Risk of Rain 2 – How to unlock the Mercenary (Sword class)

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“If you clicked on this video. You obviously want to know how to unlock the the mercenary or the merc and risk agreeing to hear so i m acharya first all i recommend putting on a drizzle because it ll just make this really quick and easy. But you can do it on a harder difficulty if that s your prerogative and you can be any character. When you do this it doesn t really matter your plan.

I m just gonna get on the merc cuz..

I got him and what you re gonna wanna do is go through all of the areas. It s the first step there so yeah so if you re not already aware you get past the teleporter in the last world the spread world you go through it takes you back to the first world and starts. The belief of the whole total riggins and now that you re in the first loop again are in the first word again like you ve looped at once you want to get to the ice world the third world with the snowy place that s where i ll be when i bring this back up again. We re back here at rally point delta.

There s no place the third area..

All you need to do is beat. This place. You know go to the teleporter here and get the end of it. And when you do that a celestial portal will show up next to it that you can choose to take instead of going so i ll bring it back and that shows it and i did so in light of dying.

I got some backup here friends wanted to unlock the character so i brought along with me i pick ups robot..

But madison really heard the die who killed the boss in the second isis m. And once we charge the portal up here should let your portal open up instead of patella morning. I m gonna undef in myself here so i can hear him see what he thinks so that s the portal. What do you think daryl pretty cool.

Yeah you know like you know jumping puzzle your way down..

Yeah those right now. I wish i could fly all right one more baby jim. All right no come use this obelisk and kill yourself music pressing again are you sure and we re dead you get the tivo and you get the merc good hit continue and you ll have him hmm and that s how you get the mersenne a day go. ” .


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Text tutorial if you prefer:
-Go through all 4 worlds
-Once you ve looped back to the first world, make it to the 3rd world again(The snow level).
-Activate the teleporter and defeat the boss as normal.
-Once the boss is beat and the teleporter is charged a Celestial portal will appear, enter it
-Do the jumping puzzle down to the Obelisk
-Press E on the Obelisk twice to end your run and unlock the Merc.

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