Pokemon Sword and Shield Battle Academy #3 – Pokemon Type Chart and Pokemon Type Matchups

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“To the pokemon sword and shield battle academy. This is episode three and it focuses focuses on typing and type matchups. So for the first two videos in the series was mostly about the pokemon how to make the pokemon competitive or aspects of that pokemon such as its stats. But for this one it s on you that you need to memorize this.

The type matchup chart. Is one of the most important things in all of pokemon. You need to know how every type works against every other type what hits are super effective. What hits are immune what hits are resisted and since this is going to be the battle academy.

We are breaking that down into its most basic terms. It resisted hit means that that move is going to do half damage. Now you can get a double resisted hit which means that move is going to be doing a quarter damage and then we have a super effective fit. Whenever you see it s super effective that move is doing double damage and then a double super effective move is going to be doing four times effective damage and something that is immune.

And has no effect on the pokemon. Just is a big fat zero. Remember guys multiplying by zero equals zero. Now a pokemon can naturally have up to two different taipings and the matchups of those taipings stack.

So a resistance and a weakness cancel each other out and then two neutrals just stays as a neutral. So on and so forth. Which is why i have in all of my how to use guides just the type matchup in the beginning of the video that we can just kind of at least memorize. What you need to do against that pokemon or what you need to do with that pokemon when you re going against pokemon you want to prioritize on those weaknesses.

When you re using a pokemon you want to use the resistances to your advantage to mitigate damage. And this brings me into another point that i want to make about just competitive pokemon in general that to become a pokemon master. You need to use the tools that are at your disposal to absorb as much information about the games that you can if you go to bold pedia you see this nice little breakdown of how the type interactions work. There s also other websites as well as even like apps for your phone like pokedex apps.

So you can use those and then you can learn as much about a pokemon that you need to and then just kind of like getting that experience over time learning the matchups learning. What not to do against what pokemon and then you eventually just develop. But it s also really good to have the foundations and the type matchup chart is one of the biggest foundations or at least. It used to be because now in modern pokemon games.

It just hands. It to you it s all what moves are normal effective not very effective or super effective against the pokemon that you are facing inside the games. Now i would have 100 rely on this because if you re already thinking ahead you re like oh they have this pokemon that pokemon is weak to this you can plan your strategy a lot better instead of being completely reliant on the game. Telling you what you need to know so just gonna kind of grow yourself as a battler and then just increase your pool of knowledge also in really weird circumstances that information might not be available to you if you re gonna be playing in some kind of previous generation format or even pokemon let s go pikachu and eevee.

It s weird out people who complain that pokemon let s go be jun v. s seems like a game for younger audience. But it doesn t help you out as much as pokemon sun and moon when it comes to telling you a pokemons weaknesses. Also i did want to mention that for pokemon sword and shield the automatic type effectiveness is returning so just kind of do with that information as you want.

But i do want to make the point that you cannot overly rely on technology and information that if you don t know anything going into a pokemon battle you need to treat. It as if that is the case. If you over rely on like pulling out an app and looking up the pokemons typing or doing damage calculations or something. It is going to make you much weaker as a pokemon babbler.

Because you re not allowed to do that inside of tournaments that what you know is what you know so you need to be very strict about it personally i consider it cheating for myself that i m in a situation. And i don t fully know a pokemons moveset. I don t fully understand the pokemons like type combination or i don t know the damage calculations or if i didn t know if a move was gonna be super effective or not i would just i wouldn t look it up i would just go for it because if i was in a tournament setting. That s exactly how it would be so i wouldn t be able to pull out that advantage otherwise.


And that s just really good self discipline to have because it makes you much better as a pokemon bad leur now let s get into taipings and how they actually interact with the pokemon themselves and kind of round out this battle academy video. So this next batch of information is going to be dense much like the rest of the pok mon battle academy. I can t expect you to learn everything about taipings this video can t even have everything about taipings inside of it so it does encourage you to learn on your own you can do that by just doing research or also getting into a battle if you go out. And lose you will understand the information that you were lacking so for starters.

One thing that people get confused by is the rock typing that the rock type does not have and unity to electric the rock type is just purely neutral to electric. So if you run into that just throw out that those electric type moves. The reason. Why this is all conflated is because you naturally didn t run into non rock ground pokemon in the first generation of pokemon that you run into golem ride on onix.

It s rock ground. So you can never throw an electro type on it because brown is the taiping that is immune to electric. And then you don t encounter fossil pokemon in the wild so you wouldn t know that that electric type move is actually super effective against almost our kabutops aerodactyl. This is mostly just like an ancient relic of pokemon back in generations.

Four and five and six people didn t know about this as much. But as people have like gotten more into the scene they understand these we ve gotten different type combinations of pokemon it s much more understood that electric is neutral against rock. But this guy shows you that there s anything you don t fully understand about taipings. Just kind of keep committing to it that for a long time.

I had a hard time. With the bug. Typing. That the bug.

Typing isn t really inherently intuitive. And some taipings aren t as well that ground is resisted by bug. So just don t throw an earthquake onto a bug type pokemon and the weird thing is ground has interactions with most bug types that s either bug flying. So it s immune.

So you wouldn t learn that bug resists. It anyways. But grass will grass resist as well so now you just have an extra resistant hit. So you really wouldn t notice.

Too much bug. Poison is the difference maker because you throw an earthquake to thinking. Oh. It s a poison types gonna be super effective and then it hits neutrally.

So there s a lot of weird interactions like that also bug just resisting fighting and this goes into the pokemon themselves that you don t use bug type pokemon to tank. So you re not expecting like oh. They re gonna bring in a bug type pokemon to resist my fighting type hit or my ground type hit or something like that and like i said just any inconsistencies or if you keep like messing up when comes to typing just kind of keep committing to the matchups and learning. That s also another thing to know that this is still incredibly important to know about because it only tells you the effectiveness of that move against the pokemon that is on the field.

If you are absolutely certain that they are gonna be switching into another pokemon. Which is like deeper battle mechanics or stuff. Like that or if that is a possibility you need to keep that in mind if you don t know the typing or the type matchup of the pokemon that could be coming in or any of the other five pokemon on his team that could be coming in that could cost you battle right there. And there s no amount of information that you can use to make up for that and then i also wanted to note that the typing reflects with that pokemon wants to do most of the time.

Then it actually kind of makes sense. What a typing is for example flying. An electric or some of the fastest typing in pokemon. So you have a lot more freedom like that whereas you look at something like psychic psyches gonna have very high special attack and then ferry is going to have the highest average special defense of all pokemon so if you run to a fairy type pokemon.


But you don t necessarily know what its stats are because you haven t like seen it too often before or you haven t memorized. All 800. Pokemons typing type combinations. Stats and etc.

Then there also are some good rules of thumb to kind of understand once again. I can t tell you everything about all the taipings in all the videos. But do your research and then kind of pick up on trends you know steel rock. There s gonna have high defenses.

And that also brings us to the ice typing because the ice typing is a really good way to kind of show how these interactions work ice doesn t resist anything. But itself. It s one of the most vulnerable taipings especially with all of those weaknesses fighting fire rock steel. But offensively it does really well dragon is one of these strongest typings.

Most threatening typings in the game. And you hit that super effective same with ground earthquakes is a very powerful consistent move ground is a very powerful consistent typing. So as we can see here ice doesn t want to get hit. But it wants to wreck a lot of opposing pokemon and then ice offensive moves comboing with other offensive moves is really good ice electric.

Just those two hits pretty much every pokemon for neutral damage. And now i want to talk about the dual typing. Because the dual typing is a double edged sword. You gain the benefits and the drawbacks of that extra typing some pokemon.

Though become incredible because with that secondary typing. Other pokemon just become terrible. Because there s too many drawbacks of that secondary typing to make it work so let s look at the electric water typing this is regarded as one of the best duel taipings in all the pokemon because it s incredibly consistent you have the offensive power. So that s also another benefit is that when you re using attacks that s a future battle academy episode.

We have like really good coverage with electric and water. And then anything else going on with that but only two weaknesses grass. Which isn t super common offensively and ground which you take from the electric. Then we pick up a couple of resistances.

This is also why rotom is incredibly common because ben abilities come into play rotom. Has levitate. So if you have watched rotom. It s only weak to grass and that s another thing to note about typings that there s a lot of moves and abilities that interact with typings so much so that i can t explain them all.

But you get some really crazy things that end up happening. And then there s some other weird interactions with dual taipings and effectively just thrown steel on to most the taipings is a pretty good thing and fighting is a really nice example of this so fighting loses its weakness to faerie psychic and flying and effectively just keeps the weaknesses to steel. So you have all of these extra resistances you trade some of them into neutral hits. You gain an immunity and i just have a good duel.

Typing pokemon that s really consistent on the other hand. Some pokemon can just become terrible. So we have she not ik. She not ik has some of the strongest moves in all of pokemon.

But it doesn t have the stats to make up for that fairy grass typing. That it has an insane amount of weaknesses and it is four times weak to the poison typing on top of that now four times weakness doesn t mean a pokemon is bad. But when it has low stats and then other weaknesses means. The pokemon can be pretty bad and then that s also where we get into like the ability interactions.


We have abilities like thick fat thick fat just reduce the damage of ice and fire type moves by half. We have abilities like heatproof as well he proved does the same thing just cuts fire in half levitate. Just neutralizes ground entirely turns that into an immunity there s also moves that interact with typing so this is where it gets weird forest curse and trick or treat add a typing soak makes the pokemon only a typing. So force curse.

Adds. Grass trick or treat. Adds ghost soak. Only makes that pokemon a pure water type and pure water is a good typing.

So the pokemon has too many weaknesses. It s an effective strategy and doubles to maybe make that just soak that pokemon and mean that you only have to plan for water type stuff. And if you re faster that means your opponent might miss predict and all kinds of weird things or we can soak your opponent and then exploit those weaknesses that they now have one interesting interaction is that forced curse creates the only eight times super effective attack in the game that by giving forced curse to scizor. Which is already four times weak to fire you re now making it eight times.

A week. And you re also just kind of adding a couple other weird things into that pot. But it also does show like how good taipings can be that if you only have one four times weakness. That s still really strong even ferrothorn ferrothorn is grass steel.

And it has a weakness to fighting and a four times weakness to fire. But it s one of the best tank pokemon in the game. So you can give up multiple weaknesses. So we have like concentrated weaknesses.

And that still makes a pokemon pretty good because of its typing. But you need other stats and other interactions. But just guy shows everything is important inside of pokemon and now we re going to get into specific type interactions because pokemon is weird once again this isn t all of them. But out of this list.

I m about to give you you are probably going to encounter at least one of these in every single pokemon battle. So it s very important and it might get a little confusing. So fire type pokemon cannot be burned electric type pok mon cannot be paralyzed and poison type pok mon cannot be poisoned also when the move toxic is used by poison type pok mon. It can t miss.

However you might think that will since a ground sight pokemon is immune to electric. It can t be paralyzed that s wrong. I m type pokemon can be paralyzed just not with thunder wave. So thunder wave is a specific interaction thunder wave.

It just doesn t work on ground type pok mon. However status moves in general for the most part will apply regardless of typing. So you can use growl a normal type status move on it goes pokemon with no problems and you can also glare. Which is a normal type status move on to a ground pokemon.

Then paralyze it all also secondary effects. If you use a move like bounce bounce has a 30 chance paralyze you can target ground type pok mon you can paralyze ground type pok mon. They have no specific communities. Because of that then we go into the rock typing under sandstorm rock type pok mon gained 50 special defense.

So if you re making some kind of weather based team that s definitely something to keep in mind or if your wondering why that tyranitar under sandstorm isn t dying to fairy type moves that might explain it as well flying has a whole heap of interactions. A flying type pok mon is not affected by the ability arena trap. So it can switch freely. It also doesn t care about spikes or toxic spikes.


So you can just kind of come in freely with that but it doesn t make you immune to all injury hazards. So stealth rocks is still going to hurt. And then it just doesn t care about terrains because terrains affect grounded pokemon. Now the weird thing is roost removes the flying typing.

So this is going to be one of the most important interactions that you need to understand inside of pokemon that winning an opponent roosts it loses the flying typing so remove that from all of your calculations as well once again. If you re relying too heavily on just kind of apps spoon feeding you and information like that you need to be able to mentally remove. The flying type pok mon from that pokemon and then apply it in case. They re gonna be using it for that turn that s also advanced strategy is that flying type pok mon faster than you are they going to be using routes that turn gets into some mind games.

But if you can get that prediction. Then you can really swing the battle your way. That means. If skarmory or curve knight used roost they re just a pure steel type pokemon you want to throw an earthquake as unintuitive as that is or if a ground type move is the highest damage.

You have against that potential pokemon. There it out there see what happens ghost type pok mon. They can t be trapped so that means if you have the ability shadow tag or arena trap ghosts don t care. Same thing for me and look anything that s supposed to keep the pokemon in ghost type.

Pok. Mon aren t going to be restricted by that dark type pok mon are immune to moves affected by prankster. So they aren t immune to prankster pokemon or priority. Just things that are affected by prankster as an ability and then ice type pokemon are pretty weird they re unaffected by sheer cold.

They can t be frozen either. And then grass type pokemon are probably the weirdest of them all. So you have an innate immunity to powder and spore moves as well as leech seed. So grass is a very vulnerable typing.

If you look at that chart it eats a lot of super effective hits. It doesn t like taking damage just kind of like sits there and does its own thing mostly. But it has a lot of strength because leech seed can be very draining throughout the course of a battle. And then spore is is the only 100 accuracy move that induces sleep in the game.

So by being able to stop that it s very powerful and there s another very specific interaction rage powder rage powder draws all attacks onto that pokemon well rage powder is a powder move so a grass pokemon ignores that this is something that like surprises. A lot of battlers when it ends up happening to them. So i just wanna get that out of the way now and i think that s it for this video like i say i can t come up with all of them these are some of the most important ones as well as basic information. I guess the only follow up information on top of that would be just like understand every typing interaction for your team.

That you re. Building. Specifically. As well.

As the common meta pokemon. They end up sprouting out. Throughout a generation or a competitive meta game. Some guys enjoy the video hope you all have a nice day.

Thank you very much for watching. ” ..

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Pokemon Sword and Shield Battle Academy #3 – Pokemon Type and Pokemon Type Matchups / Type Effectiveness
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