Overwatch But With GOOGLY Eyes! HUGE April Fools Update!

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“Fuck. You lester you don t let me in or what i was wondering when when you d show up. I was dead praise be guess you weren t very you need my help how do you know cuz you came here well swede. You haven t been a good friend for you lester.

I know that and you re gonna make it up to me by doing whatever i ask a rather i mean i need something done you need to know something so why not help each other i gotta make some dough. So you re back in the game. I guess look lester about what happened before i know you never mentioned my name no i m not on any lists anywhere. I know you never betrayed me as for you you got to figure that i never told anyone that instead of gently decomposing in north yankton.

You re angrily decomposing in little santos with a shrink and a wife. Who don t love you no more yeah well since you put it like that shut up a minute. I m getting and i find alert that little college boys sack of shit phony fuck. Who j norris.

Yes. That fuck is a lying bastard. I ve read his fucking emails. He s a fucking cheat.

I heard him say that he saved america what by outsourcing all the jobs by selling us little bits of plastic restricted access shit well now it s payback time you lying turd. The hell are you talking about you are about to get that white collar gig. That you always dreamed of mikey. Here.

Take this fashionably retro. Weird for a 45 year old man. But i cannot let go of the 1980s bag and dress yourself up like a billionaire math genius with low level asperger s you better be ready for the minor glitch of your repulsive. Pseudo.

Messianic life. Okay. Lester get out of here call me. When you re ready.

We are about to put the darwinism back in social darwinism. And brother. It is gonna be you fucking. Kidding.

Me. I m a bank robber. Not a web design. So we ll go robbing soon.

I ll find something just like the old days. You music. You music music music. Music.

Hi. Na. You wanna sit on this mommy. Huh.

Excuse. Me. I got this interview at this tech company. I m thinking i need something i don t know geeky youth voice lost her job in the world s moved on huh that s too bad.

I didn t lose my job of course got too old got outsourced same thing happened to my dad. Now you got to fit in with a different generation hmm. What about a vest and some cargo shorts good luck at the interview..


But music michael i m all dressed up now you want to run me through this thing. The prototype is somewhere in the life invader office find it and fit it with the device in your bag. They just gonna let me in why wouldn t they if you looked apart hang around till. Someone opens.

The door act entitled fine music music applause hey hey oh yeah pms pushing for more functionality. But we are maxed. I mean if anything we have to strip features especially if we plan on releasing a full priced update. A year later.

Oh you know. It s yeah. Well you got to do what you got to do now. I mean we re talking beta in q4.

Maybe q3 look milestones are one thing. But when design is changing its mind seemingly overnight. There s not what you can do about it. My union allocated smoke breaks bad up so wait a minute.

Do i know you yeah. I think so iid temp. Right. Yeah.

You know you ve got to do something for me. Ah you got to put it in a ticket. No i d like to keep this one out of the database. If you know what i mean.

I m. Turning consultant. When we release. Consulting.

Consulter. X. hi. Oh.

Hi chillin on the beanbag. Markus will be right out. Oh. I m gonna take a normal chair.

I have a terrible back really the brief was for a relaxed creative individual the kind that preferred of beanbag over a real chair. But if you re so here you go if you guys let me use the oh f. I requested this wouldn t be a problem. This is a filthy hard drive from got any antivirus software.

I think so behind this junk on the left clicked in nsfw link burrow bit me on the ass. Yeah. Not safe for work uh huh. You know my son s computer runs into the same kind of problems.

I ll close the pop ups. See what i can do your son codes start them. Early bro. You let your best stuff in your tweens.

After that it s just a hack job rocking out might get you in the right headspace. Ah won t run with the popups up and now we scan wow your job is actually kind of stressful too ai. N t it that goes..


My glitch fixing is gonna be a way down today and that should do it. Why don t you try and keep things strictly safe for work from now on hey have you seen the prototype in the demo room when norris announces it at the keynote minds are gonna blow nice dude when it blue screens again you re my god by now sit sit sit sit sit sit sit oh come on you re gonna to learn the foot bag. If you want to get a job here. Okay.

Follow. Me okay. Oh how s your area to some a hole. Drank.

My effingham milk. There was a totally non passive aggressive note on it let me get the door for you hey michael hold on hold on yeah lester the things in the prototype. I m going home to watch the keynote teabag time my friend lester did you hear me are you playing that game. Yeah.

Yeah. Sorry. The phone is rigged. And what s your problem.

You don t like shooters. They re all the same besides you know me i m a movie guy classic pinewood classic vinewood into 30 years ago. Now. It s just superheroes romantic comedies and remakes.

None of which interests. Me hey. I believe this country could still make interesting movies. There s no better way to define american life and a two hour plot in which the hero looks good and defeats evil now whatever you say enjoy yesterday.

Anyway just call the device after he s unveiled. It and then we ll talk music. I m watching favor shame. The most racist guy in america ladies and gentlemen.

Please. Welcome. Mr. J.

Norris to the stage. Hey. This company has come a long way since we started it in my parents pool house in east carolina. Today.

You re about to witness. A new face full on weapons grade red alert world domination. We put a billion people s private data in the public domain and we have melt every penny. We could in the process.

We have one of the youngest workforces in the world. An average age of only fourteen point four years that s not just impressive. It s revolutionary today right here. We re about to make the next step prepare to witness the future the life invader mobile device.

Yes. We ve invented something no. One else has ever thought of a small personal computerized device. Now you re going to be able to stay docked.

24. 7. On the bus you can dock on the subway..


Stay docked you can be docked. It at home and at the same time you re talking with some kids at the public pool. We went to the guys at fruit computers and we told them we wanted to make our hardware as compatible as possible. But you know what they re not interested in sharing their technology.

So we went and made it compatible anyway now you can dump your like hold on a sec akio. I think someone s trying to talk with me jesus you lest that was heavy you watching the news. I don t have to i m. Watching the markets.

I ll be trading pure alpha till. Close alright. Hey about that other thing you know the score. Oh yeah.

Yeah absolutely let s do it put on a suit look somewhat professional and meet me at my warehouse off the ls freeway. Oh. And i m about to email you a link for the exchange you can put in some trades of your own. I m trying to stay off the day trading yeah.

But maybe i ll take a look could put some two big googly eyes on that oh is pleased about the war. No okay soldier. What i mean yeah you just got googly eyes just stuck on his tab. Wiser.

Yeah. Just have googly eyes on his health bio field floating that would be the content we need they fixed it guys overwatch is fixed. Oh. What is now vastly improved.

So a beautiful skin. Oh yeah. No you re invisible. Yeah.

Yeah. This transparent. How rude okay sombra. I still can t get over the twelve torrid.

There that is still the talk tower and told in general. Like the fact that leads it says like tiny little beady ones as well as just beautiful okay. This mccree skin. Which one is very with biscuit well you ll see dispensed.

What s the video people healed. Then you ll get to know ceased. I i m doing it i m doing it i m doing the you to hoop and why i m spamming. I m spamming ultimate five where have you gone i ve been outplayed outfit.

I press the boy okay so vitally doesn t have it my turrets don t have it just our face as it beautiful i want to see blizzards attention to detail. What s skinner my honor on the moon. Yes. I am okay so do boys that have an attention to details thigh.

I m coming towards you through main well. I ve just murdered myself good lord. Some reason along wid over it s a pizza time. I should only have one googly eye.

You do have your eye is behind the googly eye. You can t see through the plastic in the googly eye. Well there s the cannon..


There s your law. There s your voice law later indians or the don t think too thick at the flute spin round like that so yeah. I just got i just got googly eyes got my glasses yeah. It s it s just a.

Sir googly. Eyes to be honest set the gooks city throne. Oh. My god i ve got the medics kim batiste.

And it s like i think blizzard up as well. I think they are no sorry. That s too good oh oh then why s worried yeah oh sorry oh please god please okay okay whoever we try. But i kind of want to test all the skins by also don t want to be here for three weeks.

No we ll be here all day there s googly eyes people you allow us know in the comments guys if you find any crazy like skin combination that batiste. One is oh that s great eyes gray that the other one more coming just just start you re out roads just until you see this one okay bring i got prettier hey brick. So i ll be here in a second fastest here on the game cracks in my rollout. So jesus let s sorry about that that s pure terror.

Didn t need to see that i like how close together literally let every over voice twitter. Please. We re having a body start. It s the plane of super high skill hero here.

You want me let s go as having fun. And don t wanna come on people me come on i show that i ll sacrifice myself to the overwatch. I don t know gods i m dead now beautiful okay so moyers and you know we ve seen those i guess i m a no different. I ve got to go out on tour.

I mean just to quickly show you guys. Yeah. There s oh no oh no oh no it s zoomer music. Hasselhoff.

Where s the house. If you have any hasselhoff dj. For me no sir where is it let s go zuma. Please please please.

I m dying. I ve actually died. I can t breathe i was just like yeah. Oh i got the joan axe skin on zed.

Taurasi. If i have a tan equip that looks off decent with it. But honestly they re all pretty normal now. I m broke ladies together my bro that s it the city and this club let me know i want to say i want you guys to do is tell me in the comments below.

If you find a skin combination that is crazy cuz. I want to see it this is this is probably the best april fool s update. They ve ever done i tell you as well like if you find him tweeting at stylo. Sir.

And we ll we can retweet somewhere just comment on it because jesus some of these have been great some of these have been phenomenal alright guys hope you enjoyed the video we ll catch you on the next one doodley doodle. ” ..

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Overwatch April Fools is here! This year they ve only gone and added google eyes to literally everything in Overwatch! So yeah, let s take a look at some Overwatch Googly Eyes Gameplay LOL! Never thought I d be saying that haha! The Overwatch April fools update for 2020 adds Googly eyes to every Overwatch hero! Hanzo Dragon s have googly eyes! Torbjorn s turret has googly eyes! EVERYTHING HAS GOOGLY EYES IN OVERWATCH LOL!

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