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“This channel and all games played are intended for a mature audience. If you are are under the age of 13. You need to leave this channel. Now also redbeard a totaled and you wouldn t like him.

Anyway. If you are easily offended you might as well get the hell out of here also if your discretion is advised music. Hey. What is going on guys welcome back to the channel in this video.

I m going to show you how to get unlimited money in the outer world s game now in the game. The money is called bits. But just so everyone understands we re talking about money and with this you can upgrade your guns you can get armor. You basically get anything you want to at the very beginning of the game you could be a level one player and you can get whatever you need to do you won t never run out of money so i m gonna get into the glitch real quick.

What you need to do is head to the first town you get to edgewater and when you get into the town. You ll see this catina right here now we re going to be using this catina because we re gonna actually be duplicating items now you could go to the catena or right over here to the right there s a general store and the item. We re gonna be duplicating is actually adreno if for some reason you don t have it on you which it the first part of the game you should. But if you re coming back to this you may or may not have it on you you come over to the general store to the right and purchase it there.

But once you have your drain out what you need to do is go to your inventory. So let s pull up the inventory. Real quick and you need to go to the medic section and right here. You ll see i have some indri now what we need to do is actually get it quit to the top left.

Sometimes it just won t pop up there when you mess with it what you ll have to do and i m just doing this as a troubleshoot for people because i actually had this issue..

A couple times go ahead and hit options. Which is triangle and fake like you re gonna drop. It and then just back out it ll pop up there at the top left. So now we re gonna go ahead and start the glitch just want to do that to help people out so go ahead right now and hit options and do unequip okay so now that you ve done unequipped go ahead down here where it says consumables and go ahead and press square to add to junk and do nine and nine and as soon as you do that you ll see it really quick tup here at the top.

If you ve done that you ve doing the glitch right so now go ahead and go to jump. And it is right over here. And you can see it s right here so real quick before we go any farther at the top left up here you ll see your what you re actually able to carry and i have 50 of 120 so right now my max is 120. But what we re gonna do is actually start duplicating way above that so go ahead and hit square 4.

Remove from junk and except and see how it jumped up 1 do it again and keep doing it and just keep doing it we re duplicating. The item right here and later on we re gonna be able to sell these so i m gonna get it up to just about 70. So we have a good number to start with and we re gonna start stacking. These multiples as we get a larger number.

So let s go and get the 70 real quick just bear with me ok now we have 70. So now go back to your consumables right over here. Now you can see we have a stack of 198 a whole lot more than just 9. So what we re gonna do is take this 198 and start stacking that what you need to do is go back to your jump and we need to get rid of this 9.

So what you need to do is hit remove from jump now this time it s gonna be different we ve been doing 9 of 9. What you need to do is 8 of 9. So go ahead and accept that with 8 of 9 and now you ll see it s removed from jump. So now again go back to your consumables now we have 206 so now what we need to do is go up to the top left with this audrina is it options unequip now we have the 207 now what you need to do is go ahead and press square again to add jump through the 207 is c boom.

It popped it up here at the top left like it should now let s go ahead and go back to jump..

So now we re gonna start stacking 207. Now let s do it the way we did before square remove from junk now do two of seven of 207 and now see we re stacking that and it s considered lee jumping up a whole lot more now so do this until you get comfortable with it now don t do too big of stacks. Because the game will start glitching up the music will start getting weird the game won t freeze up. But it gets freakin annoying.

So don t do too much all at one time. And let s accept that one more time so what we need to do is go back to consumables and make sure. It s duping in correctly. See now we have a stack of 3519 so again let s go back to jump.

Now we want to get rid of this 207. Because that s weighed not enough. But we want to do a lot more like we re doing before so now remove from junk now this time. We re gonna do 206 of 207 so we have one left over and now you see it s gone now.

Let s go back to the consumables. So now we have 307 3725. We re gonna actually start stacking so again go to the audrina at the top left go ahead. Options unequipped drops.

It down. So now go ahead and add two jump. If mova drops it back up near the top left like it s supposed to now let s go to junk again. And now.

We re gonna stack three thousand seven and twenty six hey guys you can just keep doing this..

I think. This is a good number here. I mean it s gonna be considerably. Stocky now you can do more if you want to like i said.

You may get a audio glitch. The game won t freeze up on you. But it ll start running a little slow if you can get too big of stacks and again like i said i mean. This is more than enough.

I mean. It s only taking gonna be a few seconds to keep doing this so i m gonna go ahead and just hit it to where it hits ten thousand of one which that s humanly impossible. But you know what i m saying so let s go ahead. And do that we went a little over so.

What we re gonna do now is sell this so i m going to show you that you can actually sell this so let s pin just back out and we re gonna head into the catena right here now you re gonna be running a little slow moving. Sometimes you get a one warning that ll pop up and said. You re encumbered because you have too much stuff on you no worries about it cuz it ll disappear in a second. I should turn her back on us alright.

Let s talk to her and now you just want to pick. I ll have a drink in trade and now you want to go our one over to sell and down. Here you have the adrenal we have a hundred thousand six hundred and two we re gonna sell now out the right here on the side it ll say sell three don t worry about that go ahead and just hit x. Anyway.

And now you see the option you re actually selling which is a hundred thousand six hundred two which ends up being two bits three hundred and thirty four thousand and twenty nine so let s go ahead and sell that real quick and there you go..

She s got a ton of money and it only took a mirror a couple of minutes not bad at all. But yeah guys you could just keep doing this over and over again. Like i said. I wouldn t do the stacks too big.

And like right now my guys kind of encumbered still a little bit that will go away as you do this or if it bothers you right away. You can actually just save your game come back in and keep doing it anyway. And you ll move a little bit faster. But we re only walking right out here to the front nikitina so i m not worried about it right now whatever i m done actually duping the money and stuff.

I ll go ahead. You know save the game back out so i can move around fast like i need to so there you go guys. It s an unlimited money slashed bits for the outer limits. Another video.

I did a while back. I mean i know a lot of people gotta take advantage of it. But it s been a little bit of time and they did patch that i think they ll probably patch this one in a few weeks to if not a little bit sooner. They are pretty quick about it they definitely want to take advantage of this so if you want to stay up to date with anything with outer worlds or any other games.

You might see that i m into playing that you might like make sure to hit that sub button and bail notification also to down in the description. I have a discord you could join in they re a great group of people you know they play a variety of different games. So make sure to go ahead and join that as well. But as always guys i ll catch you next time in the next video you music you ” .


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OVERPOWERED MONEY (Bits) GLITCH in The Outer Worlds!

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