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“Guys i ve noticed a lot of people having trouble finding badger perfect pelts so so in this video. I m going to explain how to go about finding them show you the best locations to do so you need three pelts. If you want to craft everything in the game that the majority of people just want one for that central legendary sexual. So here s a bedroom using a varmint rifle always use a bun environment rifle.

I ve got a scope on this one and for this location it s best to hunt here in the evening. That s where i found when i found this badger here was about 7. 30. 7 40 pm.

In the game time. And yeah basically you want to be riding around in your horse and aiming with the varmint rifle locking on to everything you ll probably lock onto a lot of jackrabbits. But eventually you ll get that badger and i recommend yeah this is the location there it is north of rhodes. I recommend if you do run into a badger and it s not a three star and then just to leave their area and try one of these other locations because if you kill it and then wait around it s going to be a very long time for another badger to respawn you might have to um camp.

A few times for a badger to actually respawn because they got a low spawn rate as it is and yeah. This location. It s actually on the map. It s got a badger symbol.

It s best to hunt here at night for the badger. I find. And yeah. This badger is a 3 star as well so that was my third badge.


I think the perfect pelt and then basically save if you do finally get that perfect pal save instantly so that you know there s the location. Because you definitely don t want to lose the the pelt after spending all that time trying to get it this location is actually south of rhodes on and the compendium that says that the only appears and sort of arid climates. Which means like dry and warm so yeah in the south you definitely find edges the trick is to get it to be three star because you do find those one and two star ones. What i have done before is i ve found a two star badger and then using the buck trinket supposedly you can change some two stars to three stars.

And i ve had it happen before for rabbits and squirrels. But what i did was kill the two star badger and save and i reloaded and kept skinning. It and i can t actually confirm that this works. Because i really must have reloaded about 30 times.

And i did not get a perfect help and eventually i just thought that it was not a very sound strategy and it s probably once the badgers killed then it sort of must lock. And whether you re going to get a um upgrade on it or not with the trinket. So that this theory isn t like a hundred percent. Though so maybe if you i don t know reload.

It a hundred times you might get the perfect pelt. But i think it s easier just to go for the three star straight off the bat this clip. I m too afraid to body shot it because i m you want to go for the head shots. If you can because there is a tiny chance that if you go for a body shot you re gonna devalue the pouch even though you re using the varmint rifle.

I ve heard that happened to a couple of other people before so you definitely don t want that to happen so i m using dead eyes. You know another way to do it. But you definitely want to go for the head shots. If you can but if it s running around like that you can risk losing it like i almost lost that bitch excuse me.


And yeah. There s the location south of roads. But bit to the right. It s a great spot for badger hunting and then here.

I m back at that other place where it s best to hunt at night. It s very early in the morning here this was the first badger ever found and i was pretty stoked to actually get it and yeah. Now i ve caught four badges now perfect perfect pelts so it is doable. I know it can seem impossible.

And if you re trying to find the badger and it s been a long time and you still haven t found the three star. I recommend doing something else just to take your mind off it and then having another crack at it later because it can make you start to really dislike playing the game. And it s a good game red dead redemption. So you don t want that yeah.

So like i m doing here. I m just running around locking on to everything i can and then i m seeing you know what animal. It is that s a bird or a deer or a raccoon like just before i ll ignore it. And yeah.

There we go spotted a three star american badger and in this one i go for the head shot as well. But this location. I ve heard from other people is one of the best and one strategy is to sleep in the day and hunt at night in this location. But yes if you do get a 2 star badger and kill it i recommend trying another location instead of just staying around in the same location.


Because it s going to be a long time before that badger will respawn. So yeah good luck. Everyone and i hope this video helped and understanding how to hunt badgers and yeah hopefully the badger won t drive you crazy and you defy that badger happy hunting. ing to know well my friends subscribe and press that bell icon and i will tell you i actually have no way of checking.

But this is where it comes in handy. If you jump off the cliff. And then just before you hit the ground you chug some net jelly to paralyze your body you ll actually take no damage no full damage while paralyzed. When you can t paralyze me if i m already paralyzed.

I m alright. But no the fun has only just begun the higher the fool the more fun this is literally your character will begin to spaz out bouncing into the sky or just. It s a fantastic thing to behold just eat the net jelly before you hit the ground and watch as your character just goes crazy. The third thing you need to know about skyrim is that you can quite literally.

Ride. Birds and become the rider of birds. The bird man of the birds master. It s easy all you need to do is find a nest steal the bird eggs as well you don t need to steal the eggs.

But i m just a terrible person wait in silence wait for your birdie brethren to arrive and then pounce on their back and ride them into the wind. The bird will take you on a journey around the sky now these things actually do fly pretty damn high as well they re very useful if you want to get to inaccessible places like the roof of solitude castle or even just jump out of the map or take the biggest dive ever you can also snipe villagers from above. Which is obviously the first thing. I thought i would do when i m this high in the sky riding a bird because there s probably something wrong with me.


And what s the best thing about this is that the guards can t arrest. You it does. However. Require a fair bit of effort to balance atop this small feathery creature and not accidentally shoot it while attacking the villages below and you will more than certainly fool a few times.

But don t worry that is why i brought the net jelly with us fly as high as you can and if you do fall just chug that nets jelly and what s your character spaz out. But survive for the fall also do be careful because sometimes if you do annoy. The local guards. They will shoot the bird out of the sky that you re standing on causing you to crash crash crash to the ground that brings me on to tip number four while a lot less cool.

It is also possible for some reason to ride insects now now i know what you re thinking why ear. So why are you even doing this well my friends why not why not you can do this with any glowing bug you find pretty much there are quite a few in the swamp of more fowl near the base of solitudes castle. Here now this is as difficult as it is pointless to do. But if you re careful jump onto one of these insects back and just sit.

There and let it levitate around carrying your entire body weight upon its back. I i know ants can carry. I think it s like 10 times their body weight. But this is just ridiculous so sit back and chill out as the local wildlife takes you for a ride a very floaty ride around the general area.

The only thing that really knocks you off the insect s back is other bugs or objects that have flies in so you really can just leave the game afk like this ” ..

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