No Man's Sky – How to Save and Load Your Game/Restore Points

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“Up and sit down. What s up whippersnappers. It s the geezer here so i i m going to show how the saving and loading of restore points works in man s sky maybe this seems like a pretty basic thing. But i was thinking well maybe some people don t know how to do this or is it or.

It isn t totally obvious right from the start so if you re wondering how to save and load your game. Maybe you ve noticed that when you or every time you exit your ship it says restore point saved that s saving your game. When you exit your ship. And i ll demonstrate that just so you see it in case.

You want to see it again. So you press the x button on the ps4 you exit. And it says restore point saved. It just saved the game right ok.

So that s one way to save the game every time you exit your ship. It s going to save..

So if you ve been messing around maybe trying out different technologies or blowing stuff up or killing things or or whatever. And you don t want to save your game don t get back in your ship and then hop out because it ll save it but if you do but if you did like buy something brand new that you want to make sure you hang on to or collect a lot of resources or whatever and you want to make sure to save it hop in your ship. And then hop right out. And it ll save that for you ok so the other way to save your game is every time you come to a waypoint and you see these little pile on technology.

Thing is i don t know what to really call that but see it says save you hold down x. And it will save a restore point just like that and then the first time you discover a waypoint of course you can go into your discoveries and you can upload it and rename it if you want to and you ll get money for that. But so that s another way if you re not near your ship. But you are near one of these waypoint places any of the little outpost or whatever will have one of these.

And you can save your game manual manually right here. If you want to alright. So that s saving let s talk about restoring or loading. If you go under if you press options the options button and you ll see up the top.

There the discoveries tab and journey and controls and options and under options up at the top. There saved game data you can it always has to but no more than two it says reload..

Current or reload. Previous the current is the one that i just saved from at that little pile on thing and the previous will be at the ship. So let me demonstrate that if i say reload. Previous give you this little ring thing.

And it takes a little while to load longer than i thought it would. But luckily not as long as it takes when the game first starts when you re watching the pretty stars and nebula go by it takes a long time to load. But it doesn t seem like this one takes quite as long i don t think. But it still takes a while so let s just watch the pretty circling ring thing kind of looks like a gear.

But maybe not loading loading loading loading some more any day now there we go hey look at that it restored the previous which was i thought gonna be the ship that should have been the ship hmm well let s try that again we re going to go back in there and choose reload current huh that should have been the ship because i reloaded previous. I wonder if i just found a bug. I ve done this before when i ve gone back to previous and it had been the right one. But that was awhile ago.

I think before before the last update. So i wonder if something changed..

I wonder if something changed the way that works that would be a bummer let s find out i bet you this current one. I mean it looked like it was a little later. So it should it should be the pylon thing and not the ship because the ship was earlier hmm. Maybe there i don t know maybe they re just yeah.

See that s the pilon thing. Maybe. There s too close together and time and nothing has really changed. I don t know let s go hop back in the ship.

And we show hop out and save. It so that should now be the current one reload. Current should be the ship and previous should be the pile on you we shall find out in the meantime while we re waiting for this a load if there are any videos you guys want to see you want to see me demonstrate something or how to do something let me know most of the comments and i ll see if i can get to it i think the next one i might do would be about how how to get the most out of your jetpack. Because there are some things that can do that part are obvious right from the beginning.

And i thought i would show those. But if there s something you want to see let me know so looks like we re on top of the ship..

Yes. Yes alright. So that did what i thought it would do huh. Well you know this game.

Does have some bugs anyway. That is how saving and loading works every time you want to save hop in your ship. And then hop right out or go find one of those pylon things at a waypoint and you can save manually that way and when you want to load like if you screwed up and want to go back go to options and hit one of those reload current or previous. It only ever saves.

Two so be aware of that anyway. That s it for now snappers and i will catch you next time ” ..

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