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“Sir care of guru guru. However you mortals pronounce it whatever back again. And here here s how to easily kill. The lone shadow vile hand first what you want do is crouch into the room and turn left to find his cowardly bodyguard.

Waiting to ambush you sneak up on him and kill him this will alert vile hand to your presence. They will start to come for you wait..

What s this the all powerful zakir of guru guru is quitting because he s too scared of an enemy. I m afraid not foolish mortals. I m just about to show you the ultimate keys. But you see if you quit the game as soon as you killed his buddy and then load it back up you ll appear in the boss room with the file hands allies.

Still dead. And the lone shadow will be facing the other way of livius..

All of it this will give you a free backstab to take away his first health bar. Your cheese your cowardice. But then if you were good at the game. You would be on a guide with you now.

He s only got one health bar left the tactic is to keep your distance and always be running around it make sure you re loaded spear is selected and use it to poke him from afar never stop running and use the spear. Whenever he starts an attack as it will interrupt him and reach him before his attack will reach you the only move of his that you need to watch out for is his running sword slash as it covers a large distance..

It can still be avoided and he won t use it often. But just be wary of it if you used all your spirit emblems up you can keep circling him and wait for him to attack you when he misses run in and get a few hits in before running off and circling him again. Did you ever method you used to finish him off it ll certainly be easy without his ally or his first health bar. But don t feel bad for him for treating him.

He was trying to gank you with his buddy he deserved what he got subscribe from our buffs guide tips and secrets and click the link at the end of the video or in the description to watch a rage playthrough from someone no these hidden secrets. You will love it music..

We go out there go out there ninja music. ” ..

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The Sekiro Guru shows you how to easily kill the Lone Shadow Vilehand and his Buddy in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

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