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“Johnson walkin through my rented redemption sharpshooter challenge guide in this guide. I ll be be taking you over how you can complete the sharpshooter challenges in reddit redemption. So further ado let s immediately dive into it for sharpshooter one you have to kill three flying birds. Now the best location to do this is in twin stick pass.

Which is crawling with all these flying little creatures. A very good idea to do is to fire your gun into the air. Meaning that those bursts will get scared just give it a quick deadeye just kill three birds. And that s you re done for sharpshooter you have to kill two different species of animal in the same deadeye use again.

We ll be taking the exact same location as in the first sharpshooter. What you want to do is you want to find a dare or any of those kind of animals or even maybe. Even rabbit and i find yourself a bird flying in the sky. And that s what i ve personally found the easiest way to do it just find yourself a dare as you know target both of them in the same that i use shoot them and that s your sharpshooter chalice.

Done don t ever make sure. Though. That both animals are in front of you and not behind you or else you re dead. I will fail sharpshooter three requires you to kill five flying birds one on a moving train.

It s a pretty simple one actually this one what you want to do is you want to head to any post office. Really and then either see if there s a train over there or you could even purchase a train ticket to the nearest town and then you will arrive on the train. You will wait a little bit..


And then just simply jump on the train from your horse. Or you could even decide to go staking. It a little bit step further and make it even easier. And it probably needs to be yes by just simply stealing the train itself giving.

It a little bit of speed and getting out of the driver s seat and ascending on the train roof somewhere while the train is still going and you ll be able to shoot some birds of course. What is a moving train as well it s what i personally found the easiest way to do it you will however probably get some wanted level on you. But climbing on a train. While you jumped off is from a horse is something that the law probably won t like either so do be aware of someone a level that you might get on this one too.

It s pretty easy challenge just take a five birds of obviously that is your friends and then you have completed the challenge so we can move on to number four no four can be a bit confusing. Because it requires you to kill an enemy at least 80 feet away with a thrown tomahawk now. I know there s three different versions of tomahawk. But you can actually do this with a regular tomahawk as well now this challenge is actually much easier than it might look like all you want to do is find an enemy and then aim to that enemy and i keep walking back until your reticle turns white once you re really quest turned white.

You want to start moving slightly towards the enemy again seeing your radical turn red. Once your reticle has turned red. What you want to do is you want to activate deadeye and paint a target and a slowly move back as that is still going on and i just basically keep walking back until the axes thrown automatically that s the most safe way that i found so to get this challenge. If you re looking to buy some tomahawks you can purchase those from the fence for a couple of bucks.

They re not that expensive at all sharpshooter. 5 requires you to kill 6 animals without switching or reloading your weapon now again we re going to be going to twin stack pass for this one make sure to bring your repeater. Which is preferably the lancaster a repeater because it has 14 bullets in there once you re a twin stack pass just find yourself a peck of birds..


Activate deadeye and start painting them targets. Obviously. What you want to avoid to do is to activate deadeye for a second time. Because if you do so your weapon will be automatically reloaded and your challenge will be reset.

So do be aware of that so after the six requires you to kill someone at least 660 feet away with a long scoped rifle. So obviously what you want to do first is to bring your rolling block rifle to the gunsmith and purchase yourself a slung scope. Once you re done that you want to head back to twin stack pass once more and then climbed this tall mountain on the right you can access. It by horse just be careful you don t fall off once you re on top of the mountain.

So that your rolling block rifle. And another brilliant tip as well it to be extra sure that you re going to hit your shot is bring some ah s ti ammo from the gunsmith as well just so we get a little bit of extra range and then all you want to do is wait until some of the rights pass. The road that i m aiming at and just simply shoot them. Whenever you see the reticle turn red because there is no bullet tracking as far as i can sell in red.

The redemption. So you should be fine simply shoot. And the challenge is done sharpshooter number 7. You need to get seven head shots in a row location.

I really like for this one is the heartlands oil fields. You don t have to kill enemies you can just literally shoot. Anyone do be aware..


Though that if you shoot and literally anyone your honor system will be affected drastically do be aware of one thing. Though is that you have to hit seven head shots in a row. You cannot even hit someone in the shoulder and then a head shot or miss a shot. If you do so you will have failed the challenge.

And you will have to start all over again finding seven new people to shoot shop shoulda it requires you to disarm three enemies without reloading or switching your weapon. Again. The lancaster repeater is a very nice weapon for this all you want to do for this one is simply aim at the hands. But there s another very easy way to do this as well that can either be just simply using deadeye and especially that eye ability where you don t even have to paint any targets in order to shoot is another very useful ability to do so sharpshooter.

Nine requires you to shoot three people s heads off with the same deadeye now this one is actually really simple. What you want to do is you want to go to the post office in felon sign. There s always two men hanging around over the railing next to the post office. What you want to do then is just grab your revolver and i use the deadeye ability.

Where you can still shoot well in deadeye make sure that you don t actually mark any of the enemies. Because it will be a guaranteed headshot. If you re aiming in that general area. And what you want to do then is basically enter the side of the person s head.

Because that is typically where you will be able to get a quick and easy shots and shooting. It s person s head off shep should. Attend requires you to kill three flying birds with three consecutive long scoped rifle shots once again..


You re probably gonna be surprised about this one we re going back to twin stack pass because there are always big groups of birds. So you should have plenty of opportunities to get three shots in a row. You think that that eye ability again where you re able to shoot without painting targets. It s going to be absolutely brilliant for this one as well and if you re struggling with this one a little bit another good idea to try is to have either a dead body or a dead animal lying around somewhere.

Because there doesent check the birds and once you get close then those birds will start flying away and typically there s a couple of them that are trying to eat that animal or body. That is on the floor right there i d left for one three seven and ten. You will unlock some special stuff at the trapper. So how to recommend you going over there and find your rewards at the trapper.

Because there s definitely some very cool stuff in there. Which is also very useful at the same time and that brings us to the end of this sharpshooter guys. Thank you all so very much for watching. I hope you found this useful.

And if you did make sure to leave the like subscribe for much more at the redemption. Too compton and wash on the scouts coming to you very soon. Thank you very much for watching and i ll see you all later you ” ..


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Red Dead Redemption 2 Sharpshooter Challenges guide showing you how to complete the Sharpshooters challenges in RDR2!
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#1: Kill 3 flying birds
#2: Kill 2 different species of animal in the same Dead Eye use
#3: Kill 5 flying birds while on a moving train
#4: Kill an enemy at least 80 feet away with a thrown tomahawk
#5: Kill 6 animals without switching or reloading your weapon
#6: Kill someone at least 660 feet away with a long scoped rifle
#7: Get 7 headshots in a row
#8: Disarm 3 Enemies without reloading or switching your weapon
#9: Shoot 3 peoples hats off with the same Dead Eye
#10: Kill 3 flying birds with 3 consecutive long scoped rifle shots

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