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“Akira guru. Here and here s how to easily kill the not so. Great shinobi shinobi owl. You ll only need three things for this fight the firecracker prosthetic.

The slash in your legs. So. If you ve got all three let s begin bring some ninja stealth and courage. While you re at it sprinkle that on there.

What we will do is keep our distance from the old man and be running around him at all times to bait him into certain moves well then take advantage of these moves with the whirlwind slash and firecrackers..

One move is the shuriken throw followed by the jump attack avoid the shuriken z. by running sideways and keep running until his jumper tackers missed move in and perform the whirlwind slash before backing away and creating the distance you need for a team again music. When every charge is at you in a straight line and tries to dice you get ready to use your firecracker. But wait until he has used his second attack before using it once it stuns him use the whirlwind attack and get out of there again.

He also has another move that we can take advantage of it starts with a shuriken throw followed by a dashing sword attack. As long as you are constantly running to the side. You ll avoid both of these. Allowing you to move in and giving the world wings as long as you keep your distance that only attack him during the moves.

We ve talked about then you ll have a hoot fighting this old bastard..

We ve taught an old dog new tricks with these abilities ninja quickness. He s old you re fast. And that s life only use the firecrackers on the moves recharges towards you in a straight line cause. He can attack you quickly after this move.

So the whirlwind attack isn t always reliable here without studying in first music. Once you beat his first phase. Instantly start the next one by hitting him before recovers. Then break the distance again and repeat the same tactics from the first phase music the only different thing in fayette.

Too is that he has a few of the moves..

Including a smoke bomb which makes you lose him for a few seconds. If you keep running around the edge of the arena when he does it moving. Then you should be out of harm s way until you can walk back onto it music another one of his movies that you ll have to recognize is his side saw it swiper. You ll notice.

This is coming when you see his body move to the side before attacking you once you ve dodged it by running to the side you can hit him with the whirlwind again. He s gonna hate that whirlwind music sometimes even throw his ninja powder at you and this will stop you from healing for a short time. But don t fear we don t need potions because we are a master ninja and this is also another good opportunity to quickly attack in one so far running away again music. If he starts chasing you annoyed by your running just continue to run until he stops you will eventually give up chasing you which gives you the time to get far away from him again music.

Another movie does sometimes in phase..

Two is a poison attack. Where he makes a section of the fall covered in poison again this is easily avoided by constantly running because you won t go into contact with the poison for very long music subscribe from our boss guy tips and secrets and click the link to the end of the video or in the description to watch a rage playthrough from someone who didn t know these hidden secrets. You will love it music. ” .


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The Sekiro Guru shows you how to easily kill The Great Shinobi Owl!in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice

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