Pokemon Sword & Shield Fossil Pokemon Guide (How To Farm All Fossil Types)

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“Hey guys and welcome back to a brand new video in today s pokemon sunshield sunshield video guide. We re gonna be showing you how to get all four different of fossil pokemon and how to found the different types of fossils themselves. So before we tell you how to get the fossils let s go over the different combinations to get the fossilized pokemons themselves so to combine two fossils we have to go to route. 6.

And we re going to go to the scientist. That is near this little camping area just below the town so the four different combinations are fossilized bird. Plus. Fossilized rate will give you dragons.


Fossilized. Dino. Plus. Fossilized.

Bird will give you artisodes fossilized. Fish. Plus. Fossilized rate will give you dragon fish and fossilized fish.


Fossilized dino will give you ark to fish. So those are the four combinations you can obviously do those on both versions of the game. So basically to make all these combinations and get louise pokemon. We re gonna need two of each type of fossil.

We re going to need two bird drake dino and two fish now depending on what game. You ve got you can get two of them very easily you can actually get two of two of the types so for instance. If you re playing shield you can actually get to fish fossils right in the same area. As the scientist.

Just below her and then you can go and talk to one of the npc s in the pokemon center in stowe on site..

Which is the city or town to the north of the scientist. And he will give you two drake fossils so that s already half of the fossils out of the way. If you re playing sword these four fossils will be dino and bird so you just need to get the other half. So the only other way to get the other two types of fossils on each version is to go to the digging duo you can find these in the bridge field area of the wild zone.

Now what these guys will do is they are going to dig for treasure for 500 watts. At a time so the guy on the right has more stamina and will get you more things per 500 watts. But they re not as rare so i m not really sure. Which one is the best for this i did all my fossils with the guy left it definitely seems like the fossils you can get from the npcs like from before are definitely more common i ended up like 20 of those two types of fossils and then the two types of fossils are smith and i literally spent around about 25000.


Just to get two of each so definitely quite rare. But i did use the guy on the left. I m not really sure which one is best. So yeah once you ve got two of each type just go back and do the combinations.

I mentioned before i also leave them in the description down below hopefully this video is helpful guys if it was please goaline subscribe. We ll see you next time ” ..

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All Combinations:

Dracozolt = Bird + Drake
Arctozolt = Dino + Bird
Dracovish = Fish + Drake
Arctovish = Fish + Dino

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