Original Sin 2 – So You Want To Be A Metamorph (Change is Good)

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“You spent the last twenty two months in a chrysalis of sorts and woke up up to realize that not only is it 2019 already. But you ve grown these and other questionable appendages rah look. I m one of them charlotte s webs and that quacks tax youtube s channels. Only digression is the fact that it s divinity builds never covered metamorphose well you re in luck.

Because retirement is over and a change is upon us grab that horny bulb by the balls. And let s get started wait that doesn t sound right so. What is a polymorph simply put. It s an assistive skill for the game.

Called divinity original sin. This is a very special skill. Though as it works quite a bit differently than the other skills. But that i mean that it s probably one of the worst skills in the game by itself.

If you re expecting to turn into magical beasts and things by dumping points into it like those old books. Animorphs. Well you re sort of correct well you get some what is a mishmash of seemingly random unrelated abilities. They don t really complement each other for example you think a polymorph wonder.

Twin would be a mage based right the ability to transform into an ice unicycle would constitute is magical. But divinity thinks otherwise literally any spell that does damage skills off the strength this fact alone defeats any role play aspects in my opinion not only that but there s a total of two count them for direct damaging spells in this tree and some skills block other skills from use you won t even be able to use bull horns with medusa s noggin. As that guests both alter. The head and the game.

Thinks you only have one of those even if you re a male character. But some of these can absolutely complement any style of character you could possibly role that s why i see the entirety of the skill and a more of a support enhancing role. Which explains why you get a whole attribute point for you just by putting in an ability point. Rogues.

Get cloak warriors get an armor book. And even the japanese get tentacles. I ll save the ability discussion for the skills part of the video just like a hat telling a cape you hang back while i go on ahead and tell you everything you need about the polymorph tree as with all first impressions is the part where we talk about race and it s meaningless in this context. I personally believe the elf is the most opie race.

There is absolutely nothing that even comes close to having one free ap and 10 damage boost that would even let me consider anything otherwise even with the newly buff human. But it doesn t matter since adding polymorph to a character doesn t break no matter who you choose just don t choose dwarf they end up coming up short of expectations. Oh..


I guess. That s it so the skills part of the video is now okay let s break down every skill in this blasted skill tree as it contains 17 whole skills wait 19 so in the first year skills. We got bullhorns chicken claw tentacle ash and chameleon cloak well horns is a skill. It s pretty cool.

I heavily undervalued. The skill initially because of i thought of it as just a worst version of battering ram. Which is found in the warfare tree they re practically the same with the only difference being that bulrush causes bleed while better ham does it knock down. Which is a much superior effect.

But bulrush comes with the perk that you can cast at every turn. So you have a decent mobility attack that s up constantly to reposition and do some damage plus. 5. Retribution might not seem like much especially because of the high health.

Your opponent s have versus how much damage the deal puts. Yeah yeah. It s as useless as you think chicken claw. Oh man okay.

This skill is hilarious you ll literally make a chicken out of your opponent. I believe even though i haven t even played this game in like a year. This is the only cc that lasts two turns of course. It s balanced by the fact that you have to be pretty much kissing the enemy.

The enemy must not have any physical armor and only targets. One person an amazing interaction with this is by using ruptured tendons on a person you re building a chicken. If i they will naturally try to save their own nuggets and run away from you killing themselves. Why did the chicken cross.

The road to get to the other side like the afterlife get it huh so tentacle lash. Okay another quark with the polymorph skills compared to the other skills. The fact that the damaging spells that you do skills with level and strength as opposed to wherever your weapon damages. This results in these skills doing less damage than a basic attack or similar other class skills not only do you have to max your gains with strength bumping you can t create or be boosted by creep modifiers of any sort thankfully it cannot miss because it is considered a spell and warfare boost is damaged.

I don t suggest getting a skill. So don t be a sucker or fifty other than that what s cracking chameleon cloak. This is basically the ocean that probably shouldn t be here button invisibility is extremely powerful in this game and renders your character practically invincible as enemies will not target you at all since they ll just assume you disappeared just like a millenial opening up a savings account there ll be nothing to see there fair warning..


Though you ll still take damage from poison and that burning fire you probably are standing underneath. Because you know this is definity after all and everything is always on fire. If you re being surrounded pop. The skill wait about five karma s and give him that chameleon.

I m moving on to the tier 2 skills heart of steel is a skill. Yeah. I said it it s kind of like a worst version of fortify mainly because it gives less armor initially and to make use of the regeneration you have to get hit for the armor to wear off and it costs. 2 ap.

If you really really do not want to get a geomancer points. Then i guess you should get it. But it s really bad in situational in my humble opinion. There s a misnomer that it scales with geomancer ok.

Technically technically it only scales with level. It s just geomancer buffs. Anything that gives you armor it s a very slight. Important difference.

There spread your wings. Okay you literally grow wings out of your back. And float. Everywhere like how cool is that immunity the ground terrain is awesome as well as the ability to fly anywhere in the map.

The skill is buggy. Though for example if water terrain is electrified and you go over it you will still get shocked. If your character has their tendons ruptured. You will also take damage attack stuff opportunity will not trigger.

Though when you re flying. Which is a good way to disengage and get out of there when the going gets tough spider lakes ok good ol spider legs bye. I do whatever with six spider lakes a very underrated skill not only do you grow six arms ok this completely. But annoys me you don t even walk with using the supposedly legs that you grew we get the ability to spew a mysterious liquid ffos.

Which stops them dead to rights it even works to a physical and magical armor meaning that stained man combine this with teleporting and other swapping people you just started tapping the skills that see see enemies without having to do damage to them first terrain transmutation ok. This skill really belongs in a farming simulator. When you want to move crops around basically you swap the environmental status effect of two areas essentially worthless..


That is unless you have some lava or necro fire living around. Then you win. The encounter automatically very good skill to have for save scumming and knowing what the environments gonna be like that s coming up ahead aka using tactics and strategy medusahead. Ok snakes.

Go out of your head. Making. A like medusa ok. That s that at first.

I thought the skill was fairly terrible it costs to apt activated another to a peta cast at petrifying mister spell on your enemies. That s because i didn t think about the aura. If you get the skill on a melee fighter. That s in the thick of the fighting and the enemies lose your magic protection bam.

They are automatically petrified just from you standing by them you also can be creative to skill casts medusahead. Then go invisible any enemy that walks by you even though you re invisible. We ll also get petrified due to the magic trumping logic. In this case.

Now no one will be able to take you for granted summon oily blob. Ok don t get it it sucks have the trust if you want a good summon then spec unisys summoning tree the incarnate swill even scale with summoning level this oily blob is worthless and just more often than not causes you to be perpetually even more on fire than before not even i didn t think that would be possible and the poly blob lonely skills off of summoning level just just just stopped the flaming icy poisonous jellyfish whatever skins ok if i had to decide what the most worthless skills in the entire game. Where he ll probably be these they use a source port only lasts two turns take up to freaking memory slots and it benefits are useless in 99 of situations you re better off just using your precious source and actually good skills the skin graft ok. This guy or girl can break the entire game for you it s basically a reset button for your hotbar resetting.

All of your cooldowns get this thing asap it makes comboing with adrenaline and aoe soar skills. Absolutely terrifying yes you heard that right you can use adrenaline than other skills cast skin graft. Then use adrenalin again followed by more skills it gets even better when you get to you pothi osis. But more than that later forced exchange exchanges vitality percentages with the enemy get you heard that right the key here being percentage.

You re able to cheese or use tactics as previously discussed to defeat bosses or in any high health enemies with ease makes the troll fights that you encounter an absolute joke. If you can get them to hit you low enough be mindful. Though it is resisted by armor strangely enough equalized. This is the kind of skill that is really fun in the d d.

Sentence. Because it sounds so epic and requires hard math. But in practice is pretty mad having your stats..


Redistributed will never really buff or restore your party by how much you wanted to since enemies usually have way higher armor and health values than you do and healing yourself. Casting restore armor will probably be more beneficial if you re finding a boss there focusing on one of the minions and teleporting them next to the boss. Then casting the spell can work that s a lot of prep work to damage. The boss and you didn t really cause any damage because all you did was we just should be the health and armor not chipped some away so in the end you pretty much have to do the same amount of damage that you previously would have had to be forward to finish the encounter basically tldr why mmv fly skin.

If you re running a physical fighter. This is the skill to get to help your mages in the backline deal cc to your enemies. As it mainly are physical attacking to him you deal exclusively almost physical damage. Which makes sense.

So it s nice to have some way of peeling the magic armor off of people plus pairs well with robes and chloroform apotheosis. This is the true godhood spell of the game reduces all source skills by 3 points. This makes you be able to spam skin. Grafts arrow storms and other godly powers to absolutely destroy the battlefield.

I can t emphasize enough how brokenly amazing this skill is when you have the right combination and plan down game becomes a 1 turn stomp fest how can it be this broken when it costs so much ap and source. You ask it actually comes in a scroll form all scrolls only cost one ap to use and you don t even have to spend your source points to use it a nice hasted adrenaline ranger makes quick work of most encounters t ldl final thoughts wow i finally got through all these skills. The general consensus is if you re meili. This is the tree for you otherwise i wouldn t bother until where you late in the game.

So if you re male a grab bullhorns chicken claw chameleon cloak medusa s head spider legs skin graft nappa theosis. Okay. That s that s that s a that s a tall order these skills will make any character in absolute wrecking machine. Okay geez if it was really this simple.

Why the did this video take 10 minutes thanks for watching. It s been a while hopefully you caught at least 10 puns and laughed at some of them if not then i guess. No pun intended. I ll see you in the next.

One llosa. You can t have both spider legs and wings. Okay don t worry you ll always be able to spread your legs and fly off with a rich businessman. This adventure doesn t come first then we re gonna catch the karmic americans i know music ” .


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An edited guide on polymorphism in Divinity Original Sin 2.

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