No Man's Sky NEXT Cheats: Part 1 – Infinite Units, Nanite Clusters, and Quicksilver [Cheat Engine

no man s sky cheat engine This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you No Man's Sky NEXT Cheats: Part 1 – Infinite Units, Nanite Clusters, and Quicksilver [Cheat Engine . Following along are instructions in the video below:

” s going on everyone steven here today. I m gonna start a new little series series showing you how to hack. No man s sky. And this is the no s sky next update.

I have one other video that i did for no man s sky. When the game first released. But now that it s at its full glory. I m gonna go ahead.

And do more than just kind of that one video that i did right so today. I m going to show you how to give yourself essentially infinite units. Nanite clusters and quicksilver so for those of you who just want to jump in and do this really quick. I m going to quench your thirst for that and then those of you who want to create a more long lasting script.

So you don t have to keep doing these scans. We ll go into that as well alright so jumping right in here i have cheat engine open and the game. I attached or open the game process with cheat engine. If you don t know how to do that you click this button here.

And you look for nms here in the list for no man s sky double click. It bam. You re attached so what i m gonna do is start with a scan for my units. If you don t have any units get yourself.

Some units alright and then whenever you have some units scan for that value here. So put 7600 in there for scan alright depending on what your number of units are you may or may not have a lot of results here. If you do have a lot of results. There what you probably want to do is gain or lose units.

You know if you re buying selling or whatever. So after you do your first scan for however. Many you have you want to change that value and whatever your new value is so let s say we spent 200 units..


I would do a next scan for 7400 in my case right and that would just keep whittling your results down. But if you don t have too many results like me here. What you can do is just copy all these down into your address list. Here.

Alright and you can select about half. Right. And then right click on this one here and go change record value alright. So what we re gonna try to do is change the value of all these addresses to something else and see if that changes up here.

Okay so i m gonna. Go. 10000. Alright that changed that s good news.

So all of these up here. None of these are the one we re interested in because we didn t touch them. And we changed our value here. So i m going to select about half of these right click change record value go 9000 that doesn t change so i m just gonna hit delete to delete those now i m gonna select about half of those right click change record value 9000 nothing change there either all right so we re whittling.

Our way down right click on here change record value 9000. Nothing changed. So. It should be one of these then all right change record value of 9000 alright.

It went down. But then it went back up so none of these are it but one of them had something to do with the value so maybe. It was just the visual value on the screen and whatever that is it will count up or down. See whatever the real one is so it should be one of these two and delete those let s try changing this one.

And there we go look our units have changed alright. So now what you can do is double click on this and go like that alright and bam. Give yourself all those units ok..


So as a matter of giving yourself just a ton of these you can do that and now for your nanite clusters in quicksilver. Just follow along here. If this is all you want to do so click on this ctrl c to copy ctrl v. To paste hit control v to paste again hit enter now on the second one here okay click on it and then right click here on the address and or i m sorry double click on it and right here go plus four and click ok for the second one click on it double click rather and do plus eight and click ok.

This is your nanite clusters. This is your quicksilver. So you can do that and double click here. And you know to change that value you know i double clicked on the value.

So with cheatengine each of these little things under each column that you click on or double click on will open a different thing right so that s the value. But anyway. There you go so. If that s all you wanted bam you re done ok.

If you want a more permanent sheet. Well. We re gonna do that now so i m gonna put these back to what i think they were and this one 7600 alright. So speaking to the more you know maybe advanced or experienced game hackers out there.

What do we see happening alright. When i change these values they change here on the screen. So that lets us know what that there is an address or i m sorry an instruction that s accessing these addresses right now so if we right click on this and we say find out what accesses this address we attach the debugger ok the game crashes which is awesome alright. I m gonna restart it and come right back hang on a second all right back up and running games up cheat engines up so i m gonna right click back on this.

And i m gonna say find what accesses this address chastity debugger and there we go so we have our instruction here we can see this instruction is reading right from this memory address. Okay so it s watching the memory address and then taking that value and placing it into this register. All right and when we make our change to that address or to the value. It s updating it all right so this is cool.

We can say show disassembler. I m going to stop this so it s not continually running. There i mean..


This is the instruction first let s see if this instruction is reading from any other addresses because we don t want that kind of conflict. If we can help it with what we want to do here. So find out what addresses this instruction. Accesses and here so far.

It s just that one we can come back in the game. Here and hit escape and look at that the instruction count is stopped all right. I m gonna come back into that menu. And bam.

That instruction kicks up again all right so that s cool. It s not gonna be running unless. We are in this menu all right so now what we re gonna do i m gonna stop that and go tools auto assemble template a ob injection. I m gonna copy this ctrl c and i ll show you why so i m gonna click ok and we ll go players stuffs and we re basically just going to create our own pointer to this address and thus so the units and then the nanite clusters of the quicksilver all right so i m gonna keep this a obese cam module here just so we have in case something changes in an update.

But otherwise so that we can have our script enable very quickly. I m gonna go player stuffs. You know what i named it here and then we re just going to say this location right so this instruction is in this base module plus offset address so we re just telling cheat engine to go directly here to do what we want to do all right so next thing. We can do we re just going to tell it player eight and near this address all right we re gonna allocate more memory near this address and then finally i m going to register a symbol player all right and now above this new memory r.

I m going to say player d q0. All right and now what we can do is what s in our cx. We can just move since we ve identified there are no conflicts here it s not a big deal. We don t need to do any compares or anything.

Like that you just move and to player rc x all right so d offset. D4. For is units okay. So whoops ctrl z.

Ctrl c. I m going to copy that now they re actually just remember. D4 for i m gonna come down here and copy these paste player and player perfect so we re going to have created our own pointer..


Here. Which gives us the base address here to let us reference units. And an eye clusters and quicksilver. So now.

I m going to go file assign a current cheat table. Close this close that close that and we ll name this player stuffs okay add address manually player plus offset. D4. For will call this units.

Say okay click and drag it up under the script here ctrl c. Ctrl. V. Enter ctrl v.

Enter double click on this for 8 enter double click here for c enter or okay. I guess i could have changed the names to nanite clusters and quicksilver alright. So now that we have those i m going to enable the script and hopefully we will see these three things populate and there we go so now we can change this too right now. I m going to copy this real quick say okay double click paste double click paste and there we go so i can delete that and now i can save this so now i have this script where i at least have these three things.

And that s a nice little start to pimping out our player here in no man s sky alright so i m gonna leave this video of this for now in the next video. We re gonna be doing some fun stuff with our inventory alright. So stay tuned for that give this video. A thumbs up if you enjoyed it don t forget to subscribe.

So that you catch my follow up videos to this and other games thanks again for watching. And i ll see you all in the next one take care. ” ..


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In this video, I show you how to use Cheat Engine to give yourself an infinite supply of Units, Nanite Clusters, and Quicksilver in No Man s Sky NEXT.

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