take a look here it is in the event quests.

Yeah. You ll see is odogaron deviljho and lunastra. I m gonna go ahead and skip the video ahead so we can get right into the fight. I m gonna be using the dark devour.

I have a cluster bomb build if you re not familiar with cluster bombing with the dark devour. I do have a video on that i ll leave a link in the description and the comments section. I m just going to be using that strategy here. I m not really interested in having this be a nice long fight.

I m not a big fan of deviljho and i m definitely not a fan of lunastra you ll see i ve got the rock steady mantle on and i m pulling out of gear and over i want to bomb them at the same time right these guys are gonna start yelling at each other that s why we start with the rocksteady mantle so we can avoid the roar. There s still a little far apart from each other. But i want to get started. And that s it i m just gonna be cluster bombing.

Them you ll notice lunastra hasn t shown up yet so we re gonna have to kill her after we re done with them. He s dragging. He s dragging odogaron and around is kind of a small odogaron as well i try to aim the cluster bombs right between them so it hits both monsters at the same time they re gonna take chomps at me. I m not really worried about that i have double health regen augmentations on the dark devourer.

So i m getting a lot of my health back even though. I m taking damage each time my shots lands..

I just heal. A bunch and you can see my palico has the vigorwasp spray as well that helps okay he s down so i m gonna roll over to him cause i m gonna guaranteed land all my shots and odogaron will probably follow that s my reasoning there and he is down again yep. I just fire the cluster bombs and then i craft more cluster bombs. While i m reloading very simple okay.

Deviljho is gone. It s pretty fair to believe that odogaron close so what i m gonna do is i m just going to capture him i might tranq ammo. He knocked me over there here s the tranq ammo. He is captured so we have to kill lunastra as well and she s gonna pop out of these doors right over here big wooden doors just like normal in the arena.

The first thing is you can get her to set off these two mega barrel bombs. I just craft some more and then while you wait for her to come out you can actually fill this cannon up. I m gonna get rid of this bleed first there it goes right here are these cannon balls and you can just load five of these up into the cannon you could probably even bring the cannon skill. Heavy artillery with you if you have a person help you if you have another player help you here s the strategy have them stand outside of the door and just kind of distract her keep her in place.

Right. Maybe. If they even have like sleep. Ammo have them put her to sleep.

There and then meanwhile you stay behind with the cannon since i m doing it solo. It s not gonna be that easy. I m just gonna kind of try and hit her as she runs over to me you ll notice you know she s taking her time. So you have a lot of time to set this cannon up.

And i just kind of put the cannon here maybe it s not the best positioning because i noticed i don t actually land a lot of the cannonballs maybe you can get better positioning and i m just getting everything ready i got my ammos ready yep. We are all ready to go we re just waiting for her to pop out of those doors..

There she is so she blows up the barrel bombs and then i was kind of unlucky. There she kind of paused right before the like look if i had fired it maybe a second later. I think two or three of them might have actually hit her and here we are we re up on the high end of the cliff. I thought of this afterwards.

I should have fired all of my sticky ammo and then and then i should have rolled off the ledge so that i could do a jumping reload that s what the heavy bow gun does when you jump with it and you click the melee button you ll actually reload at the end of the jump. So yeah i should have done that but i didn t do that that s okay. I m just shooting her in the head with a sticky ammo. She s very easy to knock over.

She s a little far away for clustering you know or. Sticky i love sticky ammos just it has the ko values. The stun values that i wish the hammer and the hunting horn had you know what i mean i play with those a lot and they just don t tend to knock. They don t tend to stun the monster as much as i like them to and then you have the sticky ammo and it s just like oh.

Here you go you wanted to knock the monster over. I can do that alright. She s going to sleep. Four shots sleep ammo two and now i m just gonna set up on her i ve got mega barrel bombs those are gonna go by her head.

I can craft more of those if i want i ve got my wyvern ammo. I m gonna put my temporal mantle on and it is time to do some damage to her lots of damage there very good the wyvern ammo gets a really big tick of damage because you re getting the sleep multiplier right. I think i ve rolled that roar was she roaring. I think i rolled it huh it s pretty hard to do with the heavy bow gun.

She s gonna keep tail waggin that s what lunastra does she s she s the uh female right she s the female version teostra the male so they have her tail wag nobody cares about nobody cares about the tail on teostra. It s boring..

She s got that sexy long tail. There it is i dodged it this time i got my temporal mantle on so nothing really hurts me. I mean she can do a lot of a lot of fire damage to me suppose. But she s gonna have trouble doing actual damage yeah looked like i m almost dead here you can see my red bar filling up okay we knocked her over.

We still have some cluster bombs left let s go ahead and use that those are the cluster bomb level. Two you always get a few shot of those swapped right over to the sticky ammo and she s gone. And that s the whole fight. I mean dark devour dark devours pretty easy what can i say i didn t even need the dragonator where s my dragonator.

I didn t even need that which i would have used that as soon as she stood up if she wasn t dead. I would have used that we re just gonna pick these off you guys probably want to take a look at my build. It s a pretty typical damage build for the dark devourer. Yeah.

I don t have a lot to say about it honestly other than it does a lot of damage. Still running around here. We go we re looking at the equipment. You can see the armor pieces on the left.

And i kind of scrolled through to give you an idea of where i place the decorations and here you can see what my actual skills are okay you can pause that if you need to take a look at that and then here. I am talking to the research center. Yeah. After you ve talked to the armory.

Remember you have to go talk to the armory guy to show them that hey i ve got these new materials. Then he sends you down here to the research center..

And they re like we have a new layered armor for you and we have a new cloak for you the cloak is interesting. The cloak lasts for like three minutes. And it makes you really fast and then if you do a surprise attack on the monster. It ends instantly is the assassins hood right we still have to fiddle around with it to see if it s any good.

I don t know how i feel about it yet. It s definitely cool looking. But i don t know if it s gonna replace the rocksteady mantle or the temporal mantle. I have a feeling it won t and here s the bayek armor.

This is from the recent assassin s creed game. I kind of wish it d have been ezio personally. I don t know about you guys. But i just feel like ezio is more iconic than this guy.

I don t have anything against bayek. I just like ezio better so i showed you guys how you can change the colors around. And that s about the whole deal that s the whole video. Yeah i want to thank you all for watching.

And i ll see you guys next time ” ..

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I ll show you how to quickly unlock the new Mantle and new Layered armor that we received with the Assassin s Creed collaboration!

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