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“What s up opponents gear cheney jumps here backward pokemon soul silver in last episode episode we caught a tickle it and we also defeated um olivine city s gym jasmine and last episode. I asked you guys if you would give me a nickname for diglett and the only person who actually answered that question was conman ix. Which i think is the roman numeral for four or so we re just gonna come here to nickname writer or the nickname writer person yeah and we re gonna nickname our tickle it and i m actually gonna have his thing like just pop up on the screen showing you what he wrote so alright. So his nickname is gonna be where s a cute all right so.

It s gonna be two digit of q. You i see okay. Ah should this be kept nice and ashen s. A and d.

His name is gonna be quicksand. Now. The reason i wanted his name to be quicksand is because well um actually. It s actually con man s idea to name him quicksand.

Just because he s a fast ground type and that kind of does make sense and with us naming him already we re actually just gonna fly to azealia town real quick. We re gonna you know we re gonna go catch another teammate. But it s not especially in ezeli town obviously. It s somewhere else.

But we needed to wait till. We got a lie actually no we had to wait till. We beat the fourth badge. But i don t want to walk all the way down here yet wait why am i walking here.

What am i doing i meant to go to union cave go over here alright. No like i don t know i just like wanted to recording. I have like some i have like not a stuffy nose. I have a whatever those things called a runny nose.

There we go i m actually just going to use a super repel here and we re going to walk through here and now since we have surf. We can actually just surf down here and check out what we re going to do down. Here. So i m actually going to walk down.

These staircases and looks like we have a trainer there we re actually not going to verse him actually i might i might let see if we could talk to him from the water. See what we that happens okay we can t so let s person alright yeah. I really don t know what to say right here. Oh look he has a mirror whack right electric round everything s rock around tight.

I have no idea. I m still gonna bring our razor alright. There we go so i m guessing them. Yeah.

I m guessing. He s a ground type let s bring out quick skin. Quick. I just hit quick scan.

I made quick sand sorry. And wow. It seems like my speeding up is a little bit faster than last time. I don t know what caused that but i mean that s a good thing.

I guess so with that reversed him and we re just gonna speed that up alright guys. I m back sorry. I really had a go like blow..


My nose or something. I thought what am. I doing don t go down the stairs talk to him there we go and we re gonna just burst. Another trainer here we ll see what he has is a kangaskhan alright king s cone is a normal type phone.

I m gonna bring out chuck and with that we will brick break it if we don t actually hurt herself in confusion. Now what are you doing come on stop hurting yourself or you like oh my god i hate compute. What are you doing thank you gosh you see if brick brick could just hit in the first place with you maybe we wouldn t like just code in second. No.

That s actually you surf here and come down here suits over something higher level same level as me you suck alright let s come up here and let s get this elixir. I really don t use any elixirs or anything like that till the end of the game like seriously. I don t really use them until they leave for and stuff. Like that let s versus trainer up here.

And i m gonna guess you re a dragon type trainer. Some i know okay it looks like you have an eevee. I m gonna bring out chuck i m gonna stand attack me i m gonna brick break you when you re gone haha so but that you have a flareon now we can get rid of flareon clarium fiery. Oh.

No nobody really saw i m just gonna bring out electro and a thunder wave. It oh yeah. Wait why would i bring out electro still killed. It who cares um.

There s a vaporeon. I m guessing you have all the eeveelutions ma. am. We re all the like original evolutions next.

One is gonna be is definitely gonna be joseon look yep like i said so she has although she has an eevee and all the original eeveelution. I m actually gonna keep out um jolteon in or keep out quicksand. Wow. So close to living up.

Actually let s come over here bath for right now wow. I really have to sneeze. But i can t and it s bothering me and oh my god i kind of have headache. But who cares i gotta get this recording let s first you now let s see what type of training.

You are these trainers are usually. Oh. Yeah. My charmander.

You have a charmander. A charmander. Oh. No a charmander this dude has a charm it and it knows dragon huh.

What oh my god this charmander. I love you already oh quicksand wants to learn earth power now earth power is 91. Oh and you are whatever an hundred um earth power ten magnitude thirty. I m actually gonna get rid of astonished just half three ground time you ve done no matter well you have a little you have a squirtle bro bro.

I can t i came i came and i even know bro you got a squirtle you kind of squirtle you have a mother squirtle and a charmander now you have a butler well. I mean i could ve guessed that but i mean you have a baboso come on bro you got all left all the first gen starters that s amazing where d you get them bro professor oak. I don t think so exactly oh what quick sandy s evolving so yes..


I was actually i kept switching out in and out from quicksand. Just so he could evolve. Faster and with that quick set has evolved into a doug. Trio.

Congratulations. Your quicksand evolve into a duck trio. Now. This is one of the third.

This is this is one out of three um like triple pokemons thing like um uh. I even i want to talk about but like be oh santa sand how much sam no dude dude. I said sam tomb does 15. And some you own oh hell no with that we have a dugtrio and we also have a magneton.

So we have like two pokemons that have like a triple evolution thing so with that oh i actually need to grab the item here and we got a hyper potion. Oh. Yeah. I ll be done definitely be hey guys.

Just say hi. How s about to say that that would definitely be hyper for later. I mean helpful sorry. Let s actually come back over here and looks like we re gonna burst.

This trainer real quick let s check out what a dugtrio can do to this poly whoa nevermind. Actually i don t know he s a water type. I m actually not gonna even try and do anything but spark and you should be dead and sparking you should be dead alright. So with that i m just gonna feel on my pokemon super potion soup whoa whoa whoa super potion super passion and i should have some leftover potions.

I don t have oh and we left over potions wow all right well i have any berries. I would help oran berries. We ll see what over verse. 10 hp alright that s good enough for you and that s good enough for you now i will actually be right.

But stop it stop it you stupid stop it alright. We re actually gonna use surf here i don t like that dude calling me bro. We are actually we re actually gonna catch this lapras right here just roaming in the water so with this um. Only way to get a lapras is every single friday.

So even if you don t catch it this time you can just um. If your polygon emulator keep changing the different fridays and then you can a new lapras would be here um. And even if you do catch it like after this there will be a new lapras every single friday. So i m actually gonna save here and switch my first pokemon so i ll see you guys in just a quick sec okay guys with that i m actually gonna interact with lapras and we re gonna see if we can catch her i m not going to use spartan.

Because i know hundred percent. Sure that will definitely definitely ko it so i m just going to spam magnet bomb. At least two or three times and i guessing we can catch him with this much. It s actually throw a great ball out at it and ah all right it s paralyzed.

I don t ok. It looks like we caught our laparis. Now lapras is definitely in addition to our two mitts of water ice type. Which is definitely good so we actually have a great pokemon lapras.

The transport pokemon it ferries people will cross the sea on its back and may sing in a chanting cry if it s in a good mood. So that s cool. I guess i don t know what to name it um..


So i m gonna give you guys the courage or like the opportunity when i say courage. I m gonna give you guys opportunity to name it so with that i guess i guess we should just leave this place. And let s see do we have an escape rope ha. So i guess i ll just walk that a walk back out of this cave actually oh.

I m stupid. I can show off dig all right i ll use quicksand instead. If you actually use dig in uh um. And i cave you it s exactly like a scape rope.

You use dig and then you end up outside of the cave. So that s cool. It s just like an extra scape rope. So we actually don t need to escape ropes anymore hooray for us.

But if we can actually come down here and see if we can i almost forgot about that yeah. I probably would have walked out forgetting that we had forgetting that we had um dig. And you guys realize we just stopped at carlos all right so we re actually gonna grab our lapras from the pc and i will trade you with bounce. So sorry bounce buts lapras is a permanent team member so looks like we got our sixth member of our team lapras that great guys actually gonna put lapras out front check out its stats.

So it s shell armored the pokemon is protecting against critical hits. So that means no crits for us or no crits to kill you know what i mean. But lappers has extremely high hp. Which is definitely different than dugtrio.

And it knows the moves confused wary ice shard water pulse and body slam. I m actually going to teach this pokemon. I m going to teach this pokemon um surf just because we need another pokemon with surf and surf. As i said before is a very great water type move so with this i will teach i ll get rid of um.

All right i m getting rid of body slam. So with that body slam is gone and uh well that just looks weird because i m usually lapras is supposed to be like on water. And it s just like gliding across the air. So with that i m going to fly actually really like my team now i m gonna fly to eckhart chick city.

And with that just going to speed this flying part up and with that we re actually going to head on east of equity city and check out what s up over here. So we re just gonna go through here and let s check this out ah something s happening okay yeah just definitely run into us you stupid oh boy sorry that i bumped into you did i hurt you please don t cry here take this hey. I wasn t crying. I was mad okay.

I was angry. I was just tearing up a little bit okay so we got hmo for strength now strength is a very good normal type move. It s definitely better than cut. But we re actually going to see if we can teach strength to someone so let s see um.

I think i might give strength hm should get to razor let s see um. Yeah. Let s get rid of tackle for that just because tackle is not a very good normal type move anymore. Let s check out what this is we found tm.

Sixty five shadow claw shadow claw. Is very good. Um. Oh.

God is it a dart good. Though. I think..


It s good yes. It s a ghost a move so it s 70. It s um. It s a really good move and let s see whoa so i don t know how can quicksand learn this if it does not have hands will not question anything else.

It s actually cheat shadow claw to him. And how much sucker punch. Oh. Oh that would be a decrease.

No i m actually. No i won t teach it to him let s start teaching why i ll teach pokemon moves them later. But let s actually you surf here let s watch lapras just jumping to the water now this looks actually actually more real just lapras jumping into the water instead of freaking for it jumping into the water turning into a big ol shark looking thing. But with that actually just gonna hop over here and well so you could chicken.

I don t have cut are you are you know suika suika suika. Okay i i will actually just keep continuing and then i ll get bird in the pc. Once we get to the next town and we ll come back here. So that um that s about no no what am i doing um.

If you verse this dude. Which i will be doing right now. If you verse this dude and then um. He what he will call you sooner or later and it will give you a water stone.

Which is extremely helpful to evolving a polygraph or an eb to a vaporeon so um actually gonna bring out a lecture. I don t know why i wasn t thinking there. But i will spark it and you re dead alright. So with that we re actually right next to the next town so alright.

I ll definitely give you my phone number just so you can you know just in case. You have something for us so with that people damn it alright. I m actually gonna skip both these trainers mmm all right yeah. Now we re here in a mahogany town looks pretty peaceful looks like somebody s in front of the gym again alright guys now i m back with um actually i switch lappers for furry.

Just so we could have cut and this cave right here that i just came out of it s a completely optional cave. I probably won t even be doing it this game. And i don t see a lot of people actually doing it it just has a lot of extra items and stuff like that so with that we re actually gonna see what s up with suicune. Okay just push this out of the way so we could pretty sure you could have jumped over those trees.

But i mean it s behind looks like we got you seen here suicune how brave. It is how refreshing it is how beautiful it is and how quick it moves carlos you seem to be around where suicune would appear well that s okay my desire is to search for sri kun is far behind yours my grandpa was quite into myths. I ve heard so many stories about speaking from him suicune. I won t stop following you until i found out what you re after you hear me so it looks like you seem gonna still be a stalker and follow um sweet kun everywhere let s actually fly back to mahogany town mahogany mahogany tone now with that i actually i m going to switch back into lapras and if i can hurry up.

I wish this could go faster all right so now it s switched back to lapras the little template and hopefully. We don t have to use cut anymore. So with that i actually think i m going to end off that so here in mahogany town and we ll check out what s up here. So i guess.

That s going to be it for this episode peace out guys. ” ..

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In this episode we catch a new teammate and head down to Mahogany Town!

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