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“What s up guys kygo here and in today s video. I m bringing you you the seventh league boots spc within the hybrid leagues group sbc you haven t the previous one that give me. 5 spc make sure you go check that one out if you haven t completed that one already but for this one. You re gonna be getting a prime electron players pack and the requirements are you need exactly 7 leagues need a maximum of 3 players from the same league maximum of 3 players from the same club you need at least a 78 rated squad and you do need at least 85 chemistry.

So if you complete all of these you actually do get a rare mega pack. Which is a 55k pack also you can get 45k per 50k pack. In the first 11 and a 35k pack for the whole nine yards. I just had a voice crack don t mean that anyone please don t mean that please don t prime electron players pack.

I think that s a 12 and a half k pack. It might be 15 k pack. I don t know something like that. But yeah let s get right into the squad.

So like the last squad. This one is actually gonna be pretty cheap as well you don t actually need players in each position that are exactly like their position you only need 85 chemistry..

So yeah we ve all got we ve gone for an argentinian team. It s not a nothing gold. We do have walter. Benitez you definitely getting for.

Cheap but i ve gone from 12 k. Because i didn t want to waste time. And i wanted to make this video as quick as possible so 1200 coins. I bought him for you never getting cheap a place for ogc.

Nice in the french first division rojo 550 coins place with manchester united in the english premier league pet seller german pet acetylide place with fiorentina in this area in the italian first division he s also hasn t indian. Obviously as as everyone else in the squad 450 coins and the cheap ones again that s fazzio he is in the italian first division as well in this area. I plays for roma. 9.

Is crazy definitely got him for cheaper. There might be another it as in senior center..

Black as well in that division. I m not too sure probably not but yeah. This guy s probably the best ones go for and make sure you do let me know in the comment section. If there s any other cheaper players guys because i m not perfect every time i do make a couple mistakes.

There might be someone that is cheaper than a player in the squad. So make sure you let me know in the comment section. If there s a player that is cheaper than one that is in this squad and help each other out in the comment section. Because plays the price is gonna go up they re gonna go down and whenever you re watching it they might change so yeah next player.

We ve got on the right mid. We got pinole i use a sensor back. I know but here s a right mid. He s in the right mission.

He was in nunez in the argentinian first division want 400 coins next play lucas castro 450 coins. He says play for calculator in this area next player augusto fernandez 500 coins..

He does play for beijing. Rene in the chinese first division left made centurion plays for asl in the mexican first division ii is 500 coins as well another sheep wants a gap cam. We got six hundred coins. Guzman actually might be right wing yes right wing 600 points guzman in that place with tigres in the mexican league can yo up front colombian first anyways but independiente medellin medellin yeah midi and i probably butchered that 500 coins and the cheap ones again there might be another cheaper guy.

I don t know you probably get hit this guy for 400 coins. If you do put the time into it and left wing. We do have maximiliano mazey who is from the mexican 1st division. He plays for monterey but i m for 1k coins.

You can definitely get this guy for cheaper and i just didn t want to waste any time and actually pay like 400 coins. I didn t wanna have to sit there and snipe him so i did it as fast as possible 1000 coins so well yeah hopefully you guys do make this squad hopefully did enjoy this video. I know it s a quick one i m doing these videos as fast as possible because i want to do short fast videos for you guys. Because you don t want to see someone messing about trying to stretch the video out to ten minutes.

Because that s what a lot of these youtubers do special videos to ten minutes. So they can get more money..

But i m not too bothered yeah i just do the quick videos hopefully guys do enjoy that and appreciate that and make sure you do leave a like if you do and if you re on it make sure you do subscribe make sure you go follow me on switch switch tv. Nk go on twitter at cable. Underscore and yellow submit this squad and make sure you do check out the next video the whole nine yards. That should be out well when you re watching is it should be out to be honest all these should be at the same time probably so yeah make sure you go check out the whole nine yards.

If you go on the channel. It ll probably be the next video that s up there so hope you guys enjoy this video. If you did please leave like noorani and make sure you do subscribe. I think i bow now see you guys in the next video.

” ..

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