SEKIRO BOSS GUIDES – How To Easily Kill Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa!

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“Sakura guru. Here and i m going to show you the easiest way to kill kill masataka ottawa. The horse man and if you follow this guide all the way won t even get hit you have to have ninja shirky. Ability first thing you want to do is charge towards him.

When he shows up as he ll start to ramble on about some garbage. Leaving you with the chance to get six free attacks in straightaway from here you want to constantly home block. Because you can block all his attacks until you find it opening. What you re looking for is when his spear gets stuck into the ground.


Then you re free to attack him three times after your third attack cold block again. What about my posture. You re thinking. Well don t worry.

If this attacks are too slow so. Even if your pasta bar gets broken you can recover from it before he can hit you this showed in this example. If you re not comfortable powering. His attacks you could just use the block method followed by three hits when you re spearing.


It s stuck in the ground for the whole fight. He does have two impossible moves that are indicated by the red symbol. They are a thrust attack and another where he sticks his spear in the ground and drags. It along the photograph here.

But they can both be easily avoided by holding back on the run button to run away when you see the red kanjis in move. If his whole street is that while you re attacking him that means you ve stunned him briefly so you re free to get ball more hits in before you recovers. Once you ve done the attacks. Don t forget the whole block again instantly you can grapple towards him when the green grapple hook symbol appears the other chance to stun him when you re fitting with the grapple.


So now s your chance to get in a full combo right in its face. If you have the shinobi firecracker prosthetic. Then you can use it to good effect against him as it scares his horse leaving him open for free attack. Just remember to block again straight away after the third attack.

His second phase is a few other moves such as a horse jump attack. But they could all be blocked the same way we did in the first phase. Basically if you want the fight to be as safe and easy as possible only attack him three times when his fear is stuck in the ground. Then oh block the whole time until this happens again.


I hope this works for you i really do subscribe for more tips and secrets and click the link in the description or at the end of the video to watch a rage a net playthrough by my fail disciple frog father dragon coward but remember arrested ninja can kill with greater creativity goodbye chicken this time john ninja you fucking bitch dark souls man wouldn t get killed by a chicken. What the fuck any more chickens right here but zeller we re fucking pizza chicken up and they ll come get ya what am i getting for killing these chickens. ” ..


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The Sekiro Guru shows you how to beat Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa without getting hit in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice
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