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“Guys mr. Boss for the win here and in today s red dead redemption 2 2 video we are going to be solving the serial killer murder mystery so earlier the day i uploaded what i thought was the first clue of this series and apparently. There is three clues that you have to piece together. So it s actually a little bit smaller than i thought so in case.

You guys did not watch that first video. Let s take a look at the first clue now it does not matter. And what order you find these in it s going to piece them together clues one two and three so again quick reminder. This first clue is located just to like the south east of valentine.

So this is a good one to get as soon as you get into chapter two it s underneath this like train track bridge and the clue you actually get is posted on like a steak or like a little support beam on the side so that right. There is clue number one and you re gonna start to develop a theme here that this is like definitely a serial killer. Because all of the scenes are going to look very very similar. So that right.

There is the first one the next. One is a little bit further away. It is just south of wallace station. It s still pretty close to valentine s.

So you should be able to get these two roughly pretty quickly. And you ll find the second one. It s sort of like on a field. And it s just this big rock and this time it says do you see.

And it s sort of like the same style like the torso with the strings. The the text written on the side and just like our first instance. We can find a severed head with a another clue or a note inside of the guy s mouth and you ll find them on the rock just to the left. It is very very interesting.


Let s just say that and we gather our second clue in this location right here. So we only have one more to go we have to map fragments. We need our third and final. One our final one is pretty far away.

I would say it is probably the toughest to get to if you re just starting the game for the first time because it it is a place that you re gonna have to journey to and you probably won t have any stagecoaches. It s actually just to the east of braithwaite manor. And it s actually on the s of that meadow woods right there right below. I think.

It s boulder blade or something like that boulder blade. Something and you ll actually find this unlike a super overgrown tree. It has like roots that you can actually climb on and the text says behold again. It s the same way.

It s the top half of the tour. So that s sort of strung up and from there you can actually find the third and final clue the severed head it s on the backside of the tree sort of in a bush and you can take the note out and it will complete the map now you actually have to go to your satchel. If you want to view the entire map and this is what it looks like it is three parts you can see it sort of looks like it s a small bridge leading into the woods and then a destroyed cabin with what looks to be a cellar and a combination lock of six 3432 so from there you just sort of have to figure out where that is that is definitely the hardest part because that clue isn t super obvious as to where precisely it s located. But don t worry because that s why we ve got this video.

It s actually located just to the west of valentine. So most of the clues and things you re gonna be dealing with take place near valentine that is the one that is the furthest away so it will probably be the most difficult so it s actually called lucky s cabin that s what you re gonna be looking for and once you pull into lucky s cabin. You are going to notice that it does have a lot of the same traits like the buzzards and the bodies and stuff like that and at least when i entered the area a giant question mark came on my hut display. And it doesn t necessarily mean to go to where the question mark was located.

I think it s just in that area you know something is going on so i just went up to lucky s cabin and you guys can see that there s a cellar there you open the door and you can end up going inside. And what i found inside is incredibly creepy. So again it looks like the lair. The dungeon of a serial killer a murderer.


He s got knives and you know weapons and there s blood and body parts everywhere. It s pretty insane. There s also a lot of things that you can check out in here. As well.

There s a letter that he is written that it is apparently called letter to the editor and i m not sure if this is him writing about himself in the third person. I m really not too sure. But that is a letter that he ultimately wrote. There s a couple of other things as well and now one thing.

I would recommend is before you go any further. I would actually grab your lantern from your horse. Because it is really difficult to see in there like i have my brightness turned up all the way and it was still really hard to see so i would definitely go get your lantern. Because there is a back room that i almost missed like i wasn t sure if i was you know exploring this whole place and man did i discover some creepy stuff in there.

I mean. There s skulls. There s bodies. There s you know wanted posters.

There s a camera and this is when things get pretty interesting because you can actually examine a knife and then all the sudden someone strikes arthur and i ll actually let you guys take a listen to this next. Encounter right now was this nasty surprise or maybe. It s both maybe. It is a nasty surprise even though you knew i was going to be here.

Which is it music you should think about that save yourself thinking about what s about to happen now i m not going to lie. It s not going to be nice and fun i mean it ll be fun for me. But it won t be nice for you at least. No one s found it nice so far.


Maybe you ll be the first laughter. Do you like pain is it your friend. It s about to become your very close friend. Very close so needless to say that was incredibly creepy and that guy really does fit the build as a serial killer.

Luckily we had a head right next to us that we were able to throw at his face. We hogtied him up and now we re taking him to the sheriff and from there. It is pretty straightforward. It s pretty simple you just have to go back to valentine go to the sheriff s department.

And you can actually turn this guy in but what happens next is even crazier and i ll let you guys take a listen to that right now hope disappeared over the past few years. This sick son of a bitch well he ain t right in the head that s so head over to the cellar that brokedown shack on the road to the falls. See for yourself okay come on edmund lowery jr. Remember sure she ll frightening filler.

I ll behave sir i ll behave as expected oh you better now get your lawyer. Don t you worry about that getting that sale come as you big the like i said have someone head up to his cabin. Think he killed quite a few. Oh.

There s a lot of sick bastards out there right here here. Here s some money for your trouble. Thank. You so.

This serial killer. Turned into like a werewolf vampire. Tried to go for this guy s neck. His jugular and we had to end up shooting him and we actually saved the sheriff s life.


Which was pretty cool and for that we do get a nice cash reward. So completing this is a good way to make money i guess in red dead redemption to 20. So far is the largest amount. I ve seen and granted.

I haven t been playing for a super long time. But 20 is the most i have seen so that can actually get you a good bit. And yeah that right there is how you complete the serial killer mission. Technically the mission is called american dreams.

So it s basically a three part clue that you have to find you have to go to the location basically beat up the guy and then bring him to the sheriff. But i think that was pretty cool because i mean if you were to just find those randomly throughout the world like i thought i did earlier this morning. You wouldn t really have any idea what they could potentially mean. But anyways that right there is all the information.

I ve got for you guys in this video. Today. That is how you solve the serial killer mystery in red dead redemption. To let me know your thoughts opinions more on this in the comments down below.

I d love to hear from you guys down there. If he did gone to enjoy this video. Though a like rating would of course be awesome and also subscribe to my youtube channel. If you are new or you like daily red dead redemption.

2. Videos like this with all the way guys like i said thanks so much for watching take care and i ll see you guys in the next video. ” ..


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Red Dead Redemption 2 Serial Killer Guide SOLVED – Easy u0026 Fast Money – Finding RARE Items! (RDR2)
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The serial killer murder mystery solved in Red Dead Redemption 2!


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