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“Guys it s me lunar welcome back to another red dead redemption. 2. Video in in this one we re going to be taking a look at how to find unique helmet. The viking helm and to go with it the viking hatchet only one of each of these are in game.

And you can find them in the game world i m going to show you the exact location in the video. If you find this helpful like and share..

It is very much appreciated so the location of the viking helm is all the way to the east in anna s burg not far from where you get the rear shotgun. And if you haven t checked out a video. You can do it right now to find it look on your map and find the anna s berk name above. It is the kumasi river and right above the bend below the roanoke valley.

Assigned is where you will find the ancient tomb exactly where i am on the map to find the helm after you get to the location and add it to your journal. You can head inside and just around the corner inside of the tomb in the dark..

The hound is sitting there for you and you can simply equip it it s like all helmets mostly for decoration so adds no bonuses. But it does look really cool. Although i was hoping it was kind of if i can count with horns like you get in skyrim. But it still looks pretty cool.

Now the viking catcher is right back outside next to the skeleton on the altar inside of a skull and you can pick that up as well to go with it so make sure you don t miss that on your way. Here..

A rare ancient hatchet engraved all over with nordic patterns and bad leather. This. Melee weapon. Was found an old stone altar in the roanoke valley near new hannover lodged in the skull.

This hatchet can also be thrown the weapon itself in terms of stats. Does the same as all other hatchets and does the same damage and has the same range of accuracy as the tomahawks so guys..

I m gonna be showing you tons of quick and easy guys for all the unique weapons. And i am locations and more guides mostly to do with weapon and combat plus. I m going to be covering read online updates when it does release so subscribe if you want to see more that don t forget to like and comment as well enjoy the rest of your day. And i will see you in the next one peace out.

” ..

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How to find the Unique Viking Helmet and Hatchet, a collectible weapon in the game world.
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