RCT Classic Secret Guest Name "Cheats" Ep. 1

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“What s up everybody. This is the classic tycoon here and today. We re gonna gonna do something a little different we re gonna jump into the million dollar mission here this is a park that we played a 33 part series on if you d like to go back. And see that i will put time an annotation on the screen now but in this one we re going to talk about some secrets of rollercoaster tycoon.

And if you ve been a longtime fan of this game you probably know that you can actually do this in the game. But i didn t know quite how many of these secrets. There actually were and the secrets. I m talking about are renaming guests.

There might be some other secrets as well now we ll go into later. But this one is gonna be specifically some guest names and we re gonna do just a few of them today. But the first one i want to do is well this is what you do you click on a guest and i m gonna you can see i turn off the scenery and the rides. So we can see what s happening with the guests a little bit better the first one i m gonna do is i m gonna name one.

Emma. Gerald. Or garl. Emma garl.

That s emm. A space. Ga. Rr.

E. Ll..

And let s go ahead. And watch. What this. One.

Does. So. If you look closely at the guest and kind of see what s happening here. See what s happening to the other guest.

This she walks by them now you can see all of the guests that walk past this person their shirts are turning purple. So that s kind of fun i m gonna leave i m gonna leave that one up for a while and we ll see how many people she walks by and how many people in the park end up turning purple. So that s kind of that s a cool and i never knew supposedly i think these are in roller. Coaster titanum and maybe in roller coaster tycoon.

One as well and this is one i definitely never knew about i knew well a couple of them i never knew about this one alright. Let s do another one here now. I didn t test these out before i did this so i m just jumping in next. One is lisa stirling l.

Is a sterl ing and this one is supposed to it said it the winter random trash. So i wanted to test it out so let s move her to a more open area. So we can see if this actually happens here music. Yeah.

She s carrying anything that doesn t look like she is she s taking some pictures. But it doesn t look like she s dropping anything so i don t know if i typed it in wrong..

Maybe i ll i ll go back later and check that out. But it really doesn t seem like this person is littering. I don t know if you guys know why they re not littering or what s not working you can let me know in the comments. Yeah let s move on to a different one here so the next one is and i don t know how to pronounce this by the way.

I have no idea who these people are if they re based on real people or not but um this next one is elite elite belle e il id. Hb e ll you lead. But you can see what s happened with this guest is they immediately turn very angry. The all the way as angry as they can get.

Which is the vandalism anger when you see it by the way no i don t think i ve ever talked about this when you see a guess. That s faces like this this angry it means that they re getting about in vandalism. And what s interesting about this person is that normally once they commit vandalism then they kind of calm down. This person just stays this angry and you can see they re vandalizing everything that they walk past so what i want to see is you know maybe if this cheat actually makes this person unaffected by security guards.

So yeah that s something interesting so let s um. This is kind of funny just watching them walk around. But let s find a lan trand impart of the park. I m gonna put in a pathway and i m gonna build some benches on it and then put security are there and see if this person still commits vandalism on it so let s do that real quick just find a random spot here put some benches and then let s find this person and put them here and make sure that they actually break the benches in a smaller area.

Which they did so let s grab a security guard now hire new one and let s turn off this scenery real quick. Okay and then let s fix. The benches and see if the security guard actually does anything this would be a good test. There you go security guards actually doing this job.

Let s pick him up so i picked him up and you see the bench is immediately broken. So that s kind of a fun one i wouldn t recommend letting this person roam around your park..

Though because then all of your benches and litter bins are gonna be destroyed so that was still kind of funny all right let s try another one here. John wardley john2112. Do is kind of a boring one they re just supposed to think wow. That s all it s just wow so pretty easy one to test just go and look at their thoughts.

But uh oh maybe i m not waiting long enough. But it doesn t look like this guy is thinking wow. So i was kind of boring one anyway let s do one more. Katie bray sha ka ti e b.

Ra y sh aw katie brace on this person is supposed to wave and i don t know if that means like wave at me like when like when he doesn t look like they re waving. But like i don t know if they re supposed to way that me like when you complete a park scenario. And all the guests kind of wave at you or clapping. I guess they actually clap at you so nevermind.

I think they re supposed to wave at other peoples. So let s try another one that one didn t seem to work. But i just they were angry. I don t know if that really affects it or not let s try this person.

So katy brea and by the way. This is supposed to work no matter. What the font or not font. But the capitalization you can put any amount of capitalization or whatever in your letters.

And it should still work. So you can see this person is doing it now they re actually stopping and waiting it almost every person that walks past them you just look at their yep..

What a nice guy. What a nice guy hey. There s katie brace ah. But let me just show you again an example.

So. The capitalisation doesn t matter. It doesn t have to be like capitalized first and last name. So i m just gonna do a person and just capitalize every other letter.

So you can see that this should yeah as far as i know it should still work yep. They are they re starting to wave. It seems like they have a hard time when it s a little bit too congested there they go. But yeah.

There s some there s some kind of guest cheats guest named cheats. I m gonna make a series out of this so there was five there today there s a whole bunch. More and that we ll look at and some of them look pretty fun so we will yeah. We ll get there when we get there thanks for watching this one guys.

If you liked it give me a like and i ll see you in the next video. ” ..

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Today we talk about some “cheats” or “easter eggs” that were put into the RCT Classic game!

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