Red Dead Redemption 2 – How to Get Legend of the East Outfit – 3/9 All Gambler Challenges Guide

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“To part three of my nine part guide dedicated to unlocking the amazing legend of of the east outfit in red dead redemption. Too as you probably know by now order to unlock this outfit. We need to complete all 90 challenges in the game today we look at perhaps the most tedious challenges of all the gambler challenges. The gambler challenges ask you to play and excel at four of the minigames in red dead redemption poker.

Blackjack dominoes and five finger fillet or as i like to call it the stabby stabby game. Now this video is gonna be different from the other challenge guys on my channel. Because there s not really too much i could help you with here. There s no secret locations on the map.

This time around you just walk into a saloon and play the games. There are also very common games that i m sure you ve probably played at least once before in your life. I mean i played the stabby stab your finger game with a hammer when i was 5 years old however. I did stumble upon a few tips and strategies to help you get through some of this stuff a bit quicker.

So stay tuned. As i guide you through to the best of my ability. The 10 gambler challenges in the game now before getting into these challenges yourself. I recommend finishing the main story because that will get you a ton of money and since we re gambling here.

Obviously you re going to need some money to bet with and since these card games are heavily luck based you re probably going to be burning through quite a few bucks when trying to clear out these challenges. A couple hundred dollars to burn should be more than enough so with that in mind here. We go if you ve never played some of these games. Before the game itself explains.

The rules pretty well if you press start go to help and then select activities for the first gambler challenge. We are asked to win five hands of poker now of course with these card games. There s an element of luck involved so you could be done this challenge in five minutes or it could take you three hours. Therefore i hereby dub this set of challenges.

The podcast challenges as i grinded out these low energy poker and blackjack games..

Being dealt bad hand. After bad hand. I just thrown. A podcast and played game after game eventually the luck went my way and i was able to clear the challenge challenge.

Two asks us to double down in blackjack and win the hand. Five times hit. Me. You have 17.

Sir i like to live dangerously music. 4. 21. So it s not even enough to just win blackjack you need to win after doubling down again this is all luck.

The only strategy. I could provide here is to go to the saloon in van horn. Since the buy in is only three dollars. Which is lower than every other blackjack table in the game.

I know for sure i burned through a lot of time and money trying to finish this stupid challenge all right now we get to actually have some fun in challenge three with five finger fillet this minigame is actually skill based. And it s a lot of fun your rhythm and hand eye coordination is being challenged here. So be ready. There are three levels to this game.

The first asset to alternate between pressing two buttons. The second has you alternate between two until the final two fingers where they switch it up on you and then level three is a different button for every finger. And that s when it could actually get pretty difficult keeping up with the computer player once you get the timing down. Though it s not bad at all i have a tip for clearing this challenge since there are three locations in the game to play five finger fillet you can get up and go to another location to face another level one opponent.

No matter..

How you do it win three games and you clear challenge. Three challenge. Four asks you to bust one poker opponent at each of the three poker tables in the game. Flat neck station.

Saint. Denis. And valentine. This is pretty self explanatory.

But an easy way to save time is to fold a bunch of times and watch one of your opponent s available cash dwindle down once it s below 1. You could go in for the kill. I was able to clear this challenge pretty quickly using this strategy next up we ve got domino s for challenge. 5.

You need to win three rounds of domino s without drawing any tiles against two or fewer opponents now even though domino s is still partially luck based. I found it a lot more tolerable than the card games and generally finished these domino challenges a lot quicker. One thing to keep in mind is that the three domino tables in the game. Each offer a different variation of domino s the one in blackwater is all threes.

The one in saint. Denis. Is all fives and the one at emerald ranch is the draw game. I personally cleared the domino challenges playing all threes.

But try each of them yourself and play whatever you prefer challenge five shouldn t take too long challenge number six asks you to beat the blackjack dealer in two locations. This is really not hard it took me about two minutes per location beat. The dealer in roads and then beat. The dealer in van horn.

And you ll clear the challenge challenge..

Seven is pretty similar and asks you to beat one five finger fillet player in each location strawberry valentine and van horn. This is super easy as well and should not take long oh take a hit dealer joker yeah. We re supposed to take those out of the deck okay hurry and now my friends we reach gambler challenge number eight by far the most time consuming single challenge in red dead redemption. You are asked to win three hands of blackjack with three hits or more this is absolute insanity.

The odds of landing a number twenty one or less after drawing five cards is ridiculously. Small as a result this took me well over ninety minutes to clear because it s complete bullshit and all luck five. I ll stay i suggest you hit. Sir i also like to live dangerously the strategy is you just need to get lucky and draw cards that are low that s all there is to it put on a podcast and go to town that s my suggestion for you eventually you ll get it god this sucks.

I think i lost half of my cash trying to beat this stupid ass challenge challenge. 9. Is nowhere near as bad as 8. But it s still kind of tough you need to win three games of dominoes in a row.

However there is one great way to cheese. This challenge. If you ve already won one or two games and you know you re about to lose a game you could actually leave the game and your win streak will not be broken. If you know one of your opponents is pulling ahead and about to beat you just exit out of the game and sit back down.

I was playing all threes and if my opponent hits 70 points out of 90. Which is when you win the game. I would just quit and try again this helps a lot because dominoes is bullshit sometimes finally we reach challenge. 10.

You need to win three hands of poker in a row. Unfortunately. There s not really any way to cheese. This challenge like you could with dominoes you just need to straight up win three games of poker.

Now the odds of you getting a great hand three times in a row are pretty slim..

So you re probably gonna have to bluff sometimes and hope for the best. I definitely beat this challenge by going all in with an absolutely nothing hand and the other guys folded. So i just won the game surprisingly this one didn t take me too long. But if you have worse luck.

You know what to do pod casts. Once you win three games of poker. Congratulations. You have good luck.

And you have completed all 10 gambler challenges. So that s about it for today. An absolute doozy of a set of challenges here with challenge number 8. Leading the pack for the most bullshit challenge award.

Could it end up winning in the end. Well we have 60 more challenges to go so. We ll just have to wait and see at least this outfit looks truly godlike or else i would not put up with this crap. If you liked this video and want to see more daily red dead redemption to guides easter eggs tricks and more please hit that like button and subscribe to my channel next up on the road to the legend outfit.

We are going to take a look at the master hunter challenges. The final challenge. There has a stew battle with a legendary animal. Which will tie in nicely to my legendary animal guide.

Which is also slated to come out this week. So look forward to all of that thanks so much for watching everyone and take care music. ” ..


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Today we take another step closer to unlocking the Legend of the East Outfit by completing the 10 Gambler Challenges in Red Dead Redemption 2. I cover how to cheese certain games and what some good strategies are to use in order to clear every challenge. But mostly it s kinda dry content compared to all the others so I tried to make the video as fun as possible with random dumb stuff. So enjoy! 🙂

Red Dead Redemption 2 – How to Get Legend of the East Outfit – 3/9 All Gambler Challenges Guide – Tips and Strategies to Cheese The Game!

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