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“Guys. It s max and today. We re going to be talking about the rocket rocket league promotion system and a lot of you guys may be wondering how when i getting promoted because you know it doesn t show when you re going to get promoted it s very secretive. I suppose it just shows the little symbol and you ve been playing like 10 matches or whatever and you win every single one of you still haven t got promoted and you re wondering why well this video is going to explain that so basically the way i figured this out by using a tool called the rocket league stats comm.

Which is website obviously and you go to this website. You basically type in your gamertag and it ll show you all these neat little stats that on your rocket league profile and you can do it for basically anyone you can do it on your friends gamertag. So it s pretty neat you you don t have to look at just your gamertag. So anyway if you scroll down and you look at these little stars and they tell you which division.

You are in basically. This there will be a little score. And this little score is basically your rank now through some researching..


I ve been able to figure out that for the most part it seems like you get ranked up every. A hundred points at the 30 mark. So one 32 33 34. 30.

Now so how many how many points. Do you get when you rank up that s kind of unknown because the problem with this website is that it ranked it only refreshes every hour. So if you play a game and you win it s not going to refresh right away. Because the website refreshes like once every hour.

So i wasn t able to get the exact details of everything but through a few different games. I was being able to pinpoint when exactly you get promoted and all that all those things so basically the other day. I figured out that basically you get about six to eight points..


I played two games. I won both of them and i figured out one of them i got eight points and another i got six points. So it sounds like around that mark you re gonna be getting six to eight points for if you win a game. So if you keep doing that until rank 30 or like the points of 30.

That s basically when you re going to get ranked up. So let s say you re at nine twenty one if you play two games and you win both of them. It s highly likely that you re going to get ranked up and i figured out that it was thirty by that exact thing. I played two games at like 921 and i figured out that it was at the 30 mark and i know that it s the 30 mark for pretty much all of the ranks maybe for the lower ranks.

It could be possibly different. But i know my friend alex was able to get a rank up at around the 30 mark as well while he was in the gold divisions. And i m in the blue divisions right now..


So it seems that you rank up at the 30 mark around all those times. So basically that s how all that works so like i said earlier the website. Only refreshes once every hour. So i wasn t able to get the exact numbers for everything.

But i was able to pinpoint these like very close numbers. So that you guys can see when you get promoted so if you guys are playing you know if you re playing a bunch of games. And you notice you ve been playing for a while maybe check up on the website. See how close you are to ranking up.

So. If you re at like let s say 900 and you need to get to 930. You re only gonna have to play like five more games to wit and that being said you do have to win all of them..


And i think it can be reasonably assured that you lose amount the same amount of points as you win. And also you do not get as many points. If you re versing so on a lower rank than you so if you re versing so on that s lower rank than you and you beat them basically you re going to get a fewer amount of points. I don t know exactly how how much but i just do know that and same likewise.

If you beat someone that s a higher level than you then you re going to get more points towards your next promotion. So that s basically how the promotion system works and rocket league guys. If you guys enjoyed leave a like subscribe for more like this subscribe and we ll see another time so see you guys. ” .


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