Sekiro – Blazzing Bull Made Simple (Quick Path to him!)

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“You do do do i yeah. What s up shinobi s mark here. And we we are working on the blazing ball boss fight now so before we get begin want to make sure that you have robert s firecrackers that mod is crucial to this alright. So we re gonna run up here and don t forget to hold the b button the circle button to sprint around this corner.

The reason. Why is because see i m hugging the wall. Here. There is a guy up here.

And if you sprint and immediately attack him you ll get your head in see he took a shot. But i m immune. I think from the swing animation. But hac hac death blowed done before i was trying to stealth and sneak my way up there.

And it just wasn t working for me. So. This guide is basically me trying to get through this as quickly as possible. We re trying to get through that door right up there so just run past everybody those two guys forget about them just keep running.

We will aggro one of the dogs off to the side..

But they re really easy to take care of run up on the temple look for this grapple point pull yourself up and everybody is gonna get amnesia really quickly. We can t stealth. The whole thing. We are gonna have to kill some guys.

But i ve this guide is basically dealing dealing with how do you get to the blazing bullfight as quickly as possible. If you have a faster way go you have ahead and leave a comment below. There s two guys up there the arrows pointing to the dog that s gonna attack us here it gums. But he s really easy to take care of you just hit him once and that s it if you re in the corner.

Like this nobody else will get aggro d so we take care of him. Then we stay crouched. Weaker and work our way up this path. There s nobody there so we work our way up.

Now we take this guy out now that we still need to take out that big huge ogre guy now the big guy when we attack him we re actually gonna aggro one guy and that s fine. It s just the one guy. But you do not want to take this guy head on the fight. Very challenging and i prefer to stealth him.

And then take him on oh god that s right yep..

Sorry. No there is another guy. There s another pink guy well we re gonna take care of this guy pretty easily and then the big guys are so slow. We can actually grapple our way out of there.

So let s run back break line of sight. I probably should have killed that guy oh well break line of sight. And then the guy will moonwalk back to his spot okay. It s not like michael jackson legit moonwalk.

But he does walk back he doesn t walk backwards it s kind of funny so once that yellow arrow disappears we can go ahead and stealth him so let s go ahead and work our way down. Don t forget to annie musha. All the sin all the gold pieces and like i said we re gonna crouch she could see the yellow arrow. He is still looking for us okay now he s done let s wait till.

He turns his back to us there we go oh my god they re so gross okay so he s gone now we got two more guys we need to kill. But they re really they re really easy we re gonna go ahead and if you have an eavesdrop yet listen to what they have to say and then come up tec this guy as soon as the animation plays try to target him with your right stick this guy. And just go in and it restfully attack him and take him out okay. So now when we come up.

We re just gonna take out one guy in here this is where we re gonna fight the blazing bull sneak up on this guy stealth kill him but the other guys up front..

We re gonna leave them because the bull will take them out and before it comes after you so what we want to do is not go to the right. We re gonna go to the left. Where the arrow is and as soon as we go by these shields. The bulls gonna come bursting through he s gonna deal with those guys so give them as much space as you can wait for him to kill all those guys and here.

He comes. Okay let me stop it real quick. Here s some bull tips. I know i m so clever you take a quick a minute to kind of observe the movement.

Because he is really fast there s not a lot to this fight. It s not super complicated. But it is it can t be challenging. Because he swings around a lot so hold sprint down and running around as much as possible if you re quick you can dodge him don t forget to use the firecrackers.

The firecrackers are really important so when the heads go down dodge backwards there you go just like that now. He s gonna dig his horns into the ground go in for the attack you got to be aggressive with this bolt. When you can so you see i am dodging and moving around firecrackers use those firecrackers really important. It is rear up.

And you can get some more so it s gonna take a lot to break this this guy s posture..

But just keep pressing now charge up your thrust attack you hold in right bumper aim for the head. If you hit the head. It will stagger just like that so i am dancing and dancing it looks like i m doing a pretty great job and i am. But he still get killed i mean he s really powerful it does a lot of damage.

But try to keep an eye on your health keep dancing around him it s almost like an old school dark souls fight sort of but you still got to break that posture and you still need to use firecrackers to sort of scare. You you can see i m trying to work my way around and right there. I just did a thrust hit him in the head. Didn t stagger him that s okay we re gonna resurrect here and go out there look this posture posture.

He s almost there but i ve got to got to heal so now this is basically me trying to survive and get my health up so to use those firecrackers keep pressing keep hitting look at his posture meter. He is freaking out now. I should have been a little more aggressive here. But we get the job done don t forget to like and subscribe folks.

It does help me out quite a bit thanks for checking out my video. I m gonna go ahead and let it play out because there are two scrubs you have to fight after this i doubt anybody s having trouble with them. But i m just gonna let that play out and then there s the sculptors idol across the way thanks again guys. ” .


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SIMPLE, EASY TO FOLLOW GUIDE/SOLUTION! Blazing Bull is going DOWN, and I ll help you. Also, a quick path to get to him.

– Take a quick minute to observe the quick movement/patterns.
– Not a lot to this fight.
– Hold Sprint (B/Circle) as much as possible.
– Use the Firecrackers as much as possible.
– Try to Thrust attack the head (Hold RB).
– After coming after you, digs Horn into dirt–ATTACK!

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