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“Okay so i know i haven t yet talked about the onimusha games well recently. Recently. Anyway. So this might seem like i m jumping the gun.

A bit here trust. Me. Blade warriors is very much a side game that can be discussed separately from the main series titles. Plus.

It s mostly here to kick start. Our little mini marathon and what marathon is that well i want to take a look at some smash bros clones for the playstation 2. And we re starting things off with my least favorite of the three games that i played i won t lie i have no idea what exactly the plot reasons are behind this game. I know it s events take place between onimusha 2 3.

But i don t remember it ever having story relevance or importance in onimusha. 3..

So i m not even sure if this game is canon. The original trilogy. There is a story mode for this game. With each character having their own adventure kind of though not much often happens.

It is cool to see certain characters interact with each other even if it s only briefly. But hey you know with something so if you were hoping for some kind of a fun fanfiction esque story well sorry to disappoint. But there isn t too much story here in the first place. It s certainly no subspace emissary of course since we re talking about a smash clone.

The gameplay is to be expected a multi person fighting game battles take place on these two dimensional stages with up to 4 characters all in combat at once. What s interesting is that these stages are set up in lighters by double tapping up or down. You can change. Which layer you re at whether it be up on a hill below a temple roof or on a different level of a factory characters can attack each other and block of course.

But for some more unique options you can charge up your strikes attack someone just before that are about to hit you to do some severe damage. A mechanic found in the original games themselves or even absorb souls that can either heal you or give you some special moves as you can probably see from the footage..

I m not very good at this game. I understand some of the basics. But there are a few attacks and mechanics. I don t have a good grasp of for example more than one person can try and absorb a soul and i don t know how to make your absorb stronger.

I also don t quite know how to pull off some more of the unique attacks basically i suck. But i do enjoy playing as many different characters from the first two onimusha games like summon of sky and key. Day from the original. Onimusha.

And. Oh oh. Oh you oh yeah. I don t know how to pronounce.

It. And mob gucci from onimusha without question..

It s great being able to fight as oda and the other villains such as go got this oh man there s so many things i just don t know how to properly pronounce and i like that gargant guy. He s pretty cool. What s weird is that some characters from some of the mega man series games are playable too. Though i m not familiar with the series that they come from i think.

It s the gba once the battle network is that it so like you would expect there are a few different modes you can play in mostly story and free battle in free battle. You re given plenty of options for example items on or off. You can fight free for all or do teams or change the conditions for winning whether it be stock or whoever gets enough special orbs. It s all kind of fun.

I guess i didn t express this but i do find playing as different characters more fun than the actual combat as it feels a bit stiff and limited to me. But again. It should also be stressed that i m not good at this game to begin with and don t fully comprehend the combat either story mode is interesting and it s available to almost every single character and in this mode. You can even adjust each character stats.

Which is nice as some characters are objectively worse than others you ll go through a series of battles. But sometimes there will be different conditions for winning each fight..

Which keeps things more interesting the game at least doesn t look too bad character models are nice and have enough detail to them some characters have flashy attacks that are entertaining to watch. And honestly the best part of this game is it stages first off it s cool fighting on stages based off of locations of the first musha games. And a lot of the stages don t look too bad either like some bamboo forests nice japanese temples there s a cool stage with some cherry blossom trees and there s even a stage in a field at sunset the music of course is a combination of some new tracks mixed with previous tracks. And it all works nothing too particularly memorable for me at the very least so that s blade warriors.

And i wouldn t say it s a bad game. But i don t really like it as much as i was hoping to honestly i more in love with the idea of the game rather than the execution to me. It s just the weakest of the smash clones that i played for the system. And the one i go back to the least mostly cuz.

I just can t get into its combat as much and there aren t as many extra things to the game to keep me entertained. I still kinda would like to see capcom try something like this again. Though it s a neat idea next time we ll take a look at a smash clone. That s a sequel to a playstation 1 game music applause.

” ..

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So now it s time to start up another little marathon. This one is on PS2 Smash clones.

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