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“Righty then what is up everyone welcome to my room factory. 3. A harvest moon. Moon.

I believe it s called the harvest moon. But i ll stop right now this song is awesome so i ll let you guys listen to it tomorrow dude. I freaking love the intro. I love the intro to this game.

But as i was saying uh uh uh. A fantasy harvest moon alright so if you guys recall. I believe. If you if you were if you were how much if you were part of my channel like a long while ago.

This is probably my i believe i play i uploaded one video after the world to end with you ended a week later of this and then i took it down because i decided i was going to play it i decide i wanted to play other games. I don t know what other game. I wanted to play but i decided i didn t want to play harvest moon rune factory. 3.

A fantasy harvest moon now as you see there s a continued game here. I actually believe my my save file is not there. So that s something that i i don t really know what this game is about i played the first 30 minutes and wait and i haven t gone to it i don t know what the gameplay is gonna be like all i read about it s good and this site that i actually go about would go on to find video games that are like a play that are good or not they actually rate on that it s just like people you and me uh like over a bunch. A bunch of people and they give their opinion about the game they try it and say if it s good or not and uh.

This is actually one of the games. They say that s pretty decent. So we ll start out rune factory three fantasy harvest moon hope you guys enjoy this playthrough. It s gonna be nice oh it s a monster.

What are you doing all the way out here in town. Oh. No it looks like you re hurt don t worry i ll take care of you and there s my. Phone what the hell is going on it s like 12 am right now what happened is that a man or a girl.

I totally forgot harue hey..

That s a monster yes. It is what is it doing in my house. He s hurt. I need to help them well you could have done done that somewhere else wait where you go drag it in here for should i just left him outside and ring.

Anyway. I ll take care of him myself. I won t let him bother you what a dick hey. There you go you should be okay for the night laugher guy.

He s that little monster thingy huh. What s going on wait where the heck am. I this feels like some sort of weird dream huh who s that quiet girl. We shall call you hinata um.

Hello. Uh was it something i said good morning raven oh ricky call you raven morning. I don t usually see you around here by the tree. Oh hello.

There i believe we ve met what s your name huh. My my name my name is jackie shannon. Who am i which is probably one of my favorite jackie chan movies. I like the fight on the roof.

Instead that fight on the roofs. Pretty legit is something wrong i like the question marks that pop up and i kind of like the art style. It s pretty decent and i like the thing on the left i don t know how i m gonna edit this but uh. This is the top screen where you see my cursor and this is the bottom screen.

Where you see my other kersal circuit around i only have one cursor top screen bottom tree top screen bottom screen yes i i can t remember my name can t remember your name. Why not i i can t remember who i am my name where i m from do you mean you have amnesia the dark descent. I guess i must know what should we do wait i ve got an idea raven can i ask you a favor a favor yes. I ll explain annibale hmm well since we don t know your name what should we call you how about his name is mika uh.

Well as you guys know my name is not mika..

My name is luna uh as you may not know. It is my name name give it to me by birth. It is my last name ah let s see luna with is there a heart anywhere dammit. There s no heart.

I like this little of a little symbol sing it up a little uh magical symbol matt magic. What musics is magic luna come on now for the capital antion is a boy luna. Ah. What a strikingly manly men ooh.

Thank. You i m glad you like it can i change it ah man. I m a dummy. Now we re even about your favorite.

Did you take luna to the sharon street. I ll probably restart the game after i m done recording and fixed my name it ll still be the same. But i want the a lord is what me yes you could you do that as a favor to me okay. Thank you very much raven well.

Then i m gonna go back to my house to see my grandfather. I ll come by to see you in a bit luna ah. All right so. What s going on this way um.

I i guess i should follow her this is sharon street wow. What a huge tree do i walk now yeah picnic oh. I guess i should follow her whoa. I just dude did i just how d i do that you saw me just.

What was that what whoa oops. I burped you guys probably day here. But what i said whoa. I burped in the middle of it i m disgusting excuse me this is amazing.

I can t believe it oh are are you leaving..

Yes. My work is done why did you bring me here. I was asked to now that i ve done so i m leaving sorry for making you wait loom. Ah.

Don t worry about it. I i wasn t waiting long so how d you like the house it s very unique. I ve never been in the house inside a tree before great this is where you re going to be staying so i m glad you like it yeah. Since i ll be staying here.

It s uh wait what staying here what are you talking about oh didn t i say you re gonna live here now nah wait when did we decide dad i don t remember this conversation. Exactly there s a lot of things you don t remember you don t even know who you are what you re doing here. Yeah. I guess you have a point.

There also i think there must be a reason you ended up in this town with that a reason. Yes. Maybe just sweets. All of our beautiful.

Flowers. Chewing here. Yeah. Ah anyway are you sure i can really live.

Here. Of course. I even got permission from my gran papa your grandpapa yes. My grandpapa is the mayor of this town so don t worry about it and make yourself at home.

Thank. You very much oh. And i m. Sarah uh shares.

It would be sarah right sarah by the way..

And that s raven over there. Let me welcome welcome you the town of sharon s nice to meet you nice to meet you too raven here. Let me explain all the furnishings inside your house. Come follow.

Me never. Oh goodness i could have to do a tutorial and stuff artie. Then let s talk to at shares ship wasn t i m sarah this is your storage box it stores weapons armors items farm tools and other things inside press a in front of it to enter the storage box screen each put in items and you re not using regular. It regularly in your storage box.

It s important to always have room in your backpack. You can t put anything in your backpack. When it s full after all so did you get all that yep. I got it okay.

So tutorials are magic right now great. Then let s move on next system refrigerator leads to our vegetables fruits fish flowers seeds medicines and cooked dishes inside of it press a in for the refrigerator open it s a good tip to remember in general actually whenever you see a red arrow press a to investigate oh are you interested in cooking luna fun fact luna was actually trying to be trained to be a chef luna himself real life with great if you ever make something nice. I hope you shea s to share some with me whoo whoo anyway you can install kitchen counter here i ve ever kitchen counter. You can cook talk to the chef in town he d get your kitchen counter and different kinds of cookware you talk to him when you get a chance let s move on i like how they don t give me anything i could cook so i m gonna starve to death thanks girly you this is a calendar.

It has two dates of all the festivals in the taka in town in it check the calendar to see when the festivals are held and so uh so you don t uh accidentally miss any the calendar also displays the birthdays of people you know but you won t know someone s birthday. Unless they tell you so get to know everyone speaking of which my birthday is spring a spring 11 00 at ravens birthday is spring 29. Be sure to give us lots of presents now let s move on the next time is very important make sure you listen closely. I m guessing we could a god surprise.

Her with them presents uh raven that is this is your diary you recorded. What s happening to to you when you use your diary don t forget to write in it. And you might lose your memory or you might lose your memory again i ll be sure not to forget oh and the bed is exactly what it appears to be a pen when you sleep in your bed. You ll get all your strength back oh and you should write in your diary.

Now so you don t forget about meetings today. Oh i kind of don t want to write in my diary at the moment. Because i kind of want to restart everything. But since we re saving this is a good place to stop and i ll continue on another time ” .


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For some reason I am really looking forward to this game. I don t know why. I barley know anything about it.



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