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“To debt mechanics guide. The un dead bastards in this video. I ll try to to explain stuff like dying resurrection rot and how to cure it when you die. Secular.

Two choices are given resurrect or die die. Option gets you back at last used idle for a penalty to experience. And gold this penalty is 50 meaning half of what you had at that point. It is permanent loss as there is no such mechanic that lets you get back to place.

Where you had died to pick up lost experience and money important to know here is that experienced bar cannot go down one level. It can reach zero experience for current level. Only let s say you have one skill point..


And very little experience upon death. You will still have one skill point. And only lose half of experience that was already present. If there was no experience then nothing is lost resurrection has some deeper mechanics to it upon resting at an idol.

One resurrection node is restored rest needs to be manually chosen for this to occur. Resting also responds enemies node that is restored upon resting can only be restored via rest option unlike other resurrections for a long portion of the game. You will have one additional resurrection this resurrection can only be used if black bar is not covering it black bar appears when you die. Preventing multiple resurrections in quick succession to remove black bar you need to kill enemies.

When black bar is removed and second resurrection is used it will go on cooldown to restore it you need to kill enemies. Again this process can be sped up with me balloon of soul consumable. There is also an item called bundled jizo statue that instantly restores one resurrection later on number of resurrections can be increased by killing lady butterfly and genet 0..


And then talking to lord kiro in upper tower and giving him sakura droplet upon dying multiple times. The rot spreads to npcs posing any quest progression related to them rot cannot kill npcs. I believe at least. I haven t seen that it randomly spreads to one or more npcs at once when this occurs for the first time you need to talk to aim at the physician at the dilapidated temple.

She will ask for blood sample of afflicted victims after death talk to any afflicted npc. Doesn t matter. Which one and ask for blood sample get back to emma and give her blood sample now continue playing the game. And very soon afterwards talk to emma again.

She will provide charm and blood. What this does is it cures wrote. Only that one time in the nabel s dragon..


Wrote restoration option to restore everyone afflicted by dragon wrote you need dragon s blood droplet item. This can be bought from merchants and found in the world. So far. I am not aware of any ways to farm this item.

Meaning. It is limited also this item needs to be used after choosing dragon restoration to remove restoration and not in the inventory. Although many are mentioning that dragon blood droplet is limited item meaning you can t have infinite amount of them that is technically not true merchants restock and dragon blood droplet after a while i am not sure when but they definitely restock it when it s restocked. It can be purchased for an increased price.

Another mechanic tide to rot and dying is called unseen aid. This randomly appears and prevents a loss of experience and gold upon death maximum chains is 30. But it gets lower depending on how many npcs are afflicted with rod more dying leads to more rod..


More rod leads to less uncinate chance. There are speculations that using resurrect instead of dioxin effects. How fast rot will appear this is not confirmed and i personally believed that it does not affect it in any way. But i might be wrong.

If someone has different in four do posting comments resurrection then has no downsides. If that is correct and should be used all the time that would be all i hope this guide cleared something s up thank you for watching and see you soon ” ..

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In this guide I am explaining death mechanics of Sekiro. What icons above health bar mean, how to cure dragonrot, how to obtain dragon blood droplet, resurrections, penalties and unseen aid.
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