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“Doo doo doo doo yeah. What s up shinobi s mark here and we are are working on seven spears man this guy is tough this guy s really tough i m gonna show you a couple things i m gonna help you get through this we are gonna go after this guy. Now. Let s go over a couple tips here this guide is strictly for the boss.

If you want to clear out the guys around him that s that s up to you i m gonna show you how to call quickly there s a path where we can quickly get to him and we re gonna perform it one stealth blow on him amanda. We are gonna need it this guy s were really hard. That s so stealth blood does help we re going to use the firecracker mod. If you need help finding that just search my videos for firecracker and i have a guide on how to get it try to max out your spirit emblems.

So we can use that firecracker mod. You should have 4 to 5 gourd seeds a fistful of ash is helpful and goes sugar for that vitality boost and of course pellets. But get ready to die a lot all right so first things first we re gonna hold b and we re gonna sprint to those to that roof there and try to avoid the dogs if you can they could bite you it s happened to me a couple times. So just mash the left trigger and we re gonna jump to this grapple point right here and as you get pulled up start to face to the right and we re gonna drop down onto the roof down there and make our way to the left and or just do a blind jump.

I m gonna show you that now i left in my fall here because if it happens to you don t panic. Just run jump hit x or square..

And hit x. Again or square to pull yourself up. It s not gonna affect anything really. It s happened a couple times now once we get past that little thing there we re gonna jump off the roof and mash the left trigger and then mash just look to the left and mash.

The left trigger again and you will be pulled up by that stump right there now we re gonna burn around i like to run around that tree there s our little friend up there to the left oh by the way pop unger s bungo sugar. Here. And don t use don t go sugar. Until you fought him a lot to get everything down just.

We don t to waste. It so go and do a double jump up here and then we re gonna crouch and we re gonna target him and by the way if you get some attention from some other some of the other guys don t worry about it. There there s our death blog. I like to go to an angle a little bit now if we get add.

We re gonna just deal with them okay. So now we re gonna do now that we got our death blow..

We re gonna two hits firecrackers two more hits so whack whack firecrackers whack whack. Then we re gonna do a double jump press into him jump twice and then we re gonna hit him two more times no i like i m backing out because to the left. We want to pull him back. We don t want him to go back over there because we don t want more ads.

Now. I know there s a stump over there on the other side of this the area is smaller. The stump you can kind of cheese. This fight a little bit.

And i tried it and it just wasn t worth it i think. It s just better to learn to dodge and parry. Now this is the mckee recount you have to press forward and circle. When he goes in for that thrust and boom.

We ve smashed that spear down and it is very helpful. It s a skill you need to have it now double jump up as he comes with those those when he swings his weapon..

And there he goes again well firecracker him and he would use the firecrackers often and will double jump smack now look at the posture meters. We got his posture meter up pretty high. Which is what we were focusing on oh. We got an that yep okay so if you get an ad.

Just just deal with it try to take him out as quickly as possible separate them. If you can and just get him out of there. And if you have the vitality boost attack. It s nice to have them okay so he s coming in for another thrust.

So we re gonna make harry counter. So that s forward and then circle or dodge and then and then firecrackers and then you know he basically does two attacks yep. He does he swings and then he does a thrust. He does that a lot so oftentimes.

I could i like to press forward and keep it on him look at the posture meters. My posture..

But i like to run in double jump wak wak and back out and so he got me. But that s okay i got one more revive here and so yep. There s another mckee recount er. Because he does he swings.

And he thrusts. Most of the time and it takes a while to get here. But once you get here you kind of get his rhythm down and keep practicing it keep looking for his tells. Which is the swords swinging around and then the thrust.

You can tell the thrust just the right there he was about the frust. But i double jumped him so just keep applying pressure and keep doing it and there we go don t forget to like and subscribe folks. It does help me out quite a bit thanks for checking out my video. ” .


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SIMPLE, EASY TO FOLLOW GUIDE/SOLUTION! Follow my guide to take DOWN Seven Ashina Spears – Shikibu Toshikatsu Yamauchi down! He s tough, but with some (a lot?) persistence you can take him down.

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