Outriders: A NEW RPG Looter Shooter Everything We Know So Far

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“Everyone welcome back i got a new game for you to check out today this this one goes by the name outriders an upcoming third person looter shooter. Which you or may not know i m traditionally a fan of this kind of game now. This particular one features four unique classes with their own skills and play styles loads of gear to collect with item levels rarities stats and traits there s a wide variety of locations enemies. And even boss fights.

A progression system via world. Tears. Drop. And dropout.

Co. Op character. Customization. And all of this.

Within. A fully voiced. Story campaign. Outriders is being developed by people can fly the creators of gears of war judgments bullets storm and the painkiller franchise.

They ve got a long history of making shooters and have said that this is the game. They ve always wanted to make so last week. The embargo lifted from a press event that took place for this game. And with that we got a bunch of articles and videos just some coverage giving us a lot of information now.

I wasn t cool enough to get invited. But i did watch all the videos so basically an expert. So with that what is outriders let s talk about it so let s go ahead and start off with the setting in the story. Humankind has traveled to this planet called enoch in hopes of discovering a brand new home upon arrival.

They received this mysterious signal. So of course they go to try to find its source and in doing so unleash. An anomaly this massive storm that takes over the planet destroys all technology summons hordes of deadly creatures and gives humans magical powers and then in come the outriders our character who can harness the anomalies power in an attempt to save humanity. So that s the setting.

What s the game like well. It s a third person lunar shooter now in some of their initial videos. The developer has said they re focused on delivering a powerful gameplay experience in a world that s fun to explore and with shooting that feels good now here s some footage of the intro tutorial players will be starting off in this war zone fighting back the games evil human faction called the insurgents now at first glance with the snapping in to cover popping up shooting and mantling. I m getting a very strong gears of war vibe here.

But i guess that shouldn t be surprising of course. The notable difference is the presence of these magical skills overall gameplay seems to be a healthy mix of shooting and using your abilities. Players will have ax two three weapons at a time. Three skills along with a special melee attack.

You ll notice your character has a level there are world tiers which i ll get to later quest with objectives and the enemies have name plates with their health level and debuff status. There s also a party frame as this game. Does feature drop in dropout co. Op with parties of up to three now looking at the gameplay.


It looks like a third person shooter. I mean we could draw some pretty clear parallels here to games like the division warframe or they fairly recently released remnant from the ashes hell you could even compare this to destiny. If destiny was a third person game and not to be reductive. But you know it s a loutre shooter like we get it we know what to expect.

And it seems like this game is delivering upon those expectations. Let s go ahead and talk about the classes next. There s gonna be four classes in the game with their own unique play style skills. Passives and a healing.

Ability now three out of the four have been revealed so far first. We ve got the pyromancer. A medium range conjurer who harnesses explosive volcanic energy. You can do things like summon a wave of flames.

Or release. This explosive barrage that stuns enemies in an area there s the trickster the close range hit and run character who manipulates the fabric of space and time they ve got a magic blade that slices through enemies and can create a spacetime anomaly that slows down enemies and projectiles and finally we know about the devastator the close range tank all about brute force and defenses. He can slam the ground releasing this conal shockwave that knocks enemies back. It s got this fortify ability to reduce income and damage i mean he s the tanky contr l.

E type character now the early footage that we ve seen shows each of the classes having eight skills that they can eventually unlock and from that you ll pick three to have active at any given time beyond the skills. There s also this passive tree for every class with three specialization branches offering traits that will tailor to a certain play style. So for example. If you want to play a trickster who s more focused on being a high damaged assassin or one with more survivability.

You ll have the option to do so classes are set to also have the ability to combo their skills. And it s said that this sort of group play is going to be required when you go into the higher difficulty world tiers in this game. Now what about the loot and customization well again this is a full loot game. So we re talking armor weapons mods and hell and one of the trailers that even showed some sort of customization with various parts to collect for a vehicle now the loot in the game is gonna have levels rarities and a variety of stats similar to many other looter shooters.

There ll be different weapon types that you expect like shotguns rifles and pistols and all of them will have values for things like their damage accuracy. Stability and arrange and of course. The higher. Rarity items will have better values along with special perks like for example.

Their shots that slow enemies are boosted crit rate and healing shots that make an aoe explosion or inflict a freeze you know if you ve played a looter shooter with gear that have stats and passives and traits you basically know what to expect from the gear that we ve seen so far in this game. And in addition to the weapons. There s also armor that additionally has levels rarity stats and perks and it looks like there s gonna be five different armor slots to fill in the game. The real question with a game like this is will there be armor sets or unique items with interesting abilities.

We re not talking about just like flat damage increase or adding aoe or life leech games. Like this the replayability value really comes through having cool gear with unique interesting abilities that you can almost form an entire build around like having these weapons that have their own special skills that you just don t get on your base characters really helps add for something to work towards and some interesting long term gameplay loop. Now not every game needs that kind of long term replayability progression. But traditionally loop based games like this are all about that so we ll have to wait.

And see what they have in store for these legendary unique items. Oh. And then also this game. Does have some character customization you can make your own outrider not a ton of options.


But it looks like you can pick from several presets for faces hair and even marking options so that s the gameplay. The characters and a little bit about the loot. But what do you do in this game. Well.

Again. There s a fully voiced story campaign and as you progress through the story. You ll be unlocking new zones that you can go through. They said.

There ll be forests and mountains and desert biomes to explore. But it s worth noting. It s not an open world but rather. It s instance areas with this series of hubs and spokes is how they described it and in addition to the main store.

There s gonna be side quests world objectives and mini bosses. All with their own rewards. The game will have this city hub at in it you ll find npcs that give quests and vendors that sell weapons and armor. And the big thing with this game is the world tears that we talked about earlier these are progressively harder versions of the game with more difficult enemies and better rewards from what we ve seen there s gonna be 15 world tiers in total and every world tier increase will increase the enemy level legendary drop rate chance for higher rarity items and the item levels.

Now. This appears to be the main focus of progression like you ll be playing through the main story campaign. Going through the beats fighting through these bosses. Bumping up those world tiers and getting the higher chance to get better items fight.

More difficult enemies. Really where the challenge and the replayability appears to come from and speaking of the enemies. I just want to touch on them briefly there s an enemy faction of human players called the insurgents that i mentioned earlier. There s also a variety of creatures again this this whole thing is focused around this deadly storm that came in and summoned up all these creatures from i don t know wherever but besides enemy humans and tiny enemy creatures you re going to encounter mini bosses that have their own mechanics and are a little more difficult to fight they ll you ll find those out in the world.

And there s even full on boss fights like we re talking big bosses that with inset arenas that have several stages to progress through. I even saw mention of an enraged timer which touches my mmo fanboy heart dearly real honest to goodness boss fights. I mean. It s cool i like you like to see that kind of thing in fact in some of the game s trailer footage.

There were some hints at these massive boss creatures. Now who knows if that s just gonna be story and lore based or if you re actually gonna fight something this big that s just something we ll have to wait and see and the final big aspect of this game. That i want to touch on is pvp. There is none no pvp is gonna be in this game.

Instead they are focused on the pve loot experience. Now this is rather good news. When it comes to weapon and skill balance. But bad news for fans of pvp.

If you re looking for some competitive experience here doesn t look like outriders is gonna deliver. But if you want another loot game to grind through and progress this character that s what they re all about and that is what they re gonna be entirely focused on so finally this game is planned to release in holiday of 2020. It ll be coming to current and next. Gen consoles.


As well as pc via. Steam. Now i got a say from everything that i ve seen so far it doesn t look bad. I mean really this looks like it could be pretty good.

I d certainly say at times. I m getting this like double a vibe. Some of the animations that look a tad stiff and some of the world detail is a little bit lacking you know there s a chance that s all gonna get another pass before this game actually launches and even if it doesn t if the animations are a little stiff. If the detail isn t through the roof.

I don t think that s necessarily the end of the world. Either because it all comes down to the gameplay and the progression that decides whether or not this game is interesting and has any sort of longevity to it now i have seen some concerns about the gunplay from people who played it and obviously that makes me a little bit wary because gunplay is one of the most important things. But i gotta say the developer has a long history of making shooters so i feel like at this point. They probably get what makes gunplay feel good.

It s just a question of can they deliver it in this new latest game of theirs and besides that i think there s also still a question of endgame like we know there s the story campaign that we can go through playing with our friends if we want. But what about the replayability yes. Yes. There are the world tiers.

We can bump up the difficulty and get a better item drop and harder enemies to fight. But what else is there gonna be they have made mention that there s gonna be things besides replaying. The campaign. But we re unsure of what that s going to be obviously.

Though the hope is once you play through the campaign. All of those zones. That you unlocked as you progress through the story will just become fully available. And they have some sort of reason to go back whether it s like zone objectives to complete you know kill x.

Number of enemies fight. This boss. Boss modifiers. That s a real big.

One. If you re gonna have all the same boss fights and all the same mini bosses not only bumping up their health and damage values. But making it more interesting like make adding. Elemental.

Effects or special unique abilities for different variations. Boss modifiers would be a huge boon to any hope of replayability you know i don t feel like every game needs like this long term replayability that but people can sync thousands of hours into. I just think there s an expectation when it comes to loot shooters or just loot based games in general that that s the kind experience they deliver we ll have to see what they have in mind when it comes to outriders. They also really tried to drive home this idea that this is not going to be a games as a service.

You know something like destiny that basically what they intend with saying that is that the game will be launching with a solid end game. It s not something you re gonna have to wait for later down the road. I don t know i mean it looks cool so far. I really interested in what i ve seen before we wrap up too quickly want to give a shout out to em.


Rik caucus. And erik s some of the gameplay footage that i ve used in this video comes from videos of theirs. They were the ones cool and ever to get invited to that event. I feel like i m being a sappy ass beggar.

Here no no i don t have to get invited to every games event. But it would be nice and make me feel included as part of the game industry a lot of stuff. But i don t have to it s okay if i don t anyways yeah check out their videos. I ll put a link below they had some first hands on impressions overall it seemed pretty positive.

But i know a couple of those videos were sponsor. So you know just saying i m just saying i m just say i m just so yeah that pretty much does it that is a look at outriders hopefully you guys are all filled in now and get a good idea of what this title is about this kind of popped up out of nowhere for me. I think was first announced like eight months ago. But i don t ever remember hearing about it so i just learned about this recently and i m liking.

What i m seeing so i m looking forward to holliday 2020. Looking forward to learning more about this game. And getting my hands on it myself. And yeah.

That s that outriders thank you guys for watching until next time. I ll see you later oh quickly for those of you who stay for the very end. I just want to say recently on my channel. Things have been going crazy like the support for my videos has been absolutely unreal.

I ve been doing this for about 10 years now and i ve seen a fairly consistent formula. Where sometimes i ll get really excited about a game. Personally i covered a lot we re talking about titles like starcraft. 2.

Diablo. 3. Overwatch. And i make a lot of videos about it and my channel.

Does really well this is the first time in a very long time that my channel has been consistently doing well just not focused on one particular game. And really that i think that s the dream as a youtuber that i can make a variety of content about the variety of things that i m interested in not feel like i m shoehorned into just covering one particular topic or one particular game and to still have absolutely crazy support on these videos. I mean it really is a dream come true so i just wanted to take a moment to thank. Everyone who watches my stuff to all the old viewers and new viewers alike.

I appreciate you still after ten years of making videos it astounds me every day that anybody watches anything that i put on the internet. Let alone in such high numbers. It s really it s really pretty spectacular. Thank you guys for watching hope you enjoyed the video.

I ll see you later ” ..

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Today we re checking out Outriders, an upcoming third person Looter Shooter that hopes to contend with the likes of The Division, Warframe and Destiny. With unique classes, loads of loot to collect, boss fights, and a fully voiced story campaign.

Outriders was announced back at E3 2019, but wasn t on my radar until recently. I ve done a deep dive, and have been fairly impressed with what I m seeing so far. It may look a little rough around the edges, but seems to have all the right ingredients to make for a good loot game. Will it deliver? We ll find out when it launches later this year.

Outriders is releasing Holiday 2020 on PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PS4 and PC (Steam). In today s video I ll be covering everything we know about the game so far.

Some of the gameplay in this video came from these great videos:

Mtashed https://youtu.be/LWp5tftu-SU
KackisHD https://youtu.be/fxK_veJcEOg
Arrekz https://youtu.be/17zYg6hpsMY

Thanks for watching!

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