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“Sukira guru. Here and here s all you ll need to know on how to to kill the change over let me guide you how to beat this hideous and you run quick quick you can get a few hits on him before he breaks free a good start. I m sure you ll agree he has to unblockable grab moves which if they ladin can kill you instantly avoid them by step dodging. When you see the red warning.

Symbol. He also has a jump attack that can reach you from a large distance away..

So be ready to dodge a lot when it come always be aware as the ninja you are his other attacks include a standing kick and an overhead smash. Which can also be avoided by blocking or dodging his main weakness is to fire so if you have picked up the flame barrel from the her honor estate you can get it fitted to your prosthetic arm to make the flame bank douse teaming oil first before using it however as this will cause extra damage and stun him if you haven t looked the grappling hook attack in the skill tree you can use your hook to fling towards him and attack him when he misses with his grab moves just look out for the green grappling hook symbol to launch the attack. If you want to keep the fight as simple as possible then you can just strafe around his feet. The whole time avoiding all the attacks and getting your attacks in when there is an opening the slow is cumbersome.

He s pathetic. Even worried you were the ninja quick and stealthy and alert and all power or if you like to cheat..

Then there is a trick you can use what about the stairs and jump up to the ledge. We can t reach you you re free to attack him here until he backs off then jump down and lure him back towards the ledge repeat. Until dead. It s only what he deserves well.

It s not really cheating. It s using your ninja quick thinking subscribe from all sicario tips and secrets and click the link at the end or in the description to watch a rage playthrough for my anette despiteful hrothgar..

So i m sure after watching this will cheat the name and remember a sleep. Deprived ninja is a sloppy killa goodbye chicken this time john ninja you fucking bitch dark souls mine wouldn t get killed by a chicken. What the fuck how many more chickens right here. But zeller.

We are fucking pissing chicken up and they ll come get ya. What am i getting for killing these chickens..

” ..

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The Chained Ogre can be trouble if not dealt with in the right way.. here the Sekiro Guru teaches you the best way to take that Ogre down!
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