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“Youtube allow me to present to you the most efficient way to find the ingredients ingredients for the herbalist challenge. Number seven. Really you just need two things for this which are time and patience. If you have both of those spades.

Then you re good to go all you need next is a map of the locations to find the ingredients to craft five special miracle tonics. Now before you go looking for the ingredients going by the pamphlet from the fence make sure to inspect the document. So you learn the recipe and then you have to go and find 30 of each the golden currents..


The yarrow and the burdock roots now the best locations for these are here luckily the burdock root. Which can be found in this riverbank. I have marked the most immediate proximity with the markers. Here there are more locations each time you come.

Here you should find more than enough for each crafting use believe my satchel carries up to ten. So you should be able to find up to 10 in each visit you ll find the burdock roots. Here and up here on the mountain and roanoke bridge..


You ll find the goal in the quran all along this mountain range here you ll find the golden currents. Now it helps to recognize the color of each plant. The burdock root is a dark purple looks like a grapevine. The golden current is a tall leafy green plant with a little bit of touch of gold in the yarrow.

You re going to have to make a little bit of a trek to find the ro and this distinct location here you ll find some yarn and the heartland and then you trek down here to the rose. It ll be more plentiful down here and these distinct locations that marked you ll find patches of them normally in sets of three. So this whole process will take you two to three hours..


Probably you have to go back and forth to find a 30 of each plant for a total of 90 and every time you come. Here. You shouldn t have too much of a problem just look around with eagle eye and the event that they do not spawn right away search. The area give the world a little bit of time to generate the right plant.

And you ll often time see. Them spawn right in front of your eyes. So it s time consuming and a little tedious..


But with these locations. This is the most efficient and time saving method for as little of a headache and then you can move on to challenge number 8 good luck. ” ..


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