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“Hey guys. The secrets in bfa are already being discovered tell me where s the the secret in this picture. I ll give you three guesses this cave up here behind this tree or hidden behind these rocks well you re all wrong. It s this pebble.

Yeah. That s the essence of secrets in world of warcraft. Now you find a secret cave behind a secret path through another secret path to find a pebble well this one in particular leads to a new battle pit and called the ball. Which will show you how to get step by step before we start here.

Though i just want to say that this was discovered by the secret finding discord. The same guys from legion with kusuma. The hungering and the mined worm and all of that stuff they actually have a website now as well that i wanted to. Plug it s called warcraft secretscom.

And there you ll find a guide for this and many other secrets in world or craft. I highly recommend it it s a really nice website so credits and kudos to those guys for preparation you will want to bring a few items with you you ll need some gliders. An aquatic mound or a swim speed. Potion water walking or a water walking mound and possibly some invisibility potions depending on your class you can get away without them if you re a rogue or druid.

But if not you ll want some schedule drink draining invisibility potions whatever gives you stealth and to make it easier you ll want to add ons. One is tomtom. Which is a map add on that allows you to use custom waypoints and the other is paste. Which allows you to enter multiple commands at once you can find both of these in the description.

Once you download them make sure they re enabled and type slash paste show and then paste in the following way points for a tomtom. I ll also have these in the description and lastly. You ll also need a fully upgraded ona. Which is a secret companion from legion.

I ll talk about that at the end of the video and one last random tip is to disable warm motifs. So you don t get ganked. When you re trying to complete this so your starting point is the nazma zone. In that giant blood hole in the middle get to this spot on the map.


Until you reach a giant bridge that leads to a big temple in the middle once you cross on the left hand side on a ledge. You ll notice a clickable node. You ll want to get near the ledge above it and jump down to it i used a glider as you can see upon clicking. It you ll get a curious message telling you to begin at the beginning.

The first big secret in legion. You may remember was kozma the hungering and that all started with dreck thule in the broken shore. Which is our next destination so get over here on the map the coordinates are 3771 and hover your mouse around the table until you find a clickable pebble click on it to reveal another message that says the pebble is unremarkable in every way and from here. It s a massive scavenger hunt for super hidden pebbles around colter ass and zan toll are very similar to the casa math.

Orbs. The next one is located in the aligned city which is morales get to this spot on the map and look for a fishing net draped under a bridge. You ll find that you can actually go through it. And you ll find a secret cave behind it on the floor near the middle of the room is your next pebble.

So go ahead and click on it pretty simple the next one is insulted czar and it s pretty complicated to explain so i ll just show you my footage just keep in mind. That you will need a glider or some sort of slow fall as a starting point head to the entrance of the town as our dungeon. And just follow. What i do here.

Music music. Music music music. Once you arrive you ll find the actual pebble next to this tree. The next pebble can be found in the dressed fire zone head on over to arum strand at this location and carefully jump down from this ledge to find a hidden cave behind the waterfall inside.

You ll find one of these dressed effigies. The pebble is located on its head. The next. One is located all the way in bold dune near the tor taka refuge followed this path up and drop down to the rocks next to the tree there s another cave right here with an elite enemy near it it ll one shot you so you either need to crowd control it stealth or invisibility potion.

The pebble is on the left side here facing him kind of next to the green area. And the next. One is located in the storm. Sun valley on this northeastern island get to this point on the map and won t climb up until you get to this foliage behind it is another cave.


Follow the path down. Until you reach the fork in the road and look inside this cart for the next pebble. The next one is the toughest because it s in fatigued waters. And you have to be really fast for this one.

You need a water walking mount and fast swim speed. This can be an aquatic mountain such as the fathom dweller. A swim speed potion the druids water form and etc. So once you have all of that sorted out head on over to the northern a smear zone those waypoints.

I have in the description will also be vital. So make sure you use them get to this spot right here in the map and head straight north on the mount with water walking once you re on or near the green waypoint dive down and get on your underwater. Mount or use your potion and look for a wrecked ship. You ll be taking fatigue.

The whole time so you got to be quick here on your way here try to identify at the back of the ship. The peple is on the stained glass picture. And it s the second one from the left. If you fail you ll have to take resurrection sickness and try again so this one is kind of rough if you re successful.

Though the next stop is bareilles. Again on the western side of the city. Here is a hedge maze. Entered and stick to the left until you reach a dead end with a tree behind it as a seller with some off duty guards and the pebble can be found between some crates next to some bookcases and next up is dressed far on the western watch island.

You will need a glider for this one get to the island and stick to the left. And the fork in the road and take the first right you see until you reach the base of the lighthouse going to the edge. You can barely see a cave entrance to your right use your glider and curve right. And you should easily reach it facing the entrance to the left on top of the rock is the next pebble.

Almost there just four more left. The next. One lies just south of the kennings lodge. Once again in t.


Regard. The path starts right here on the outskirts of the town climb these rocks up and keep ascending until you see a cluster of trees if you look closely there s another cave here be careful though because one of those croelick s will jump out and one shot you so make sure you have another invisibility potion. If you re not as stealth. There like me the pebble for this one is located next to this mead between these two big rocks.

It s to the left facing the cro liske and the next pebble can be found in the same zone. But all the way to the northeast get next to this cave. Where i am and do a bit of rock climbing making sure to hang to the left hand side from here do a short jump to the rocks next to a waterfall. And proceed forward to find a secret room behind it there are a bunch of decoy pebbles.

Here. But the only clickable one can be found under a scroll at the end of the room. You ll have to do some tricky camera work to see it and next is yet another one in t. Regard west of bareilles in the lake had to about right here in the map and look for this rock formation behind all of the vegetation is an underwater cave with the next pebble you can find it under some red seaweed next to three stalagmites and for the last pebble head on over to the valle dunes own once more this one is in the great sea north of the zone.

So we ll be dealing with fatigue. Again just like the other one you will need water walking and fast swimming to do this one using those waypoints. I gave you find the starting point right here in the map and look at your world map to see the one labeled fatigue reset zone make a straight line to that way point and you should pretty easily make it you can actually see the fatigue rests on on your mini map. It s the lighter shade of blue from here you want to go northeast along this water making sure you re not in fatigue.

And once you reach the edge once again check your world map to find the way point for the underwater cave music you can see it from non fatigue water so get on your mount or whatever swim speed increase you have and make a beeline for it once you arrive head deep into the cave to reset your fatigue and you ll find that there are hundreds of pebbles this time but they re all decoys so return to the entrance and facing the exit on the right hand side on the floor is the last pebble clicking and this one reveals. The following message heckler of the murkiest thugs. She threw ban and removed the cake cork. Why these four words on the second line reveal an anagram that says get back to work.

Which is the dialogue of an npc called a kurd fuck the merciless in the frostfire ridge zone and drain are he periodically yells ed yeah people actually figured that out it s crazy. I know located right here. Though. Inside a volcano is the goat ball who s otherwise invisible.

If you don t do all of this pebble hunting you can pet bat alone by clicking on them. But there s just one problem you don t play and deal. One shot anything you have even through immunity buffs. So to get around this you have to first debuff him outside of the pet battle by summoning.


A fully upgraded unna. This is another secret companion from the legion expansion. You got her from the argus zone. And she had to do a bunch of secret steps to unlock her and power her up by collecting items for her.

I won t go over all of that here since it s quite intricate. But i ll have a link to a guide to all of it in the description. So you have to have a fully upgraded own ax. And you have to bring her to baal to weaken em.

Alternatively. If you have a friend who already did all that stuff you can just have them summon una for you although they still need to click the pebbles to see them and from here. He has just a thousand health. Which is pretty trivial to beat you can do it with pretty much any pitch.

You have as long as it s level 25 note that this can glitch out for some reason. And when it will just stand. There sometimes this happened to me. And it was only fixed after someone used the gastropod shell tie which kills critters and resets them you get it from the throne of thunder raid in pandaria upon beating him though you get the balls darksign item which gives him to you as a pet if you summon him he says that soul feast and endless shrieking in darkness.

They ride and scream. You will join them together for evermore this leads to another secret that gives you a cosmetic item called the waste of time. But that s a story for another time i ll have a link to a text guide to that in the description. Though if you want to check it out that s about it though it s a pretty neat secret again credit to the secret finding discord if you d like to join the search for the next one.

I ll have those links in the description as always thanks for watching. I hope you found the video helpful. And i ll see you in the next one peace farewell for now mortals. We hope you enjoyed today s video see you again soon.

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A step by step guide for the new secret pet found in BfA: A demon goat named Baa l: . Timestamps and links below.

WoW secrets discord:
WoW secrets website:


/way Nazmir 46 54 Bridge
/way Nazmir 51 59 Conspicuous Note
/way Boralus 49 40 In a Cave behind the net
/way 31 35 (use this waypoint while in Zuldazar)
/way Drustvar 34.60 55.05 In Effigy Eye
/way Vol dun 63.21 21.33 Beware!
/way Stormsong Valley 69.3 9.4 Take Path
/way Stormsong Valley 68.33 10.5 Entrance to Cave
/way Zandalar 54.54 7.3 Back of ship, second pebble from left
/way Boralus 37 80 In basement
/way Drustvar 18.27 7.21 Take Path
/way Drustvar 17.15 6.4 Cave
/way Tiragarde Sound 75.43 70.65 In cave
/way Tiragarde Sound 80.23 19.59 Behind Waterfall
/way Boralus 10.01 82.59 Underwater Cave
/way Zandalar 45.87 3.78 Path Start
/way Zandalar 47.7 -3 Fatigue Reset Zone
/way Zandalar 55.72 -10.21 Underwater Cave
/way Frostfire Ridge 62 22 Baa l

Uuna guide:
Waist of Time guide:

(Start) Conspicuous Note 2:28
Pebble 1 2:58
Pebble 2 3:34
Pebble 3 3:55
Pebble 4 5:10
Pebble 5 5:37
Pebble 6 6:03
Pebble 7 6:26
Pebble 8 7:29
Pebble 9 7:53
Pebble 10 8:26
Pebble 11 9:04
Pebble 12 9:34
Pebble 13: 9:57
(End)Baa l 11:20

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