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“You you what is up guys. Valda bell. Here with another four night video today today we have yet another new pickaxe in the item shop. I don t know they re doing this dude like they re just releasing pickaxes and this one isn t part of a set as well just like the one from yesterday.

The tristar. And it s of course star themed. Why are they making all these star themed pickaxes dude is this like ending towards something or like i just don t get it so it s called star wand. The description reads swing for the stars.

It s kind of it s pink. It s gold. It has this little rainbow lacing around it it s definitely unique and the star shines too there s like little sparkles on it so we re gonna go ahead and cop that using the best code in the item shop code of a labelled star wand ladies and gentlemen all right so let s see what it sounds like oh. Oh.

My god that that is everything that is what makes this worth. It dude that sound. Oh. My god i love it dude.

That is one of the most satisfying pickaxe sounds i ve ever heard in this game we re gonna rock sugar plum with this but some pink on dude that is so i don t even have to i mean. I m gonna you know play with it in the game. So you guys can see it. But this is already a 10 out of 10 pickaxe just for the sound.

That is i love it i just i love it that is that s just awesome. It s so unique there s nothing like it let s go and hop into a solo test this bad boy out alright. It s really small in game to the bottom of it s kind of bulky. Though look like the bottom of the staff.

It s almost as big as the star itself on top of it the shapes is kind of weird let s do it it sounds like oh. My god that is so satisfied let me turn the volume up a little bit. So you guys can hear it better never stop shooting your shotguns trying to showcase a pickaxe hear how rude right literally. I can t hear it cuz.


I keep shooting it off we gotta wait till. We get into the game. We re gonna go somewhere quiet somewhere quiet where we can farm arm in peace. Let s go over here this area between sunny steps.

And i don t know what to call this area first off no one really drops here cuz. There s hardly any chests. It s not a named location. But it s so prominent on the map look you can see it i just i feel like they should have given it a name and just spawn more loot.

They re just kind of a waste of space on the map in my opinion all right we gotta get around this volcano first. I don t know why. But this pickaxe reminds me of kirby dude. I don t know why i think of kirby that s something with stars.

I think i remember there used to be some minigame in one of the kirby games. Where you could literally ride on a star and the sound of this pickaxe. Just reminds me of that for some reason or those of you that have played kirby you probably know what i m talking about oh. My god the birds dude.

The birds why all right let s get this tactical right here all right so let s do a sound test. Here that it s like a little little sparkle swish okay even hitting the metal dude let s go down to the tree right not on wood. I m not gonna lie this does come close to being one of my favorite pick axes in the game. I think i still like the pick squeak a little bit more just because of how obnoxious.

It is but this is definitely gonna be in my top ten big axes now and there s even like a trail of stars. When you swing it you guys see that specifically when you hit something like when i hit a piece of hell. I feel like you could see it a little better like the stars kind of spread out. I like that oh god there s someone here.

Oh god he s right there. What the heck bro. Oh. My god here we got here we got a hot like set oh boy and white tactical.


My favorite all right why is it wide smg. I really want a pump shotgun right now dude. I just i hate using tacticals. I don t like them one bit.

Why take a another white a cake come on i don t think there was that chest and top at the top either. So this is all we get no shields no nuttin let s go check the gas station. Wait a minute sorry what the heck are you doing dude he s just hacking away at that thing wasn t he. Oh.

My god heavy sniper yes. Oh. I love this weapon. So much dude.

I called this weapon. My baby. It s precious to me doing you gonna come out. Oh.

No my man s a sweat. You got a peek buddy as you know i don t think. He knows. I m here.

Where d he go dude. Did he just leave to go loot. The small house aha. Not so tough anymore are you alright let s take that we load our heavy weight this guy in here.

What the heck. What was he doing bro. Oh. What is happening look at his loo wait.


He doesn t have a. I thought he had a pump for a second take the assault rifle. This is such a weird game in weird weird game. I ll get this house.

It s my llama dude. No one touches it and all that loose man look at all that juicy loot hold up over here. Oh god oh hey no don t break it don t break it don t break it don t break. It this is such an awkward spot got him all right uh.

He does have a pump what make the pump all right no. No i still have a sniper. Oh. I know it s just.

Oh. Oh. My god that was close that was way too close all right. Where s my cannons at let s take one of these suckers and go toor here.

We go does it look like anyone s at shifty. Oh. That s soap. Oh.

My god dude. I thought i thought i was gonna done if all they haven t right they re now gonna lie. I ve kind of been really bad yo go back up there go back up. There let me shoot you down.

What the heck. Oh. My god it s raining box dude. It s literally raining box right now don t peek peek peek come on are we gonna go circle.


Oh. God dude is it just another guy over here ah man whoa. Well. He s like glitch.

And i can t even shoot him what is happening. 150. Okay iii. Don t know what that was but i ll take it all right someone just laid it above me.

What s he doing come on down knees. Come on down water s great sixteen id. A choke choke door. Oh my god i can t.

What is happening. Oh. My god oh my room. They re all just falling for my traps.

Right now. Oh. My god gp all right well i hope you guys. Enjoyed all new gameplay of the new star wander harvesting tool in 4 9.

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