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“Akira guru. Here and here s how to easily kill ish in a sheena. Without without getting hit as soon as the fight starts walk towards them until you see attack animation. Start then use your charge thrust attack by holding the attack button.

This will always make him either dodge or blocking you ll then instantly want to dodge forwards into the left slightly cause. He ll always follow his block or dodge with a single attack of his own. Which you can easily dodge through imagine..


Honing your analog at eleven o clock. When dodging you ll then want to use the whirlwind slash on him as it will damage him on both swings once you ve hit him with it instantly jump back once more then hold left and sprint to start to run around him for a second or two move in and use the charge. Stop attacking gauge you can repeat this pattern for the whole of his first phase and beat him easily without getting hit as he s ancient he has a bad memory so he will never learn from this tactic. He will always foolishly repeat his actions.

Leaving you to take advantage and easily kill him what a foolish old man. The only thing you ll want to sometimes do differently is to dodge forwards twice. When you see the unblockable symbol come up is it lets you avoid it better than any dodging wants and put you behind him to use the whirlwind slash again as soon as you beat his first phase..


You ll instantly want to use either an eco sugar or yashiro. Cool sugar to boost your attack. Power. And then straightaway deploy your firecrackers right in his face this will knock him out of his animation for a strongest move.

He always starts phase two with this move you will definitely want to use the firecrackers to avoid it as soon as you stoned in with the firecrackers use your whirlwind. Slash and then instantly use wok firecrackers follow it up again with the whirling slash you can repeat this until all of your spirit emblems of god they won t be able to recover in time to hit you so you use the firecrackers again thanks to the sugar attack boost by the time you ve used up all your emblems. Most of his health will be gone as soon as you ve used all of your spirit emblems back away to avoid his fire attack you ll now want to use the same tactic from phase..


One you see him stumped on the ground and then bend his back you ll want to get ready to jump does this fire attack can be dangerous. If you jump just before he throws it you won t get budged. Always make sure you jump back once and run last straightaway after using the whirlwind as in this phase. He ll sometimes follow up your attack with one of his fire attacks and jumping back and running left.

Means you can avoid it every time. And then you ll get behind him to use the world with the game won t you before the fight starts use the ceremonial tanto item to give you an extra 5 spur emblem you can get it from killing. The city man warrior in the abandoned dungeon repeat..


The stabbing dogs followed by the whirlwind. Until you put this remarkable pig out of his old decrepit misery subscribe from our boss guy tips and secrets and click the link at the end of the video or in the description to watch a rage playthrough from someone who didn t know these hidden secrets. You will love it go out there ninja music. ” .


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The Sekiro Guru shows you how to easily kill and cheese Isshin Ashina in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice!

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