Nintendo Spotlight E3 Post Show Reactions and Recap – E3: 2017

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“Back everybody nintendo s e3 presentation is over we ve got plenty to talk about about i m devin hatfield and this is the post show. At 11 15. We have a live demo of super mario odyssey. You don t want to miss that joining me once again to break down.

All the nintendo didn t nintendo news daniel koopa. Miranda sanchez and brian altano hey hey guys what do you think of nintendo this year. I m incredibly excited about that it really feels like they re firing on all cylinders. They gave us not one.

But two metroid games today. We heard about a new pokemon game coming to switch. We heard about okay you know let s see let s pace ourselves here excited wait for a lot of this for a long time let s talk about metroid. 4.

First for the nintendo switch and and also metroid what samus returns. Yeah for 3ds for the switch from metroid prime for we just got a logo reveal. Yeah. Is that enough.

Excited yes. I mean so it s it s it s a cheap e3 trick. Let s get that out of the way. Sure just put up a logo right especially you take an existing logo.

You put a for next to it i could have done that in photoshop on my phone. But we know this is happening. It s acknowledgment of an actual legit metroid prime yes equal what we do know is it s not being worked on by retro. You know done by a new team yeah.

Describes a like talented new development team. But to nabe who oversaw the first three games is involved and overseeing this one which is awesome yeah. It s so important to maintain just continuity and also making sure fans are happy yeah cooper you surprised. I wasn t really expecting a new metroid prime.

I think it s been gone so long now hey if it wasn t a mouse. It wouldn t have surprised me. But it s kind of satisfying like let you say is a little bit of a cheap trick just to have the the title tree right that is kind of enough after such a long way no i think beyond good and evil went the other way with a full cg trailer. I think that s just enough right now.

It s obviously very early in development. If we could all go crazy for a shenmue logo a few years ago at sony s press conference. If we could do the same for metroid metroid is such a just darling franchise nintendo fans many of us grew up with it it s been around for so long that the ign logo used to look like that metro has been around. But the last metroid we got was federation force.

Which was not really imaginary really yeah you know it s hard to call it that we haven t we ve only had really if you think about from other and there have been three specific metroid prime games they were available for the gamecube and the wii respectively. We saw them get ported. We saw them again on wii u. Or you could download them motion controls are added and stuff like that but for the most part this is a franchise.

We haven t heard about in a long time so i m really interested in the way. It s going to come back the switch is capable of some really incredible graphics. There is the ability of doing motion control stuff. But the joy cons.

If you pop those off not a lot of people know that but i think there s room here for a really fantastic metroid prime game. And it s time yeah so coming to switch what anything new that you want to see or anything that the series hasn t explored thus far. I think specifically i know what i don t want it to do and that s a lot of the stuff. We saw in other m right.

Which is like had a lot of good ideas. But i think overall most metroid fans understand that that s not really up there with say super metroid or the prime game s the 25. D. The first person the 3d kind of stuff is not that very necessary i m interested to see if it leans into a sort of like more dynamic lock on move around dual camera analog control stuff because first person shooters have evolved a lot since metric yeah.

I m like because it s been such hiatus for that series. I don t think it has to dramatically reinvent itself you know people would like to see what those games. Did on the new hardware right yeah. Well so we ve got an amazing new zelda game already the new mario game looks amazing like can nintendo a achieve that level of yeah.

Yeah. I think this metroid is so incredibly smart especially with these like long standing franchises. You know zelda has been around for so long and i think people not fatigued as elder. But you get used to its format.

And they did some very smart reinvention for the series in breadth of the wild it looks like they re doing that with mary odyssey. So i think they re having that conversation right now around metroid. I really hope so i think that once predictability gets pulled away from a lot of these franchises..


Which is what we saw with breath of the wild specifically you didn t really know what you re gonna expect in that game. It s the way all the notions yeah. But bizarrely you ended up with a more zelda feeling game. Yeah.

If anything yeah yeah amazingly metroid prime. 4. Is not the only metroid game that was announced today coming out soon on 3ds is metroid samus returns. Yeah.

She s a remake of the game boy sequel metroid to return of samus yes. Which it s very simple. But it s like my school remix right and we re seeing a lot of devotion to that game in many ways. But what we re not seeing is how sort of murky and green and yellow that game used to be that gave me some no map.

It was very difficult to play so they ve added a ton of stuff that i think. It s going to make it much better the combat looks a lot more fluid. You re seeing a lot of new options in terms of weaponry. Which were not really in the original.

The original had you know just missiles and something your basic proton shooter. And then you had a ball that was it so this is all taken away. We ve got boss fights now that are way more cool the map on the lower screen you ll be able to play it all on 3ds. I ll say i was a little bummed out that this isn t coming to switch.

But there are millions of 3ds is out i actually wonder if this is going to be the first of several metroid announcements like if for me no prime for is the big metroid game. We re heading towards yeah. It s been hot on hiatus for a long time are there gonna be more metroid games. More metroid spin offs to get people ready for that big one it s possible.

Yeah. A collection or something would be really nice for people who missed out on the originals. I mean that s a big thing for catch up in like a really appealing thing for new players. I think i totally agree it s very odd if you look at this sort of trajectory of the metroid 2d franchise.

Because specifically there have only been a few of them that were original games. Here. The original you had this one at the first time yep you had a super metroid and then you had not serum asian fusion. Yeah now zero mission was a remake of the nes version and this is a remake of the game boy version.

So the last two 2d metroid games have been remakes yeah. Very fascinating this one has a very different art style. Yeah tell me how do you feel about the way this game. Looks it feels like they took some character models from other m.

Which you know is not a bad thing and a lot of the ui and sort of music cues from prime and then it s got the map layout of the original. So it s kind of this awesome metroid mixtape like they took a lot of great parts from different metroid games and sort of fuse them together to make this new thing which i m super into if it reminds anyone of the last three deus castlevania game right because it s the same developer that remember steam yeah the spanish pace developer miranda. What do you think of the visual style of samus returns. It s good it fits with the 30s style.

I think very well i was really impressed by have looked like we were talking about the bass. The boss fights those looked really good in all the technical details that you re talking about on this dream. They devoted a lot of time to showing off the gameplay and i was like really excited about it and to go dig back into that game and also the new improvements. They have with like all the different weapons and all the job.

Nally also amiibo they may be over. Yes they re really well done wheezy amoebas. A squeezy amuse. A squishy metroid.

Yeah you go and then samus and the pose from the boxart yeah pretty cool it s really cool uh i know why they went with the 3d models in the 2d environments is because they have these cinematic moments where the camera zooms in during the boss fights. But cribben would you have preferred a classic like pixelated retro. Look like it d be great like we seen a lot of games recently. Where you can switch on the fear between the two i would have liked that feature if that s not too hard to implement.

But i wonder if they re just i suppose if you re introducing this game to a new audience. Maybe. There s a certain kind of look that you want to go for to get them in the door. So they don t manage girl.

This is all retro game. Yeah. They re all game play it now yeah. I get that okay.

We also got the reveal of a new kirby game. Which is just called kirby. Yeah..


What was your first impression of this one. It s gorgeous right. We have a running joke and a ton of voice chat that when a system is about to go away in nintendo. World.

They send out the kirby s that s one of harrah s jokes. But we re getting courteous. It was like it was a late yeah he s always in this game. Right yeah.

He s there to say goodbye and send a system off into into the end. Oh so the switch did not last. Very long yeah i guess that s it for the switch no uh. We re getting kirby game very early on it s got its got multiplayer it s giving me sort of smash brothers vibes in the way you can play four players at the same time the item stuff looks really cool you can sort of tag in characters as friends.

Now instead of just inhaling their abilities for once instead of just putting them in your stomach. They can walk around with you which is i think a genuinely nice thing for kirby to do after decades of inhaling people this looks really fun the arts gorgeous this tree is back up we hate this generator to this tree. We ve been fighting this tree for three is now yeah. This is great yeah.

Miranda how did the new kirby game strike you so i m not a huge fan of kirby new. Though it s super cute i love the design and all the aesthetic of kirby. This is one that i actually really want to play because of playing with friends and i just like love sharing my switch with other people yeah. And just yeah having people have their own abilities not eating them just really polite and a nice way to team up you think what you re saying is perfect too about the multiplayer aspect is being able to pop off the joy cons on the side and just put multiplayer anywhere with the game like that was actually such a big message of that spotlight is this is a multiplayer console.

Yes. Whether you re on the couch. Or whether you re in play football down the street or in a cafe. You can play and enjoy these games.

And i like the mixture of light looks a little bit like 3d world where you ve got a mixture of maybe cooperation. But also competitive yeah well kirby games often have like a really cool gimmick like remember on the ds. You could use the stylus to drop ads for korean. And there was kirby s epic yarn.

Do you think the the sort of angle or gimmick. This one is the multiplayer maybe. I also just like all the elemental abilities to like we saw them sharing abilities. Like hey put this bomb and put water on it so we can throw them at people and just be more effective in our attacks like just more of that too like figuring out how to be cooperative tactfully is really interesting this doesn t feel like a reinvention along the lines of breadth of the wild or like we are asking for for metroid.

It s definitely a safe fun kirby game. But it s taking all the stuff. It s ever done well and throwing it all at you at the same time which i can t go wrong well along with kirby. There s a new yoshi gameplay trailer for the new yoshi game.

Which is also just currently called yoshi yeah. And it looks like an evolution of lust to yoshi games. Yeah well games which i reviewed and it s that kind of arts and crafts aesthetic. But serve the wall this time you ve got kind of toilet rolls and crayon scribbles.

Yeah. There s like really charming and there s that mechanic. Which is in woolly world where you kind of flip perspective. Yeah.

And that seems quite core to the experience. Yeah. Whichever a nintendo grandma is is crafting all these games. Okay.

Yeah. She s got their little girlscouts and the boy scouts making art projects together i ve got my dreams. We go right guys designer level. We found out that this game is running on unreal engine.

4. Which i think is fascinating how old are you don t really see stuff like that from nintendo. So this is cool. We ve seen unreal engine 4 games.

On switch before something like snake pass and they work really well they re gorgeous. It s a good way to sort of like especially with this 2d or this kind of cartoony art style. It s a really good way to to flex how colorful and how bright and crazy this system can really perform does it look like there s multiplayer in this one as well i would think so i mean you see some stuff right here right the last few games in the yoshi cinematic university. Look like this have been multiplayer so i love this dragon by the way.

It s so cute. I think did nintendo. Said there are focusing on games that were coming soon or this year..


So anything both kirby and yoshi are coming this year. No i said 21 yeah. Both i think those with like the two little teasers for next year will get as well as pokemon just like a little this titans well yeah. We ll get there yeah hold on one second.

Let s talk about right. Now. Actually nintendo just wrapped up its e3 brief ring. And it s time to break down the biggest moments ideas keys to the conference is presented by the all new honda civic si.

Number. One i mean the biggest reveal had to be super. Mario odyssey. Right.

Oh. My god yeah. There s been a lot of moments to see three where people were shouting with glee here in ign war room. But i think during that trailer.

It was just non stop. Because there are so many cool things yesterday before shouting and laughter like the trailer rent begins in a brilliant way because it s great by bait and switch because it s not a dinosaur in mario s art style. Which i think is really important. This is that weirdness that we saw a year ago.

When he went the new dong saying. We saw people like he s going to places. He s never even visited before and that s why stuff doesn t even look like in the mario style right he looks like the t rex from jurassic yak. Which makes sense because they re making a universal theme park together.

I mean who knows if this is all coming together in that way you re talking before about sort of nintendo games. Having this like specific hook or like an angle to them these this new like hat possession mechanic is incredibly cool looking and there s weird rules to it like you can t just go possess every goomba. But certain goombas. I guess are dumb enough to fall for it or the enemies are wearing a hat not the hat.

All writers before yeah so why do i have it just don t wear her hat. If you re an enemy problem this stuff was really cool because this reminded me a lot of the platforming stuff in galaxy. Where it gets specifically a little bit more difficult right and we saw him skip over a couple purple coins to which i was looking at the screen being like i wouldn t have done that i would have gotten everyone no you you hang on you go back you hang on you go back you get those coins you hundred percent this game you get everything we are in just about five minutes. We are gonna have super mario de ce.

Here on the show so definitely stay tuned for that the second big. Reveal of nintendo s presentation. Today. Two new metroid games metroid prime for and metroid samus returns for 3ds.

I can t imagine like which one i m more excited for right now like which is such a weird problem the 30s game is coming sooner. Yeah yeah. While you re waiting for the next. One yes.

Place a miss returns. Yeah. A good time. We haven t had this problem in like 15 years.

Where there was a prime game coming and a 2d metroid game coming at the exact same time now we re complaining about now. It s been we have it again. We don t order start it s pretty amazing. It s a good it s a good problem to have especially after years of new metroid.

Then to know finally listen i mean how long people been demanding a new metroid game right and they they did it in a way where the 2d fans couldn t be like you disappointed me and the 3d fans couldn t be like this important. They re like yeah. Everyone gets something i wasn t a choice. Yeah leave us alone for a little.

While yeah. Yeah. We re looking at this is. What metroid samus returns or return of samus.

We get you call what you want that looks so good yeah. I m starting to cover. I was a little disappointed in the art style right at first. But i think i m starting around on it yeah.

I think you totally nailed. It for damon. When you said that the reason this game isn t 2d is because it allows them to do these sort of pop zoom..


More cinematic moments. Which i think we re seeing working for the boss fights when samus goes in for like a finishing move. Yeah. It the camera spins around and that s basically impossible to do in 2d.

So then mario or metroid prime for it says. It s currently in development. Yeah. More nintendo switch would you hope for 2018 or do you think that s actually i would hope.

28. Sir. This is a fight that we so kirby and yoshi under 20 18. And we have gameplay of both of them makes me think metroid might be very late 2018 or even beyond that really i m i my guess would be 2019 at the absolute earliest phase game.

I think. This is gonna take a lot of work and you know i think they just got started on this and finally miranda they didn t have any way to show. But it is a pretty revolutionary announcement that there is a mainline pokemon rpg in development for switch that is huge. Because there has never been a mainline pokemon on consoles and they ve always been like a spin offs or the side games.

And it s fun. And it s just really excited to see them bring one and also really a little nervous. Because yeah you re taking away that second screen. Which has so much utility and i think.

That s a really good opportunity for nintendo to send pokemon company to like essentially reinvent like kind of lead with breath of the wild. Yeah. I think you know these long standing front. Yeah to ensure they have a future.

I think yeah. I think that s really exciting. I know when i was running pokemon sun and moon on my old 3ds xl. It was chugging like i had some framerate issues is just like come on guys you can do it you got.

He s got ones battle. And then you got to take a break. Yeah um and so having the power of the switch is gonna be super. Exciting for what they can do potentially with this in pokemon games.

Also the aspect of portability right you can bring this thing anywhere and battle people and trade and stuff like that i think that s like the immensely important aspect of this too we are losing that second screen. Which you ve been playing pokemon games on for like 15 years. Yeah. Yeah.

It is just built in they ve completely innovated it so much and so well for hooking on sentiments like i m a little worried like what they ll do to change that or to how to make up for that because it does help so much in battle like i was like well i get split the screen in half that would look very good right. I think. It s oh. It s a long long.

Way off. Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

What do you all have is 29. Zone. Yeah. Can you still make up the logo.

Alone well. He was there poised with a pen or a piece of paper like he was about to do the title treatment right. That s it i used to do that trick in school would i d be like why don t have my homework. But i m working on it i promise pokemon.

Yeah. Sure pix cheese in it yeah. Just doodles on a page. Yeah.

My only concern is that they didn t say anything about 3d yes. And like is this only coming to the switch does that be really weird. But i guess i ll have to see the switch is a portable console. So yeah.

He s very exciting ” ..

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