[REVIEW Nerf Modulus Longstrike LONGSTRIKE REBORN!!

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“What up dude gross. I m frank this is a video review of the nerf nerf modulus long strike. The long strike is back bros. This is a reskin of original long strike shell.

But it has enhanced internals so it shoots like a current modern nerf blaster. It comes with a new flashy paint job in a few reskin accessories. You ready to achieve sniper status. Bros.

Let s get into the review. Included is the blaster detach stock barrel scope. Bipod. Three magazines darts bolt handle in the instructions.

Attaching the stock is very simple it snaps into place. Very easily. And once a simple this stock is not detachable. So it clicks into place.

And it s locked in attaching the priming. Handle is also very easy you slide through the bolt and thread on the other handle it doesn t snap into place like the original long strike. This is a threaded handle so you can remove it if you need to modulus long strike is in essence. A reskin of the original long strike.

But i ll do with an external overview in case. You ve forgot about the long strike. But i ll remove the accessory. So the core blaster is easy to see starting up to the front.

This is the original long strike barrel in strike. Tactical rail up on the top and a longer one on the bottom and they flip up front sight right here to correspond with the rear iron sight. And that s pretty much it this is a standard end strike barrel attachment. So if you want to remove it from the long strike you can put this on to your strife or any.

Other nerf blaster that has the in strike barrel attachment lug of course. The long strike barrel extension. Is i believe the longest barrel out there so if you re like sniper status. It seems appropriate and the inner diameter of this barrel is a little larger than others so it doesn t impede your your accuracy and performance.

Quite as much as others. However. It s also very long so even though it s wider. It still does negatively affect your performance.

But come on you don t buy a long strike if your performance purist. It s to look like a sniper. But that s it for the barrel. It s the same as the original long strike barrel.

Just with new colors moving to the blaster up in the front of course. It has an instructor attachment lug. So you can put on your barrel like that sling attachment point in strike tacticool rail a second in strike tactical rail. All those tactics bro you can put like three scopes on here in between the two inch strike.

Rails is the access door to get in there you prime the blaster then open up the access door and you get your finger in to clear out any jams. I did not have any jams and malfunctions through my testing procedure. Which surprised me a little the original long strike did jam on occasion to the side of the blaster is the bolt handle the prime back pull forward you can do that on either side full and ebro tactics..


The prime is pretty smooth and the weight is in line with other spring blasters on the market. Right now below. That is the magazine well to get the mag out go back down the priming. Handle and strike.

The magazine release here or also on the other side and pull out the mag blaster comes with three six round magazines. Which are half transparent and half white. The magazine looks pretty cool. But it s not new.

It s been used with other blasters and of course this blaster is compatible with other inch strike magazines. If you need to increase your capacity. But come on real snipers use six round mags because one shot one kill one shot one foam tag. What else.

The magazine well works pretty smoothly. You can just put it right back in there and on this side of the blaster you have two different i m jamming buttons. Which is not present in the original long strike. This is an update after you prime the long strike you re not able to prime it again.

Sometimes you have to to clear out a jam. So you can push this top button. Unfortunately you need like a pencil or a pin to jab. It s not like other on jamming buttons.

Where you can use your finger. But when you press that in and unlocks. The mechanism. Which allows you to reprime to laster if you need to clear out a jam and that s the function of the top on jamming button.

There s also another on jamming button. Which i have not had an opportunity to use because my bolt handle did not seize up. But it s a bolt handle on jamming buttons. So sometimes your bolt handle can get stuck in the middle.

I remember it happening with original long strike. But not this one. But if that occurs it s the same concept where it jams. The mechanism.

So then you can reprime to clear a jam down to the trigger. The trigger pull is pretty standard. This blaster does not have slain fire. Look come on it s not a real sniper rifle at a slam fire right up on the back.

We have a rear iron sight. Which corresponds with the front. If you choose to flip it up and below that is a small hole. That s the priming indicator.

So when you prime back the blaster and you can see the little orange piece that indicates you re primed and ready to fire now down to the grip. It s certainly unique some people really like the long strike grip and some people absolutely hate it this feels exactly like the original long strike. So if you ve already felt that you know how this one will feel i complain that i have large hands. But i don t have fat fingers.

I just have long fingers the long strike actually works pretty comfortably with my long. Fingers. Imagine..


If you had a pretty fat palm especially a fat thumb this could be uncomfortable. But i think it s comfortable. I like it it certainly holds more like a long gun or like a sniper rifle. So if you like that feel you know you ll probably like the long strike to the rest of the stock like i mentioned after you snap the stock in on the long strike.

It s permanently in there. It s not a detachable stock like other end strike stocks. But just like the original long strike stock you re able to hold two magazines one on each side. Which you re able to slide up like that it is pretty secure under normal play if you really hit this hard.

The magazine will come out. But i think the security here is solid as in tight enough to hold place if you re running for most nerfed events. But then it s not too difficult to pull it out quickly and it holds two magazines in the stock one on each side and up in the top sling. Mount and down.

Here. Another sling. Mount. And that is the external overview of the core blaster.

The proportions are a little weird. But i think it s ergonomically sound. It is comfortable if you re looking for like a long gun feel if you re expecting it to feel like a rapid strike like a traditional carbine or rifle. It s not gonna feel like that so it might be weird.

But if you re looking for a sniper rifle. Feel. I mean its second and none. I mean the long strike is like the go to cool platform.

People haven t used them recently because the originals kind of suck performance wise. But they look freaking awesome or that might just be me. But i especially like this white and lime paint job it looks pretty snazzy. But that s the core blaster.

Now these two accessories first the scope. Which is the exact same as the original modulus scope. But with a new paintjob in strike rail attachment point in the bottom so you can slide it onto your rail. Like that and as you all know for your sniper rifle.

You obviously need a scope. I think it s silly that the original long strike was sold with that goofy grenadier type of like iron sight totally weird. But this is a super cool scope of course it s not gonna help you shoot more accurately. But it looks cool and that s what matters any other accessory is the bipod which also attaches with the end strike rail attachment point down here like that this is the same bipod with a new paintjob that came out with an ak you strike long gun.

I think the raptor strike this one s white instead of gray. But it s mechanically identical it s in a down or like active position now. But you can also just push up these arms to get it out of the way and these arms will actually spin 360 continuously. So you can have them in any angle.

That you want in a cool feature about this bipod is it s adjustable in length. So. When you push this little orange button. The little legs pop out three settings short medium and long and that will change how high the blaster sits up off of your table or if you want to rest it on something as you re shooting you know that s its basic height adjustment with the height adjustment.

It can be very small and compact. But then also extend out to be as big as the original centurion bipod. Which is pretty large so kind of the best of both worlds..


Nice and compact. But if you need it to be longer you can just extend it there s a joke in there somewhere. That is the external overview of the modulus long strike and accessories. As i stated up front.

This is a reskin of the original long strike. But mechanically internally its superior. So check this out on the firing range with blue hair. Fleet guards or video visibility.

Some blue waters music music operating. The modulus long strike is loads of fun it performs just like other modulus blasters on the market right now. I put the blaster up in my cronograph. And i achieved an average velocity of 73 feet per second.

Which is pretty much par or maybe a little above par for most blasters on the market right now so performance is pretty solid and of course. If you want to achieve sniper status. I would highly recommend some waffle head darts not nerf you ll eat darts or modulus darts those are just not accurate. And you re trying to be a sniper so obviously precision and accuracy is vital while you re at it you might want a few more scopes for that enhanced precision so organ amelie identical to the original long strike par or maybe a little bit above average firing velocity.

And no jams or malfunctions overall pretty solid build and that s it for the objective information over the long strike now to my personal opinion. Personally i really dig that hasbro released three skin of the original long strike. The original long strike has always been the coolest looking sniper rifle in my opinion. It just has a unique sleek rear end i mean okay can t make that not sexual.

It just has a unique very sniper ii rear end it has a cool like front barrel it just screams sniper rifle. But the original long strike right when he elite blaster started to get good it just performed too poorly to actually use so nobody really used it other than for the you know the barrel. But with the reskin you have modern modulus performance. I really dig the paint job.

I think this white and green looks super cool. I think the scope is a little out of place because these lines almost make it look like a tiger strike camouflage and then this is like a little blotchy so that seems out of place. But the core blaster looks super cool it s a reused magazine reused bipod and reuse scope. But recolored and repainted to look super cool.

I think it s a fantastic use of existing designs about how to hasbro it did not have any jams and malfunctions. The only thing i would do to improve this blaster well other than you know repainting the scope to match like the cool like tiger stripe paint is using a different jamb release button over here for the bolt release. Because i have to use my pencil or pin to jab it in there to clear out the jam. I wasn t able to just use my fingers like every other jamb release available right now so that is a complaint.

But i think it s super cool that they have two different gene releases. Because occasionally i remember head happening on the original long strike. It was infuriating because my bolt got locked in the middle position. I wasn t able to close it and i wasn t evil to prime it again and it just seizes up and i know this happens to other people i happen to open up my long strike and mechanically fix it but not everybody can do that more accurately not everybody has the patience to do it.

It s not really that difficult so. The addition of that jam released is much appreciated. I know people if they cease up the blaster and it almost spoils. The blaster completely will definitely appreciate that even if you have to use a pencil to unjam it better than throwing away the blaster for sure i really dig this new trend.

That has burroughs just banging out ree skins of existing designs like with the demolisher. The original long shot revamped the blue one that was quote elite. But not really elite was kind of a disappointment it looked cool. But the performance sucked this one is updated so it shoots like a modern nerf blaster.

But it has the cool shell of the original long strike best of both worlds and with this scope in his bipod. It s a very sniper ii package that performs well so definitely very happy with the product in hasbro. If you re looking for recommendations for other blasters to reskin the original 1994 crossbow pretty flocks..


I know the modding community would love it. But it wouldn t really fit the whole tech to cool modular series. I don t know maybe throw in the rebel series. That s all wonky anyways right.

It s a personal opinion on the modulus long strike is totally positive awesome. If you re interested in purchasing the modulus long strike. I ll put a buy link in the description box below by the way check out the amazon listing. This is hilarious.

Not only did they put the scope on backwards in some of these images. Which happens every once in a while if you don t know how scopes work you don t really know which ways forward protip to any nerf errs. However this little front notch on your inch strike attachment always points forward or towards the barrel. If you have it this way.

So the notch is behind the little attachment latch. It s on backwards with scopes. It s obvious. But with like vertical grips and by pods.

It could go either way. But that s just a general rule. But on amazon they have the scope backwards. But they also have that magazine in backwards and i don t know how they got the mag to stick because it s a slanted magazine.

You can tell in the images when it s backwards. But when you try to i don t know how the photographer shoved that magazine into the blaster. He must have broken the plaster and it s just hilarious because a kid is looking down the scope. The wrong way it s like i m ready to nerf bro.

Even though there s blasters mechanically maybe i got too much joy out of that listing. But a company like hasbro. It s just kind of funny when it s so catastrophic lee screwed up so lol. But i can t rip on too hard.

Because. I m stoked that this is now available on amazon. Although. The price is a little expensive.

My reviews don t evaluate value or price. Because in three months that price will be completely different. And if you buy it across the world it ll be a diff price. So i want to stick to the objective mechanical review.

And that is it for the review in my personal opinion. Again if you d like to buy one purchase link available in the description box below. That s it for this review. Thanks.

So. Much for watching bros and as always stay tactic applause you ” ..

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