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“Guys mr. Boss for the win here and in today s red dead redemption 2 2 video. I m gonna be showing you guys how to complete the poisonous trail hunt. Which i think is the hardest treasure hunt in the game.

Because it s a completely secret treasure map. There s not a single clue in the game. World. That is actually pointing to it.

And it s really designed for players who leave no stone unturned and check everything so we re gonna solve this treasure hunt today. Because the reward is insane. And it is a way in which you can make some quick and fast money as well with that payout so like most of the maps we find in game. It is a three part map that you have to find the first map is actually located on the outskirts of the charon lake just southeast of colter.

This is really close to where you started the game and basically you re going to find this frozen over lake you re going to find like a couple of tents with a burning fire you need to go on the inside. There s like one main shack and it s actually going to have a little loop box that you can actually grab and inside that lock box you re going to find the first trail map. So that s pretty simple right there. Honestly the hardest part of this one was simply getting up to the location.

Because it s pretty far away from you know valentine in some of the areas that you might start at in the beginning of the game. So. That is trail map. Number.

One trail map..

Number. Two this was the hardest for me to find. So. If you have trail map.

Number. One it s gonna tell you like it s it s almost like pride rock per se. But it s actually located in scarlett meadows just west of ringneck creek. You re gonna look for a large rocky outcrop in the shape of a human face.

What you want to do is run to the back of the hill and find the map next to a hidden hollow tree at its trunk. So it is a little bit difficult to find it might have been harder for me because it was getting dark in my game. But you basically just want to look for almost like sort of pride rock. That s what i m trying to say i ll show you guys the exact location obviously on the map.

So you won t have as much difficulty as and that is going to reveal poisonous trail map number two and when you collect these maps you do get some other rewards as well. But the big one of course is at the end and clue. Number three was definitely the easiest for this one. It told you to go to like a snake.

This is actually located on serpent mound. It s actually southwest of van horn and basically you just need to make your way to like the top of snake mound. There s actually a hole in the snake s head and you can just reach in and retrieve the final piece of the map and now that you have all three pieces of the map you guys can see where it s sort of telling you to go and that is to a waterfall. Now this waterfall is a cool location in and of itself.

I ll show you guys where it s located on the map right now..

It s sort of northwest of the third map. Location at the snake spot. It s right above like the e and the r in new hanover that s like as best as i can say there aren t a lot of other landmarks around here just look for the waterfall. You will find it and we are going to be going through a lot of steps here.

So it s important to pay attention to not only the gameplay. But what i m telling you as well so what you want to do is find the waterfall. It s in the elysian pool. And you want to walk through it to reveal a hidden cave.

Now this next step is important you want to equip your lantern as you advance deeper into the cave. Because it is going to become very dark like do not try this without your lantern. It is going to be impossible now as soon as you leave the narrow corridor go down to the steep path on the right. It s sort of gonna look like you ve taken the wrong way.

That s what i thought at first now at the bottom of the slope. You will notice a low and narrow tunnel in the wall. You re going to want to crouch walk through it and you will end up in front of a fork. Now you re going to want to take the right will use the left a little bit later now you can loot.

These small abandoned campsite on the way. If you wish then keep walking until you reach a larger chamber. Now as you enter the chamber. You re going to turn left and observe your surroundings your goal is to sort of do this sprint jump from your current position to the platform below.


If you measure your approach and take a good run you should avoid falling into the depths. And once you have landed safely go down the slope on the other side. And this is where our treasure is going to be located. So you ll actually end up at a shallow pool at the bottom of the slope.

And if you look to your left. You can climb up on a small little embankment where you will find the treasure hidden behind rocks. And what you will find is four gold bars. And you ll be able to take these gold bars to any one of the fences in game.

And make a ton of money so this process actually didn t take me too long once i was able to figure out where the map locations were and obviously since you guys have this video now it shouldn t take you that long at all honestly the hardest. Part was going from point a to point b to point c. Since there really isn t like a quick fast travel method in red dead redemption that can get you to all these locations rather instantly so that is how you find the poisonous trail treasure. Hunt.

It s reward is awesome it ll give you some easy and quick money in red dead redemption. Once you turn those bars in and like i said. It s just a really cool location now if you re wondering how to get out all you have to do is basically retrace your steps up the slope. And what you want to do is climb on the narrow ledge to your right and then up the passage above.

Which will take you back to the fork. You encountered earlier and then all you have to do is go to the left. And it should get you steps away from the exit. And you ll be able to get out and just enjoy the waterfall.

If you want or do whatever at that point you ve got the treasure..

So i really don t think it matters. But that right there is all the information. I ve got for you guys in this video. Today.

That is how you solve probably the hardest treasure hunt in the game. The poisonous trail treasure. So let me know in the comments down below have you attempted to complete this treasure. Hunt are you going to to get those.

Rare gold bars. Let. Me. Know your thoughts opinions or more in the comments down below.

If you did gonna enjoy this video. Though a like rating would of course be awesome and also subscribe to my youtube channel. If you are new or you like daily red dead redemption to videos like this without the way guys like i said thanks so much for watching take care and i ll see you guys in the next video. ” .


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Red Dead Redemption 2 – How To Complete The Poisonous Trail Treasure Hunt – INSANE PAYOUT!
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