SECRET PLACES // SEA OF THIEVES – Unmarked islands and locations #SeaOfThieves

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“A beeps falkor here so in a few of my videos. I have showcased locations locations within the sea of thieves that a lot of people have been asking at location of so i thought i d do a quick video showcasing these areas and where to find them and offer a little insight as to why they exist the first unmarked isle is this one. This is the last known location of a sunken ship once owned by a pirate named merrick. He was the protagonist in the very first expansion for sea of thieves.

The campaign for this expansion. Had you following clues around the lands. And was quite possibly. The best campaign of any of the expansions.

It was also the expansion that introduced the megalodon merricks sunken ship can easily be spotted by the mass that is protruding from the waterline on inspecting the ship. You can see it is named the killer whale..

Which is an easter egg to the cult classic 1975. Movie jaws in which a bunch of leatherface loons hunted down a badly animated shark head in a ship called the orca which is another way of saying killer whale. This unmarked island can be found at j12 on the map. But there is also something else quite interesting in this area northwest of the boats location a strange shrine can be found these ancient ruins can be found in numerous places under the seas.

But this is easily the most complete structure of them all a stone table with a triangular cutout can be seen and above. It some sort of figurehead that looks like a carved kraken head. Maybe a way to summon the crack or an ancient altar of worship. Perhaps who knows.

But further on from this area you can see a very large crevasse in the water that goes very deep under the waterline and at the very base of this crevasse. Lies a very large kraken skeleton could the structure..

And this deceased kraken have something in common down in the region of canine. There is another unmarked island that doesn t really have a lot to offer apart from a few shipwrecks and some reefs. But down amongst the wreckage through a series of tunnels you can find a small cave. This is host to a skeleton throne used for a bill drought adventure.

But also houses a pirate s loss stash of supplies this is the least interesting area but it s still quite cool to explore the reefs and last but by no means least is an area on the map located at n 13. And what i call merfolk isle. I named this because of its extensive underwater structures first of all a cave that is marked by a stone. Archway that leads to an underwater tunnel and eventually an underwater cabin that has recently been updated to include some new structures.

This is believed to be an area in which the merfolk and the ancients would meet a commune over peace treaties and other barriers ramblings. But it doesn t stop there following this mast of the sunken ship and carrying on through the briefs will reveal a small hole in the sands venturing down into this hole will reveal a large cabin..

Which appears to be home to a ceremonial place of worship. This has in fact been here since the launch of the game. But has only recently been updated with extra foilage and appears to be a lot brighter and cleaner than what was this area also has another strange table with the same markings and cut. I d seen at the island at j12 maybe one day.

We ll have to offer something to these tables as part of a quest. This area. However is quite possibly one of the most mysterious areas within the game. And gives you a really uncanny feeling when you explore it like someone or something is watching you one thing is for sure.

However. I think we ll be seeing more of this area in updates to come and possibly even more mysterious areas being uncovered in the future..

These are just some of the strange things listed only at the unmarked areas of the game. But there is plenty to explore within the sea of thieves each and every island holds some kind of secret waiting to be discovered so get out there and start exploring as always if you enjoyed the video. Please go ahead and click that like button. And if you really enjoyed the video.

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All the secret locations within Sea Of Thieves.

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