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“Guys what s up rolled here and in this video. I m going to show show you how to get the dusk stone and pok mon x. And pok mon. So first of all you gotta go here you gotta make your way to anistar city.

Which is where i am now and we ll be going to terminus cave. So sure let s get on there terminus cave is south anistar city and you can get there after getting your respective legendary pokemon. So we gotta make our rage. Without a teaser and now let me just use a super pro alright.


So we re gonna make our way to terminus cave. I think it s to escape. How do sure about that this place right here yes terminus cave. So you re gonna need box mesh for this place.

If oh geez yeah even with the foe and still find one. But we re sweeping about this feedback and we ll make our way now i m not too sure exactly how to get there. But as i m here there s been a lot of time since i ve been here so i really i ve already gotten the desk stone. So you won t be able to see it i can only show you the location of it and they re actually two ducks dust stones.


One you can get in the terminus cave. And the other one we get it from an npc after eating really for ya. So you gotta make your way down stairs and head north. This way so you ve got a hit here and smash.

This boulder right here all right which i dig hard on ya so from here down here and the dusk stone. There should be a poker ball here containing the dusk stone and there s another one which can be done after beating elly4s. I m sick so let me just use my escape rope and show you where it is all right you got about 18. And let s try on over each other fly all right if i m not wrong.


It s here at lavere city. I hope i m not butchering the name all right onward to love your city. So after your game delayed for you gotta look for a chief. Claire grunts around all right here.

He is and he ll say no what i m putting some flowers. So i want you to have this and it gives you a random dusk stone. So that s it getting to dusk stones in this game. You can involve a murkrow which can be found somewhere.


I m not too sure and it can also evolve do blade. Which evolves from cone edge. You can also evolve the lamp and if i m wrong you can find a lit wick somewhere in this game so thanks for watching. ” .


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The locations of the Dusk Stones in Pokemon X and Y are as followed
-Turminus Cave
-Laverre City (After E4)

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