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” s up ladies and gentleman of youtube s boogie2988 coming at you level two getting getting through the power of the internet and i get it not everybody likes my on my channel today might actually change your mind. Because i have something like i ve never seen before so. This should be interesting. But now in an effort a full disclosure.

Let me go ahead and say that everything that i m going to unbox. If it got sent to me by the guys over there at sync geek. They wrote me. And said.

Hey boogie. We re going to start. Offering larger sizes of clothing to the people of size like you will have access to nerdy and cool plugs. I think that s just great so they sent me a bunch of prototypes and some cool stuff that i ll try on for you guys today hopefully it ll fit.

But that s not the only thing they sent because they also saw that verizon jurors honest one of my favorite days so they sent this now this appears to be one of the most massive creatures in the game. Oh man. And i can t wait to see what this sucker looks like out of the box. The box inside that s a little white sheet covering it is actually a nicer this in the box on the outside.

I might add i m keeping this box geez look at it look at all these warnings and instructions on the outside of the box. My god you re some of the paperwork that came with the games. He s little art prints pretty cool. There she is fighting that monster.

And then this one is her getting ready to climb one of those long necks. I think is what they call them or tall boys. This is something something super simple like that if we don t know what this is but it feels like cloth. Oh.


It s one of those cloth maps of the game. Oh i dig that is what it is i think. That s exactly what it is man. I love when they do this stuff.

I wish they used to include this in my collectors and dishes and stuff. I had it upside down there it is right side up damn. I wish led you to zelda had not taken over my life because i did not finish this game. I damn well i m going to oh oh that s such a satisfying feel satisfying.

Smell mmm. I love the smell of freshly painted collectibles. Oh. My god oh my god this thing is massive holy moly this is bigger.

This is bigger than my titanfall collectible. Oh. My god i can t i can t even right now wow oh look at this monstrosity. It s massive geez.

I thought. It was bad enough fighting these in the game nope good lord look at the detail on that oh. Even the colors pop on this this is let s go right. This is downright gorgeous.

It really is wow. Damn i love it sam you wanted to come up and see the monster. What are you thinking yeah. He s scared that is a very appropriate reaction never those of you have seen those unbox before i don t know if you anyway has but i missed all the good parts.

There are a bunch of little collectible pieces to connect including these antennas and stuff..

It s even more detail than i initially thought there it is with its butt in place and with this antenna. I can t get the other intend to the fit. I think i m just going to need to force it down. But even without the other is had a man that is as gorgeous.

Then there s a buttload of collectibles in here. There s this grunt from the mass effect there s gorian from dragon age inquisition this is cool mass effect notebook which is i m gonna be you i mean i might use that to keep notes for mass effect andromeda next week then check it out this awesome skyrim notebook. My wife loves getting these. But here s what i m excited about look at this he s going to love this i hope this fits.

Because if it does that is going to be awesome. That s right a mass effect hoodie alright. I m going to be honest with you i don t think i could zip this thing up without busting. The zipper so it is definitely a little small on me.

But that s not saying much because almost everything is most tents are small on me. But to wear this just as a light winter or fall jacket. Yeah. I think that s good work whoo.

I don t know what this is but i have a good feeling this is either fallout. 4 or doom. I m thinking fallout. 4.

That is definitely not small up for that is either doom or one of those dragon dildos. I ve read about now this appears to be oh my god it s daggerfall. Oh my god a sacrifice fit. Please fit please oh.

It s going to fit..

Oh my god let s get the back well. It s a little a little bit tight around the tummy. But overall look at that i am the nerd king. Until you ve had trouble getting into clothes with logos that you like on them you will not understand how good this feels it s nice having shirt that doesn t just say barnum bailey circus on the front well now that i know that s gonna fit.

I think everything in here should fit you know a couple of shirts have been here for my wife. Oh look at that what is that that s elder scrolls online. Tan. That s a nice shirt.

Oh here we go here is another mass effect shirt from skyrim. Oh. The assassin s brotherhood. There is fallout.

4. Oh man i wish it was blue but now there s the caught a fall tuck shirt. I am into look at that oh my god my only regret. It s the arm that s crippled and not the legs or the back like me.

And then there you go the new california republic cannot be shirts are awesome and they are huge. I mean i don t know what to say i thank you it is actually nice to have t shirts that i like because i can only get my clothes really in one or two places and those clothes aren t very nice so it s nice to have actual nice nerdy clothes and big thank you to the guys over there. Thank geek for moving in that direction for people like me. And a lot of people to watch me.

And i know it can be controversial when a company moves in this direction. Because a lot of people think you know people that size they don t need clothes trust. Me we need clothes you do not want to see me naked absolutely not but that said you know some people feel that it s enabling of people a size and and then it makes it feel more comfortable. We should make those people feel less comfortable.

So they re more likely to do the work to lose the weight..

So why should they get nice shirts and the answer to that is because we re we re still people sure we can wear these clothes to do stupid and self destructive stuff like stand in line at a fast food restaurant. But we could also wear these clothes to our job. We re will get the health insurance. We need to see the doctor to help lose weight or wear it to the gym.

So that we can better ourselves. And do better things for ourselves. And trust me like i said you don t want me going to the gym naked. You probably don t want me go into the gym.

And all i m going to break some machines let s just be frank. I m gonna break some machines. But what i will say is thank you to the company that makes these clothes and supplies them to thank geek and bioware and other people like that i think. This is incredible.

And i m so glad that i have what is basically the first nerdy clothes. I ve ever had in my life. And i m glad to represent one of my favorite. Elder scrolls games of all time the very first one that i played even though it was so bucks.

When it came out it was worth the bugs and so thank you to those guys. And thank you guys for watching. I hope you enjoyed the video as much as i enjoyed making it i love very much thanks for watching. ” .


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This is NOT a sponsored video per se, as no money exchanged hands but the folks over at think geek sent over a batch of new plus sized nerdy clothing and this super cool figure. The figure is a GIANT robot dino from horizon zero dawn which is one of my favorite games this year. The shirts range from lots of cool bethesda and bioware goodies. Finally some NERDY STUFF that ACTUALLY FITS ME. They are hopefully going into selling plus size clothing going up into the 5x and 6x range for big folks like me 🙂
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