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“Boy what a day. What a day let s talk about it all music applause applause music applause music yeah doing before we get started with this video. You already bro click that like button brown. You know this.

But this video is about to be that fire bro alright. We have a couple of news items to talk about for this video. The first one oh no i ve been beating the state horse for so long the gender is called peta on me and they re gonna stop the beating of the dead horse by including achievements bro. This is coming courtesy of the verge calm.

They talk about nintendo world. The new theme park that s coming in 2020 to japan and later on in the states. One paragraph of note pops out and gives nintendo switch gamers specifically the nintendo such pro. Some hope.

This is what it says the mobile app. I remember about using a mobile app free on switch it says the mobile app will feature a game style overhead map from finding attractions and you ll be able to create a profile and unlock achievements and so this is talking about while you re at the park. You re gonna be able to create a profile. Now this is still a broad audience.

Most people don t have a nintendo account. We already have a nintendo account so after you create this profile. You ll be able to unlock achievements. Wow.

The park. Why do i say this gives us hope for the switch pro this ties and reminds me of that linkedin article. I talked about a couple videos back of nintendo hiring. Some are going into fall.

A network engineer specifically to test new online feature for the nintendo switch. It s all coming together new features coming to the switch achievements that s gonna be able to be unlocked. I think it s gonna happen i think we re finally gonna get achievements on the switch pro and further reason why when the news for a switch pro first broke last year by credible sources..


Where he talked about a lite version and a pro version. We already got the lite version the pro version was said to have features that would appeal to core gamers a lot of gamers like achievements. I dude. I know my audience.

I already see somebody about the type in the comment section right now oh i ll be one nobody cares about achievements why do you keep talking about achievements in your video. Bro options bro she relaxed bro don t be mad at me bro if you don t like achievements turn it off bro you won t get any notifications on your switch bro. You don t ever have to look at them ever in your life bro. Those of us who want it will be able to enjoy it we could check out our nintendo gaming history.

We couldn t compare achievements with our friends and see oh he got that achievement. I want to check out that achievement. Oh maybe we get a super golden star on our account for 100 in sound or breath of the wild. I want my golden star bro.

Why you hating on me because you don t want to go to the star. You re gonna want it once you see me with it that s how cheap mints are and it ties you to a platform one of the reasons. Why i would get x boxes x. Over a place inch 5.

Because i have so many achievements on my xbox already i m already in the ecosystem from nintendo pulled me into your ecosystem. I m already in your ecosystem. I buy all your consoles day one i get all your games. I m already there but achievements.

But fully immerse me in nintendo. There ll be no turning back alright next news item alright bro. We might be getting a new oh shu. Mone butler y.

all be subscribing while i m recording bro. It s live you just got into running for a 60 a shot code. I m giving it out to a subscriber stay tuned to the end of this video you ll get all the details..


We could be getting a mario. A new mario rabbits game ubisoft milan this is the team that brought us mario rabbits kingdom battle for the nintendo switch they are actively working on a and i quote prestigious prestigious triple a title bro mario rabbits. The first game. I m trying to get my camera focus on so i m moving around a lot focus camera alright whatever um.

The first game was late man and when mario rabbits king about a loss on the switch the year it launched. It was the best selling third party game on the switching the last first party characters made by third party studio game was lit brah beat. It finally beat. It i m just like socom tactical strategy type.

Games. This is what it is with a mario twist fun fun fun game. I m in for a sequel in the sequel. Ad online bro.

How lit would it have been to play online against your friends on certain maps. I m in for mario rabbits bro. A sequel let s make it happen all right max news item. Do you like fortnight.

You do you do do you like ninja. You do you do well. Oh. Yeah.

Ninja has his own skin and fortnight bro. That s right ladies and gentlemen ninja. The most popular fortnight streamer. They re starting fortnight is starting icon series.

He s the first of creators to be in the game. But many more to come they said they contacted me yesterday said. I m gonna be the second one to have a skin psych cuz..


I don t play for tonight that much well i play it. But i m not good at the game. So i ll probably never be in the game. But um.

I think that s dope if the skin went live. Today i think it s it was 6 pm. Eastern standard time it s live so by the time you re watching this video. You could go to the fort night shop.

Spend money on a skin that gives you no value in the game. You can t shoot any faster. You have no more extra armor. It s just a skin pro.

No tactical advantage matter of fact is a disadvantage because blue doesn t blend into the brown buildings. The wood the grass it makes you more obvious so buying the skin makes you a worse finite player alright next news item. I hate to leave it on a bad note. A new smash fighter has been revealed ladies and gentlemen and i could see sakurai with a handful of salt and just blowing it into our eyes.

They re burning. Oh mobiles bro by length was announced as the fifth dlc pack fighter. And i was not feeling it broke. I want my money back nintendo.

It s too late when i first saw it i like in my head. This is already in the game. What do name you re off the same sorts connors. But he s in the game that was the last possible father i would have chosen a fire emblem fighter.

It s too many already bro and i have to say this this match reveal was a 4 out of 10 from her yes. I m being that harsh a 4 out of 10. Most of the time was spent just talking my phone number for a second..


I thought this is a fire emblem direct. I thought what s going on and so his moveset he has a crazy he is a large hitbox a range fighter. But i want feeling a problem once we learn it at all if you re feeling. If your height form good for you bro.

I m not gonna be in the conversation. Calling you names and good for you bro like what you like bro. But i dislike what i dislike bro calm. I don t even know his name by lift alright dudes.

What do you guys think about everything we talked about sound off in the comments section below. I want to know before you go pro click that subscribe button stay it today. Oh thank. 10.

Bye. You re still watching this video like me you really like me. I gotta hook. You up that s right we re having monthly giveaways 60 shot codes for your nintendo switch you can choose any game of your choice.

How do you enter one subscribe make sure you subscribe to this fire to make sure you re following me on twitter at ob one place and that s it you re in for our monthly giveaways. But that s not it it gets even better do you want a game with your boy every day do you want to join our pirate nintendo switch gaming discord become a member three ways to join one through youtube there s a join button right below this video to through twitch twitch prime. You can do it for free or to subscribe through twitch and number three the third way to join patreoncom. Backslash ob1 plays you ll thank me later also check out this grow links on the description.

See you later music. ” ..

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