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“Before we start anything did you guys know in the chapter with the lasers you you can actually shoot the guys and stop the lasers from activating. It s crazy. It s almost like i completely forgot to say that and let s play thanks for those are called adapt. What s going on everyone.

It s the nist scholl welcome back to resident evil. 5. After you beat the game you get tons of goodies. The first thing is you can play a sheva during the main game and single player if you re playing co.

Op sheva was already player 2. But if you wanted to go through it again maybe get some better rankings you can actually choose sheva. It s kind of unique because she has everything flipped onto the right side instead of the left side speaking of game completion after you beat every chapter on veteran mode. You unlock the biggest bastard of a difficulty.

I ve ever seen professional mode. This difficulty mode can go screw off. I never want to play professional mode. Ever again just imagine every hit taking all of your health.

No matter where it is and the second hit will kill you and also when you re in dying status. You lose health rapidly this professional mode can go straight to hell. Now let s take a look at all the bonus features in the files during the main game as you were playing through all the chapters you unlocked files that tell you about the history of resident evil. And the bsaa and anything else they had to do with the main story of 5.

So just in case you wanted to go through pages. Upon pages of backstory. It s all here for you man there s a lot to read the essay. A las plagas progenitor.

The figures these can all be bought with the points. That you ve been getting for breaking bsaa emblems for getting good ranks at the end of chapters. Playing multiplayer or so on and so forth. I don t have any of them yet.

But by the end of this bonus. We ll have them all in gold edition. They actually gave you a few new figures that you could collect but a couple of them are still missing. So we re gonna have to unlock those before we start doing anything else in the bonus features this is where you can use your points.

There are alternate costumes that you can buy there are filters there are all of these figures that we can buy and some of these have unlock specifications. Unfortunately you can also buy infinite ammo for all your weapons. You can buy versus characters. For some reason.

They re not unlocked originally. So i think we should start buying everything i ve got tons of points. Thank god the alternate costumes..


They just give you otherwise i d have a problem here some of these filters do you have to use do something specific in order to unlock them i ll go over that as soon as we start looking into all these things we have to purchase all of them before we can use them i mean isn t that obvious that s kind of silly all the way down here at the end we re gonna buy all the versus characters and by this point you should be unlocking a lot of achievements or trophies. Because they all correspond to buying everything so right now something should pop here in the near future for buying all of the vs characters. There we go is that it oh that s for buying all the figures well we got all the figures that s cool there should be one more hey. There it is let s get this party started all characters are now unlocked in vs.

We ve got all the figurines but we still have a lot of stuff to buy so i went and grind it all of it off screen. I just replayed mission after mission if you play professional mode. And you get a good rank in it you get a lot of points. But my god does that take forever and it s really annoying.

So i just went to veteran difficulty and just grinded chapter 3 1. We re done now let s take a look at costumes. These are some of the coolest costumes. I ve seen any of these characters wear thankfully.

Some of these costumes you just get for beating the game like the safari uniform. The stars outfit you actually have to find 25 bsa emblems and the warrior and heavy metal that comes with gold edition. So you ll get those automatically over in sheva. She s kind of tougher to unlock everything in order to get club and you just have to beat the game.

But to get the tribal fit. Because it s skimpy you have to find all 30. Bsa emblems and business and fairytale come with gold edition. say you re getting those for free.

What i like about these costumes is they show up in every single cutscene in the game. This means you can mix and match. And just have some cutscenes look absolutely ridiculous take note resident evil. 4.

Have these cutscenes with alternate costumes and of course nobody bats an eye because you re supposed to look regular. But no now you look completely different. This is probably my favorite you got safari chris and club and sheva just go and holding up these people who are putting bugs in people and of course. Stark contrast.

You have heavy metal chris with business sheva makes no sense. And it makes every cutscene. A little bit more fun and hilarious to look at you knew chris i don t think we were properly outfitted for a zombie outbreak. Yeah you re telling me let s look at filters completing the game on amateur normal and veteran difficulty will get you the three new filters classic horror.

Retro. And noise. Classic horror is just that it s black and white movie. And i pick scenes that you know they look better.

With these filters like coming into. A mad scientist experiment than having to take it down in black and white the retro filter. I kind of felt it was it was a bit warmer so being out in the desert..


It really matched. So yeah this looks really cool the noise filter is a big crock of shit let me just say that the noise barely shows up it probably showed up better in the older versions. But in these newer high def versions that run at 60fps the noise for some reason does not show up as well as it should i mean if you re looking at a stationary door it ll show up better. But it barely showed up here and now i have to show you something you can unlock infinite ammo for every single weapon and this is how you access it after you buy it so first you got to find all the weapons and then buy infinite ammo for them to use them like that so let s talk about the final weapons that we haven t seen yet every first weapon of a class.

If you fully upgrade. It you get the best weapon in that class so for example if you a fully upgrade the m92 f pistol. You get the samurai edge custom that s a three shot bursts you get the hydra for fully upgrading the ithaca m37. If a triple barrel shotgun.

And it shoots like one this thing is a party wrecker you go up to a crowd of people they re getting their head blown off to unlock the smith wesson m. A. Ka. The hand cannon you have to fully upgrade.

The smith wesson em 20. 9. This thing wrecks bosses wrecks anybody in its path a heads coming off you look at all that recoil even with big muscley chris redfield. He can barely hold that thing now here are the interesting ones.

The gatling gun for fully upgrading the vz61. The first machine gun you get a chris. Only weapon. The gatling gun.

It is infinite ammo. No matter what and the best part is only chris can handle it and i don t know why this gatling gun ruined chef jose eye. But she just kept circling around. So that s kind of funny anyway.

Enjoy infinite power of course. She ever had to get one too. She gets the longbow and that s for fully upgrading the s75 rifle. This one s kind of weird.

It s extremely powerful. But the drawback is it has no reticle by the way. There are achievements attached to these chris. And sheva.

Only weapons kill. 30 of each with each weapon. Well. Now we have every weapon.

Let s take a look at the figures. This took this actually didn t take too long a lot of these are 500 skill points to unlock. But some of them are unique in the fact that you have to find all the bsaa emblems earn an a rank and an s rank in all chapters up to veteran..


So happy hunting. Enjoy this little showcase. And by the way every single one of these has a voice clip music applause music music. I really wish this one yelled crass in the extra figures.

A lot of these came with gold edition. So you got these for free. I love sexy pose heavy metal chris with his triple barrel shotgun. And there s something very erotic about a fairy tale woman holding a giant fuck off flamethrower and then of course yoga chris looking like this it s hilarious.

One thing. I should note is some of the figures will be missing. If you re booting this up for the first time some of them require you to beat the side modes desperate escape and lost in nightmare also if you want to unlock the last two the ones that were missing you re going to have to play mercenaries with the costumes that are shown so here s the one you get for beating lost in nightmare. Nice callback to resident evil.

1. Here s the one for beating desperate escape. This one right. Here.

You have to be mercenaries with an s rank with either heavy metal. Chris or fairy tale sheva. That s the only way to unlock this one this actually took a while for me to figure out. But thankfully mercenaries mode is a lot of fun for this one same deal find these costumes and beat mercenaries with an s rank any level.

You want in order to unlock this figure and that does it for all the figures. We ve got them all now let s take a look at the extra modes the mercenaries it came back from resident evil. 4. And this time it s better than ever in the gold edition.

You have so many freaking characters. It actually extends to i think three pages you can find all the new costumes with all of their quirks. Every character comes with a specified loadout that is very unique to them. I think one of the wesker s even has the hand cannon.

So if you want ultimate power. Always choose wesker the plot. I guess you could say if mercenaries is rack up that combo and get points by killing enemies you can find time bonuses. All over the place.

If you want to keep going. And you will eventually be graded on how good your combo is and how many points. You get every enemy has a point value. If you re fighting a big bad guy like an executioner.

He s worth more points at the end of your time limit they will rally up how many you got in a combo and your final points. And they will give you a rating. I believe the highest ranking in resident evil..


5. Is ss and you will get points based on your score versus mode first time resident evil goes multiplayer at least to my knowledge. You have a couple different options you have slayers and you have survivors. We re gonna look at slayers first basically choose your character and you are basically playing mercenaries with other people you can have up to four players and the goal is just to get a huge score or to get the best score between all of you same thing you can find the timers you can shoot all of these enemies and if you get a bad score you get insulted it happens.

But it s all just four points in the end music by the way the song in this is the best song in the game. The theme that plays for slayers is amazing. And yeah. I suck okay.

I was just trying my best watch for that final combo by the way. If it looks like you re about to win check their combo survivors on the other hand is completely different. This is 1v1 or however many players are coming up it s a fight for survival. And it can it can be very harrowing to have one person basically hunt you down.

There are a couple of caveats with this the first thing being there are chests all over the place they give you extra ammo that give you healing items. And you basically just want to lower the other person s health and kill them if you use a special move on them you get extra points. Oh she s got a rocket. Damn it now if you go into dying status you can actually resuscitate yourself.

Which is good because you are going to get killed by them and if they do a special move on you they re getting extra points for example yeah that hurts one bad thing about dying is you will randomly lose one weapon after you re killed. So me being this version of jill. I only had one gun so after i died i lost it you can easily pick it back up again. And there are other weapons that are strewn all over the battlefield.

Another cool thing is if you kill high powered enemies like executioner s in this case. They drop weaponry. And that s really nice oh crap. I didn t mean to kill her you think you can escape nope and there we go.

What s kind of mean in this regard is if you are killed by another person you are going to lose points and if you do stupid shit like this yeah you re gonna lose a lot of points. But guess who s gonna be victorious yeah surprisingly big survivors was actually really fun when it was online. There aren t too many people playing nowadays but to give you some hope. I played this a couple days ago at the time of this recording.

So there s one or two people that are still playing around here. And in case. It wasn t clear team slayers and team survival is just 2 v. 2.

On the mercenaries type mode. Or the kill all other players type mode next time on resident evil. 5. We ve got two modes left lost a nightmare and desperate escape let me get you dj back here.

And we ll play them for you see you guys next time music. ” ..

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