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“Say purple is the hardest color to make people sometimes spend their entire lives working working on it however green is the bachelor color and harder to make but i get that purple pirate legend skin i swear it by the top of the morning to you laddies my name is jill brad welcome to the video it s not morning. But it s fine it s fine let s just check it out cut dem skulls. Met those great i only do this because you hate it i m fighting the video. I want to see what what shenanigans are these two gonna get up to that was amazing welcome to pitt.

My jesus see that s original liam that s original jesus jesus you shouldn t change the purple. One are you look way better like that okay okay this no change it you re supposed to be before and after okay. I really like that green eye patch pretty cool. I want that i want as many green.

Things as i can get this is a fucking pole weather and region that we re going to yeah. It always is this place it always is the top right of the map. It s goddamn beautiful oh. It s not it look at how the story tip that looks bradley there s beauty and misery.

That s bull. You learn wait what bradley this beauty and misery okay. This has to be the right one. I think it is it is black santa tolls brad what a m club.

Did you mess up a little bit just do a little messed up just a little mess up. I think i found them what oh yeah i found them leah here oh liam help we re gonna tickle me i swept what they have a new running animation hold up yeah they got different running animation land look at them. When they sprint keep that body birbiglia round. The rug.

Second lap. Go you join in why are you slashing there we go oh they want to give you a good tickle. Oh fuck. I m coming with oh fuck.

It s okay. It s okay. I ll take a hit. I ll take the hit.

I gotta eat you see you finally shut up watch. It i have a slither of hell. Oh. I have no idea how i lived me of course.

We ll chalk it up to you thank you still brad the man who saved jesus pirate legend jesus actually really heart back when jesus was alive and kicking. He wore those clothes he wore purple. One day and direct me listen. I was feeling a little bit special and he pimped himself up get the anchor.

You know okay. I m glad we can come to agree get him. Liam. I want to stand next to you so well over my weight.

The lining just helped us out there yeah it just fucking do that killed them this has to be the darkest time of ever plenty of things like the longest. I can only see like that pebble lies on the darkest day on the darkest night should post that to reddit with a bunch of the arse. Me. And me crew yards will way too into the game can you know to a pirate voice.

Even if it s ironic. It s so bad okay. Hey. I have a bad pirate voice.

Sure you have to have a good voice to be a pirate legend get a load of this yeah yarr. I am pirate. I need to practice that yar me fuck boys they say that back then i think so okay i think that s where the term originated you gonna kill you gotta kill the one to my right okay kill the right it s okay you re not allowed to dilate not a lot of time. He s any at me as well give me a look oh all right leave your hey i died i be defeated yard.

I be dead yard fuck okay it s still daytime. What is it gonna look like in nighttime. I hate the top right up this goddamn well. Oh.

My god liam get the count and get the counted liam. I m both just like spinning it beyblade style. So don t know actually we have to find us like men. Oh fuck yep.

It s alright. I ve got three of them looked in oh oh. There s they re edible barrels. Something get back to the ship.

Yeah. Again yard. Looks a cup let you were a pirate legend yar. You d be legend you are but guns still hurt don t you get like any character progression liam yeah.

I actually get double hell. I m gonna count one two three oh you the same one as me stop it it s six. It s not six. It s way more than that three at six nine hits nine goddamn hits maybe have different health ends.

Yes. They dude since you have the highest part legend thing. It s 9 hits. But mine.

Which is 5 levels less is about 7 to 8. I think ok what do they have one of these boys have we re gonna have to canada maybe cuz. They re just gonna keep dealing this isn t good. Yeah.

I vote. Me like we lower them all into one area yep and then we all just slash and collateral right that creature one guy. Oh. I had creative you kid happen to you i died instantly how how full health.

I jumped down. And i go pop hey you took the bullets to me man all right. This is the hardest difficulty ever. I just want to go to the skull fort and be like oh.

My god this is so much easier. It s actually gonna be easier so grab bananas and just run around in a circle. Maybe they re all full help again. I think so we need to make it right they re getting constantly like the healing.

Rays beaming down on them oh that too close..

I could fire it that one of the distance. Oh. I need to bring them to like the back of the eye. Yeah.

Bringing them right to that same joke. Eh yes. Yes. Liam.

We re doing it baby. What s his name. Chantelle porn. It shit tell pour it what what type of name is that holy shit.

Hey fool villainous. It has to be better odds for better missions come on now and look this the rain suddenly ending that s actually amazing the heavens have opened the devil now onto the skull for now final chow. We re not gonna lose. It liam.

Which direction is it they ll see that your pirate legend and then they ll see that i m green and they ll be like what are we fucking do and they leave have we beat those colours. They were so hard to make maybe the heart is carly s ever people why do you say like people that d like it that s how the irish people say it i love me point. I love by purple purple. It s good henan purple.

People. What there is a galleon in the distance by the way um. Nice finally a real challenge alright. This is all or nothing.

Liam okay. This is probably the most risk we ve ever put in something is it though. I think it s only the most risk because of the context. Yes.

It is yeah. Oh my god it s so nice it actually hurts the eyes. Yeah like i feel like if i ve been disgusting little mole rat man who s just emerge from my hole. Oh.

It s so bright into the real world are you on their left. But they do have a gunpowder bar at the top and i m on oh come one of them one of us dead. No wait one got knocked. It okay.

When i m dead. I m dead okay. I ve almost killed them all come on i just gotta kill this guy okay got pushed off. I m going up for the gunpowder barrel.

I m going for it i ll kill myself i have to no i think i killed two of them liam s so just keep shooting. The ship and it ll be kind of dead fuck. How do they raise the anchor so quick. I don t know what to do how do i today still have that gun.

I know i used to maybe hide on the ship wait till. They unanchored kill them crashed getting sword locked. And i can t move and i don t fuckin christ. No we cannot do this we just let me can t it s almost 5 00 yeah.

What do we do it s you and i like turn in and then go all out. Yes villainous villainous. How we lookin brent how s it updating actually maybe what oh hey guys that gunpowder barrel this better work then oh it s getting close it s got to six. I mean.

That s the one but fuck to six left 12. Now oh god stop hitting out shit. I get it we lost the battle. We shouldn t lose the ball are you there bro yeah.

What happened let s ruin. These people s lives woke up canceled are you serious yeah all right let s do it that s ruined alright. Let s fucking do this that makes me so happy this okay. Only positive things right now.

Let s say some jokes. Hey liam a slip walked into a gallon. We killed them we ended their lives they re firing at the god damn skeletons they are so bad. But so cowardly that we cannot beat them so what we re gonna do is we re scaring them away then we do it together away.

They re moving again. They like oh good oh maybe. This is finding a better spot. Maybe they don t see us hey.

They see us. I feel like that s the two things they good at is seeing good nuns on the wheel there s a guy the crowsnest. What why oh hey god not a barrel in there uh captain stern. They had a gunpowder barrel in that goddamn captain s dream.

I m firing myself over now and protect. The ship. Yeah should i keep it here. Uh maybe.

Yeah. Yeah. I just repair actually i know never a parrot definitely. I m hitting eureka that s it they re actually sinking a little bit now keep firing at them oh shit come on bitch.

I ain t gonna lose this one oh come on got him go to him it s sinking. It s gonna finally do the second level come on let s holy crap. It s hard to beat cowards. Oh.

My god that suck extremely fast. They re dead. They re dead are we fight. Oh.

My god because we had a newfound confidence. I d like to say. Yeah also they didn t run away. Yeah.

That s what happens..

Sir listen you guys if you ever. See. The green sheep. You run you take as long as you possibly can you hope that they have work coming up any more ways.

No. It s the same way. I think that xbox whoa. Hurry morris are you kidding me what kind of would anger are you getting me okay and then this service is gonna be down forever and ever you just be most like rollercoaster oh fuck boys.

I m gonna get i better get been honest the earliest server down ever as well you say it goes like it s seven or something boom bitch. Oh we could be the hungry team now to get pirate legend before hungry team there it is twenty four oh. What a weird hey i want to eat them that makes such a satisfying crunch yes that tasty crunchy crispy lettuce i was just testing generous let s cart what was that is that new music. What did you think that was like in a servo.

Okay. He s what my mind immediately went to it was a goddamn galleon like flying in somehow like the enemy. Galliard somehow played like the scariest trumpet of all time. Oh goodbye people jesus.

What is that model drop it at the door fear bread okay oh my god do you mean honors thank god thank god give it to me no also we re not selling any of the other shit just the scholarship. Okay and then we find like anyone left on the server and we give it to them all right get the sculls now. There s quite a few skulls. Which should be good.

Oh. My god why can t you just say 20. Because there s only 19 minutes left. Liam yeah.

You re not wrong hey. Do you want to look. Like. Me.

Yes. Oh. You better hope that s a good skull. Sir.

It has to be i ve got i ve got let s say a little bit to go a very tiny bit please i m not pressing tab. I am not pressing tab. That s a pretty good one okay yeah. But is that good for rep come on come on roll the dice roll.

The dice show. Me liam show me. It s a pirate legend fucking. Kidding.

Me laughter. 14 minutes have enough time to quickly get one do you want to do it quick swimmy tide away. What s that that s a little height. I m jumping the shark.

No no no no leave it leave it oscar wish us good luck. No fuck sake. That s a good amount of money. We re wasting.

We don t need money we re in the money no we re not in the money. If we don t have money yes. Oh. My god can we do it in 14.

We have to do cannons. Then most likely where are they where are they where are they where are they where are they i m checking top night boys night boys game film come on guys hey we need a skull. Real quick nice shut. Liam keep going.

Nice shot. Liam keep going i m going on i shut another what s friday get it you little shit nice nice first wave. Done we can do this we can actually do this part legit the gold of blunderbuss that s right that s fine that s fucking great yeah nice shot do it again no i should do it again alright a nice that s all them i think that s one here two here they decided to not follow the rest of the gang come on now now now i got the bug. What bug bug.

I can t load or fire cannons swapsies swaps. I m shitting me are you actually shitting me yeah. It says you want to load. No name.

Okay. That s gotta be oh thank god go just fucking. Do it you son of a bitch. Liam.

We ve only got the few more cannibals. Oh my god i m quite low i pistol knight voice morning. I need to run. I ve got eight more shots.

Eight more goddamn shots saving for god boys. They are gone five minutes. This has something else wave come on bring him close now killiney. Yeah.

Yes. Nice killed. It has to be all them right yeah. Yeah.

That was all of them. Oh. My god fuck. Yeah shot.

Right kevin s captain captain s come come come come come come. I m coming. What are they taking page. Sir i m a whole mix you just told.

Me that some pistol boys bring to the beach. Now. Oh. You want to caddy want to have to count it down in them okay.

I m down come on oh..

My god i m still like together. He s still alive for minutes minutes. How is he still alive. I shot him so many times.

It s a fucking disgraced. Oh yeah. Now you can tumble to work. When you respawn lean your cannonballs will work okay.

That s good. There s a they re like i can t tree that low you did it hazel. It s got done hateful that won t work three minutes. Okay.

Take the motors take a school tickles down the school take another school. Where s the hateful on the water in the water all right you see it left nah. What the fuck just take your coolness yep doing it come on turning the ship labor are you gonna love the pistol boys the wins against scott dog hawks by the wind yet again it s not my first rodeo oh god it s gonna be like 36. No that was gordon i see i know that was until next time let s keep the load and give it to someone else no no i get your part legend stuff.

And do you like my first act as a pirate legend it s donating this listen not donated. Oh. My god already like this you re scaring me all right. Oh.

My god all right well. Let s just take it the skull. And that s it i guess you have to lose the act of kindness. We don t have to we can easily sink them.

Sir i have an offer if you don t shoot me i have an offer if you don t shoot. Me. Why is she having all fun. I only need the skull like the strong old skull for pirate legend.

But everything else is yours sorry what oh sorry if i won the letter. I can t actually speak. I don t tell him to not shoot. Me.

I m um. Oh. Come on aren t you embarrassed. You just leave mom come on come on sir i only meet don t you dare you kill me before that s kill them liam.

But i got a commendation unlocked. We ve done it liam. Oh. This is some good shots.

Lean fucking. Great shots. Break that teammate break that teammate of yours break. That goddamn teammate of yours just just meet us at the outpost.

And we ll give you everything of them the skull. This is one guy wants to kill us. One guy should agree you should probably break. The main man liam why does this act.

Of kindness have to happen now i wanted. 1500000. Why you started it we could have just killed them was that just instant karma. We could have killed them so easy.

But like what do you mean so easy so easy gnar liam. It could plushie play let s see what you think jesus that s exactly what i think i m thinking that that they re all flies. Yeah. Hey is the old couple under buses liam why isn t oh there we go.

Oh william what happens does it tell me a pirate legends. This is just 50 fuck. You gotta you gotta buy the thing first all right the skills. This quick bite at the lady.

Yeah. Okay. Oh new title that s yeah. What happens now well let s get them all the stuff send them on their way.

And i ll show you wait no no no what do you mean they can come with us to the part legend hideout. Right. Oh yeah. Yeah.

They probably could i can t see why not. Oh. My god nice come on let s hurry it up. I want to go into the pirate legend hideout.

Yeah. Yeah. That s what we re gonna test. We re testing it out not sure yeah we might want to see that s why we re keeping you insects alive we can make you little we can put you in the microwave you are how do cheeping mean for you eh.

Oh boy. I think that was a good lady sorry good. This is the guy killed. Oh.

You little cool person so. Battling for revenge bread. Oh yeah look at this insect. Liam.

Look at him. Look at me. Block. Look at me bloody.

Look. One. Two three. It s one two three four five.


Get your stats right really. Yes. That s ways. Oh.

I just he blocked one one console sensitivities like i m playing roller right now for sure. Yeah actually absolutely look at me. See. This controller movement is that not convincing.

I bought an xbox just to play this game. Let s let s see if you can work out how to game to the cave. I know how we talked to the lady she s like when you get to 50 you can guard right. I know follow me let s you better not say you better get to 55.

Oh. The menu says no whoa whoa athena give me that pirate shanty outfit and title receipt. What you get a shanty mm. Hmm can i play it now wait you still play stop do i get machete you re never gonna work out how to get in it.

Oh wait nevermind play the sun. Before i can t even hear you guys play music goddamn. Oh. What do you see that what what the fuck nani.

Oh. Do i play it next to lady do it i kind of i kind of yeah. He s on the money. He s on the money all right open it ah see look leave i m doing.

It. That s me. No you lie on the edge of this man. Right here.

Oh right yeah. And then you look at it that s that s like the most consistence. But i ve found come on music you start again come on now i will pirate legend. I just start out the title there we go you did it i ll keep doing it yeah.

Hold it down fucking christ. This is cool all right. Let s hope. They can go.

In. Oh. Oh. It s actually like a hideout.

Yeah. Oh. It was so long can i go in oh. I grind dig you got to get out of the way.

Thanks guys. Yeah. That s a great way to like run away. We just quickly play the shanty and get out of there here we are brett it s a quarter.

You re gonna do the walk and hold your lantern up as we enter alright dude. This reminds me of gotta fall you re my son no you re my son boy. But this is my place. I feed here first yes.

Sir you re my son. I m showing you the cave for the first day your name is amboy right you ve done well my child you re finally worthy. Why is there ship. There who knows can you shut the fuck.

It s blind bulb you can t see i i feel so bad. For blind. Bulb. And then we have that s great name brows office.

Oh. And this is where you buy the athena s stuff. I see so we gotta grind that out liam come on oh. That s the guy.

The pirate lord mm hmm talk to him can i get it. Oh. This is where you buy the pirate legend voyages. Yes.

Oh yeah. I m buying one thank. You good. Sir.

It actually looks kind of nice. I m quite relieved to see all this tell me a joke. I haven t heard before okay. What lies at the bottom of the ocean and twitches a nervous wreck.

No. No no when i m out of that fucking terrible dude look at them holding the content that we re gonna get asshole. It s like you want this content content you ll never have this content. Oh we got a unicorn.

We got a legendary hall and legendary sails. Hey. Liam. You want to buy them no not yet.

I ll buy them within the next next episode tune in how do i look. Liam congratulations. Congratulations congratulations congratulations congratulations congratulations. Congratulations regulations music.

” ..

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