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“Everybody with the september update. Looming ever so closely as well as the recent announcement announcement of the switch release. I wanted to compile some quick and easy to follow for all of you newer players. Now i have tons of content that covered the topics in this video in much more detail a link to a beginner playlist with those videos as in the top right corner.

And the description below the goal for this video is to provide you all with a concise summary of the main points in those videos. Let s get started number one always be on the move movement is absolutely essential to staying alive in risk of rain to the vast majority of enemies have projectile based attacks. Which if you stand still for even half a second will definitely make contact with you unless you re playing the engineer. Playing around things.

Like bustling fungus are a terrible idea pretty much every point in a run. I can t stress it enough you need to be moving not standing still get in the habit of pressing your sprint key immediately after performing actions such as using equipment skills and opening chest so more your sprinting the more you ll dodge hits and the stay alive many characters abilities can be used or charged while sprinting. So there should rarely ever be a time where you aren t holding the sprint key. However just moving isn t enough you need to jump as well seriously jump.

All the time not only does this completely negate the attacks of melee enemies. But also gives you a nice boost in momentum and height to better dodge projectiles not to mention you can freely look around. While you re airborne without losing momentum or moving a direction that you don t want to once you master the art of sprinting and especially jumping you ll definitely reap the rewards in your runs number two do not waste time the biggest learning curve and risk of rank two is dealing with time balancing the choice between staying on a stage to farm for more items versus leaving to not fall behind in time is going to take some time to get used to i get. Many questions on my stream.

That are prefaced with something like i can t get past the first loop in my runs. And my answer is always something related to how much time is spent per stage as a general rule of thumb spending about 5 minutes per stage is a solid strategy. However there s a bunch of context. And what determines the early game of a run and this rule should not be taken literally and especially as a new player.

You really should not be worried about exactly how long you re on it s stage..

I don t want you guys to go to set a stopwatch for each stage or anything like that but do not confuse me saying. Don t worry about it too mean don t think about it being conscious of time is what s going to make the difference between you actually learning from your deaths versus just dying over and over without gaining any knowledge thinking about how long on each stage and how to fix overstaying can be broken down into. Do you find yourself constantly running around and looking for chests or multi shops that are out of sight. You usually farm for any and every chest you see before spawning.

The boss. If so these are things that need to be worked on again. There is far too much context tree to give you a golden rule to always follow in terms of looting items in the earlier stages. But just know that time does not wait up for you if you take that extra 60 seconds to run back for a chest on the first stage.

You will absolutely feel the impact of that choice when you go to the next stage. So it s a balancing act between getting enough items on the stage to grow and overall power. But not taking too long to do so if you want more details on the topic of time versus. Difficulty you can check out my how to get better video in the playlist number.

3. Identify your threats and deal with the largest ones first this probably seems like a no brainer. So maybe the tip should be learn the biggest threats as with learning anything new it takes time and experience to become better. There aren t really any shortcuts meaning just play the game.

And that will naturally teach you what types of enemies. Give you the biggest problems. However in general here are a few to look out for elite monsters. These guys will always be different color than the regular counterparts.

So white for glacial read for blazing blue for overloading and black slash green for malecha all types of elite monsters have increases to their damage and defense..

But the amalekites gain the most stats and especially considering that their effect is to completely negate all of your healing for 7 seconds. When they hit you and they easily become the most dangerous out of the bunch thankfully their arrival in the stage is always indicated by a deep bell sound. So whenever you hear that noise or see. The black green color scheme.

Put your guard up another big threat are enemies that shoot multiple projectiles shotgunning or the process of hitting or being hit by multiple shots. At the same time is a common mechanic across games and risk referring to shotgunning. Absolutely exists so by putting yourself against the wall or below targets that shoot multiple shots simultaneously such as elderly marines and greater wisps you are just asking today so as you play be on the lookout for enemies that shoot stuff at you see more than one shot. Don t stand near them and treat them as top priority on your threat.

List. Now single shots that deal high damage such as golem beams are definitely a threat. But being one shot by massive damage isn t as big an issue in this game. As with others.

Because of a hidden mechanic called one shot protection. So long as you are at or above 90 percent of your combined max health. Which is simply your regular health. Plus.

Any shields you have you can not die to a single instance of damage keyword is single because if you take a huge hit which brings you to 10 your health from one shot protection. There is no buffer to it if you take another hit right after even if it s only a few frames or milliseconds. After you have the chance of dying. So it s best to avoid every shot.

You can just know that one shot protection is the thing also barrier is separate from your combined max health..

So it won t mess with the one shot protection at all barrier is that little bit of extra health. That s yellow you get from the toe pads broach and ages items last. But not least here number four. It s not all about the damage understanding which items to take.

And why you take them is an integral part to getting better stacking damage item. After damage item may seem like the best strategy on paper. Because after all if you kill things before they kill you then what s the need to do anything else. But in reality.

You won t be killing things nearly as fast as you think as a new player and your overall power in a given run comes from the combination of damage defense and mobility to me mobility is the best form of defense. There are mechanics in the game such as blocking and just simple damage reduction. But relying on those mechanics to save you will end up getting you killed. When it matters the most so the best strategy is to simply never get hit your head sounds.

Silly and maybe not feasible. But moving around and dodging things as we ve already gone over is the best way to stay alive. There isn t a way to tank everything in risk of rain. Too.

Rather you should aim to dodge everything. Instead. My point. Is this mobility items can be just as important as damage items just because you see a soldier syringe and crit glasses and a multi shop.

Doesn t mean you automatically take them over the energy drink that s sitting on the other side now in most situations in the early game..

You absolutely should prioritize damage over mobility. But as the run progresses you cannot forget about mobility. If you re brand new. We re still struggling to better determine how to choose items from a multi shop or it really just know the overall power of items in general you can check out my complete item and equipment tier list.

Where i go over literally every single item in the game. And explain their strengths weaknesses. Give them a rating. And all that stuff alright and that about does it with my risk of rain tube beginner s guide.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below. I read them all so i will help you resolve any issues. You may have a no problem. However the better place to receive real time help would be over on my stream at twitchtv slash wooly gaming.

Where i will do my best to answer any and all questions relating to the game also if you want to just you know come and hang out have fun. It s not a bad place to be speaking of hanging out join our discord. There are plenty of ways to ask questions or talk about the game as well as get notifications when i go live on twitch or upload a new video here on youtube. Just by joining our discord server links to both my twitch and the discord server are down below thank you for watching.

” ..

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Helpful info for any new / struggling players.

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