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Oh you might be interested in this looks fine. I m behind there you go put these and how do i open the strongbox without threatening someone to open. It for me this should work and i can do this silently well. I m hoping and complete silence won t be necessary.


But you re going to wish you had your earplugs. This is damson oh very good old and bearing wherever you re going i can get you there cheap you need of transport sir these arrived i can get you where you want to go we may right miss that that s a nice take you did good job you too mary beth. We ll split it up later we better get out of here. Oh listen i don t treat folks.

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You might be interested in this well hang. This a lovely little thing deal spend it wisely music music. Maddi music. It s good music.


Okay. Just. Let me. Go.

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Music. Music. Music music. Relax all right.

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Guide on how to complete all 10 Bandit Challenges in Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 Side Missions Walkthrough Playlist:



0:15 – Bandit 1: Hold up 5 townsfolk
1:50 – Bandit 2: Rob any 2 coaches or return any 2 stolen coaches to the fence
6:10 – Bandit 3: Rob the cash register in any 4 shops in one day
10:21 – Bandit 4: Rob any 3 coaches or return any 3 stolen coaches to the fence in a day
12:20 – Bandit 5: Amass $250 bounty in one state
16:25 – Bandit 6: Steal 5 horses and sell them to the Horse Fence at Clemens Cove
20:11 – Bandit 7: Rob $50 worth of cash and valuables from townsfolk and travelers
22:17 – Bandit 8: Steal 7 wagons and sell them to the Fence at Emerald Ranch
25:07 – Bandit 9: Hogtie someone and leave them on the railroad 3 times
28:38 – Bandit 10: Complete 5 train robberies without dying or being caught


Video recorded on: PlayStation 4 Pro


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