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“Buddy how are you guys doing hopefully. Got you re having a great day today today today guys i ll be showing you guys how to complete the master hunter. It s very easy some ways it could be some difficult times. But before we get started you guys just want to talk about the menu.

I have on the screen. I made like a clickable menu where you could click on any four emblems on the bottom left corner. And i ll take you to that tutorial so that for example. If you weren t gonna do the survival.

This challenge. You ll put you know click on that and it ll take you to that tutorial so now talking about the video before we get started. I didn t do challenge number one because i accidentally did it and challenge number one is where gets put where you have to kill five coyotes and skinned them what s really easy can find coyotes everywhere and here s another tip before we get started with the video buy a lot of bait and medicine trust. Me guys.

It will it ll benefit you guys align. This video. And you can find medicine and bait everywhere in each town. So yeah.

So let s get ready for challenge number two challenge number two is kill five deer and skinned them so this isn t this one s very easy that my favorite place to go is in tall trees. So just go to tall trees and they ll be seen running around like probably the most popular animal and everywhere in red dead redemption. You could also find here in armadillo mcfarland s ranch. Now you could practically find them everywhere.

If you use a bolt rifle ya boi action rifle. They usually down in one shot depending where you shoot them shoot in the head. There one shot. But moving on the second challenge.

The third challenge is kill five wolves and with your in melee knife and skin. Five wolf s so this one s very very easily easily it sounds very easy for me i go to beatrice help and it s usually a pack of wolves roaming around the area like this right now as you guys see on the screen. All you need to do is just take your knife. And just start stabbing them did take them a me around two or three hits.

Sometimes. So that s very easy and it s way better than going in the plains. But if you can t find any wolves here just go to planes and they you know just do the same thing. But instead of them running away.

They ll be attacking you so we ll get pretty annoying. But hey at least we get the job done so challenge number for skin five boys and 300 ellos..

This one was pretty difficult the second part. I mean the first part was very easy. All you need to do is just find. Five boys first one and the best place to find them is in tall trees or in the plains near echo.

Sipping dippity. So they usually take around three hits. If you use a bolt action rifle. Unless you re shooting them in the straight in the head.

We ll take one like cruising here s one way she was right in the head. See the first shot they re dead. So yeah i just go run. If you can find and talk to you just go to separate liberty and they ll be around there when we re armadillos.

I m reduce was the tough one i looked everywhere. But my favorite spots and the most you know populated area with armadillos was near armadillo at the hanging rock i m hanging tree yeah and there might say hanging rock my bed and just walk around and you ll you ll eventually find one you won t find the one right away it ll take a couple you know minutes or something like right here is a number though that popped out of nowhere. So that s pretty good timing. You know it s been a lot you know spend too much time looking farmer dillos.

They re usually much more busier at night. But either way they re you know there ll be some during the day and a little bit more active at night. So now i m moving to a challenge number five number five. Is um pi.

One of my favorite ones trying to kill a jaguar. With kill two in a jaguar. Kill two cougars. With your melee knife.

My favorite spot. Again is the beaches hope. You are supposed to go you know there ll be a cougar roaming around sometimes and just shoot one of its legs. You know it slow it down do not use your bolt action rifle use a weaker pistol and just follow with your melee knife after you should you have to reshoot it in the leg.

I guess. It takes like two stabs take it down or three depending. The drive where the chan y keeps in chat where. But yeah.

I just follow around like what i m doing here it ll just work eventually there would one run away like they always do and we get him to stab him like that guy just took one stab that was pretty quick. If you can t find a jagwire when i keep syntax a cougar at bleachers..

He ll just going to plains and you would eventually find one. So here s me trying to battle this cougar here. Though some pretty nice moves here. I said shoot should i hit legs.

And it was start running around see they start slowing down just they walk a little bit and from there you know just take it down. I think i get attacked by another cooler. Here can t really remember no same cougar. So he s just there and i just stabbed him once and he s down yep that s one tip for you guys so challenge number six skin fire raccoons fight skunks and five foxes this one was part of the most time consuming if you don t know where to look.

So this one. I went a mexico near the s class. Honest. Just take a little like little corner in iraq.

Where there s a whole bunch of bushes there and if you go at night. It s better if you go at night for the foxes raccoons will full each animal. It s better at night. It s got so i ll see right away.

There s another stomach that comes out of nowhere. They start shooting at them and collect your five skunks. Whatever excuse me i found it best. If i went to the acabelles dressed at night.

It s kind of creepy how they re at near a graveyard. Well yeah that s the best place. I ve found them sometimes it s not they don t respond quick enough as like the skunk s or the armadillos get through this roam around the graveyard. And you will eventually find another one sometimes let me end up like in the same spot.

Well. You just kill the recently recent one or get to go across the graveyard. And you ll see it but usually more active at night for the foxes you can go to beaches help. Again so beaches.

Hope is like the garden of eden. Yeah. So here s me just kind of three ball foxes were in a row. And i just scanned them right there easily another area another good area for the foxes would be years reckless abandon dippity.

Where i killed that a boar. We ll just be careful..

Because sometimes they ll be other animals they re like the wolf s and jack cougars. So rank members or challenge. Number seven q5 elk and kill. Five bighorns elks are very easy guys just go talk trees and they re the biggest.

Deer. There i don t like it. But the elks you can tell by the big giant antlers and they usually take around one hit had usable action rifle. Or any other rifle just skinned them.

And you just have them right. There. The bighorns were a little bit more much more difficult to find on tall trees. But more closer to the east of tall trees.

That s why i found most of them they re the same thing just take the head and they ll be down right away. Just be careful guys with bears here don t use any baits while doing this challenge. Because if you use bait a whole bunch of wolves. And yeah.

The bears will start coming out of nowhere. So here s my favorite challenge of all charlie clearly bear can t kill bear with your merely knife. So here i use a bolt action rifle shoot here i use a weaker rifle here and shoot it two times and it s back somewhere i know and won t die. So here s me trying to use my medicine.

And if you see any wolves around them just take them out by the way so they don t bother you will cause any more damage with which would you know risk your chance to kill the bear or you dying. If the bear. It harms you so all you do is just run around with the knife and just start christian like crazy. So i got pretty lucky here boy you know you get the point just run around and we have a chance to stop and you start stabbing him like crazy and another tip for you guys i kind of tried doing it.

But i kind of failed is taking the bear you know making the bear follow you all the way to beat yourself. From there features help the bear would not attack he would just walk away from you sometimes. Other bears would follow you but one of those three bears would actually attack you so it actually happened to me. I got three bears to enter the beaches help i killed one bear.

And that s what i used the other bear for you know this challenge and the other one killed me so rank. 9. Is to kill the red legendary jagwire. This is where i get to say jaguar is that all dead diablo whereas in mexico you guys probably know where this is so just go through the the holdin diablo and you at first you would ask why it s okay get in the way.

It s not glitch or anything just walk through it and here s me again walking through it and there. It is he pops out and just like any normal animal..

He takes one shot in the head. So it s i love this i m just i love how it looks like. But oh well so the final challenge is far as another favorite one fair one. So this one you have to kill three legendary animals and the first one.

I was going to go is to kill lobo. So loved oh you have to go all the way to row a basin and just go there at first you might not bottom it s okay guys. It s go all the way at the end of the area. You ll see a spot and bear like i did right there just try not to cause any conflict with the animal because you don t want to f.

It up when you meet lobo. So just go away just go around and there again i eventually find him and i just shoot him with one. I ain t killing with one shot takes a couple shots. I mean my bed depending on the rifle.

I use before action rifles. All the time and here s the wolf. So it looks pretty beastly right here so just skinned them. And that s pretty much it for the before the gourd or this guy s a beast.

Just look how i kill him one three four four direct headshots that that s crazy this guy s a beast for headshots and oh three head shots and wouldn t been it won t go down on the fourth one they eventually went down. So the last one is the bear of course so we just go crazy up there doesn t matter this guy s a b just look at his face too bad. We had too bad we gotta kill him i m better if we just kept me well yes. So just skin.

The animals. And you are finished with the master hunter challenge and that you can call yourself red dead. Redemption master hunter. The rewards for this is it s pretty good after rank or rank challenge number 5 icon icon ranks but challenge number 5 you get to use the or by the buffalo rifle.

And you get to buy the buffalo rifle. And that s pretty much it guys you unlock. It and the buffalo rifle was a beast. And that s it for the challenge guys hopefully that you enjoyed the video.

I check my best to explain it to you guys hopefully if it was hopefully. It was informative and i will see you guys in the next challenge. And if you guys not sure and that s it for the challenge guys hopefully guys enjoyed the video. I tried my best to explain it to you guys hopefully if it was hopefully.

It was informative and i will see you guys in the next tutorial guys peace ” ..

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