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“What s up guys team booster break and in this video. I m just going going to quickly show you how to get the sunstone in pokemon x. Y. So what you want to do is you want to fly to shallower city.

Which is right there alright and once you go here you were given. When okay you have to get i ve gotten to a certain part you had to have gotten to shallower city and got in the mega evolution and if you did do that then you most likely got the item. Intriguing stone so if you i mean if you beat the game. You definitely have it but check your key items for intriguing stone to see if you ve gotten to that part yet um.

It happens during the story mode. So don t worry about it you will get in cheating stone. But just check your key items to see if you have it and if you do then as soon as you land in sheol or city. Like you are right now you just go right over.

And you will talk to this hiker and the hiker will tell you you know blah blah. Blah. I want that stone blah blah. And then he will actually give you the sun stone for free.

So you re just basically trading. Because you have no use for the intriguing stone and it s specifically to get the sun stone. So just talk to this hiker right here as soon as you land. It s right next to the pokemon center.

And he will give you the sun stone. So then once you catch helioptile you all you have to do is give the stone. It will evolve immediately into heliolisk so real quick. I m just going to show you how to catch helioptile and where you could find him okay guys so in order to get helioptile you re going to go to ambrette town.

Which is right here on the map. So we re going to fly there all right so once you arrive you re just going to go right down over to here. Okay. And then you re going to want to get on to the lay run or i m sorry the ride on so get on the ride done.

Oh my god that s not even right down that s right horn. Too many pokemon these days right so you want to get on a rhyhorn and basically just right around until you find the helioptile and there we go there s helia pal..

It is so cool it honestly might be one of my favorite pokemon from this generation. So there s helio powell. You just all you have to do is catch. It all right very nice okay so once you get the helioptile.

Then all you have to do is give the sunstone like i showed you in the beginning of the video. And you will get the very cool heliolisk. Which is right here so there s heliolisk. I already taught it a couple different moves thunder wave and i thought it thunder bolt.

But yeah. It s a very cool looking pokemon so that s how you get heliolisk and the sunstone hopefully this helped you out and hopefully you enjoyed the video. So thank you guys so much for watching. And i will see you all next time he thumb sticks.

Also come off really easily. And you just replace the thumb sticks. With the ones. Included in the carry case twist them into late lock into place.

And again you re ready to go after several hours of player comes to the conclusion. That my favorite setup with the thumb sticks is to have the standard one on the left. And the domed thumb stick on the right. I did try the longer option on the left thumbstick.

But it just didn t feel right to me. So i kept it to the standard one and as you can see here the longer. One sits quite a bit higher one other cool feature of this controller is these trigger stops. Which basically turns the r2 and l2 into hair triggers you can see here that the trigger on your right has the trigger stop enabled which reduces the distance the trigger needs to travel to register.

The press and this will help you get shots off faster in shooting games music and to turn the trigger stops off you just slide. The switch is towards the unlocked padlock icon. Now it s time to get it connected to both the console. And the razor are you app to connect this to the ps4 console via bluetooth.

You will need to select the correct option on the underneath for the controller via the switch. And then you need to go into your console settings and select..

The option to add a bluetooth device. You will then simultaneously need to hold the home button and the share button for about 30 seconds on the controller and it ll go into pairing mode you should then see the controller appear on your bluetooth devices on your playstation 4 options connect them via bluetooth to a pc is pretty much the same process. But this time you just need to hold the home button and the options button simultaneously for 30 seconds for it to connect to get access to the controllers customization features. You ll need today node.

The razer rog your app to your mobile phone well then get easy to follow prompts on the app. Which will guide you through the setup process. It may sometimes take a few attempts to connect as you might get a few errors music and once you do connect you ll find this frame. Where you can find you four different profile settings.

Each of which will let you save different configuration settings for the controller. You ll then get the option to remap various buttons on the controller to the for extra triggers. You ll even get the option to change the amount of vibration on the rumble feature to and last of all you ll get access to the chroma settings. Which is the controller s built in light show.

The chroma settings will allow you to change the pattern that the led lights will display plus you can choose different color options and adjust your brightness. But just remember the bright of the you have the leds. The moral drain your battery so at the beginning of this video. I said that this would both the best and the worst control are over own so now.

I m gonna go through the good and bad things i ve found about the rays of raju or not and i m going to start with the positive stuff. The main thing i like about this controller is the build quality and just a comfortable. It is the whole in terms of hardware. This controller is hard to be the thumb sticks are really nice and have just the right amount of tension.

They feel responsive and well controlled and the fact that you have the ability to swap the thumb sticks is brilliant. And i really like the domed thumb stick option. The same goes for the touchpad of buttons. Again.

These are all very good quality. The main buttons have a really nice glossy finish and feel really responsive and accurate all button presses feel very well timed and i haven t felt any invert lag with these the quality feel continues to the triggers and bumpers and these are some of the best quality. I ve seen on any controller. The triggers on the underneath of the control are a well situated and i prefer them to the type of triggers that you ll find on a scuf controller is they re more like a solid button rather than a flappy paddle.

I also like the fact that there are only two triggers on the underneath as some controllers off tests that have four triggers and i find this a little confusing. I also prefer the d pads on this to that on the dualshock..

4. When it comes to the extra em1 and em2 buttons. When i first got the controller. I thought these would be a waste of time.

But they actually turned out to be very handy. However they may be hard to reach for people with smaller hands whilst playing battlefield. 5. I remapped the em1 and em2 buttons to carry eight the weapon swap and reload functions.

I found this really effective it just takes a little while to get used to the extra buttons. The controller also has a rumble feature and the amount of vibration can be adjusted on the app. Just remember that again the more powerful the vibration the more this will drain your battery and on the subject of the battery. I found it to be better than that on the dualshock.

4. And i roughly got between 12 and 15 hours usage out of a single. Charge the controller also has a 35 millimeter headphone input. Which is good as some of the third party controllers.

I ve tested didn t have this feature and now. It s time for the bad things first off is the fact that control has been disconnected several times each session it reconnects a game pretty quickly. But it s still a real issue. The controller also freezes you can still use the four main buttons and the triggers.

But the home button and everything else are unresponsive and this means you need to turn the controller on and off to sort the problem. There is a lock button on the controller that disables the share button touch pad and options button. But this wasn t switched on so that isn t the issue. But the biggest problem.

I had was a stick drift issue and this makes. The controller pretty much unusable. As you have little control over the movement of the thumbsticks making it impossible to maneuver. Whatever is on your screen.

Accurately this seems to be a problem. With either..

The bluetooth connectivity or the software is i didn t get the issue when playing in wired mode. But i didn t pay hundreds. When he pained not to be able to use the controller wirelessly and after doing some research online. It seems the stick drift issue is a big problem.

Even though. The issue has apparently been sought in a firmware update. And i was still having the same problem. Even though.

My controller was updated to the latest version and it seems other people are too. I ve reached out to the razer customer support on twitter. And they were really really helpful. And instructed me to reset the controller.

I did this and it did cut down the frequency of the issues but they still happen at least once or twice per gaming session so overall. I think the raids of raju ultimate controller is an excellent piece of hardware and in that respect is one of the best controllers. I ve ever used. But it is massively flawed.

Because of the issues with either its software or bluetooth connectivity. And this unfortunately makes it one of the worst controllers. I ve ever you and if you are interested in picking one up make sure you do your research beforehand to see if these problems have been resolved as otherwise. It s really hard to recommend the raise of raju ultimate especially as it s so expensive and if you do decide to pick one up then i ll leave a link to the best prices in the description box below.

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